this week….

i plan to make so many cute things and share it all here on my blog becauseeeeeee:

RVA Update: Thursday Night at 8pm CST 
here are some peeks at one of my new hair pieces…
each one is handmade and one of a kind with feathers and vintage buttons. perfect for my early Autumn cravings. <3 and i am loving pumpkin and purple colored accessories right now. isn’t Vanessa adorable? 
and a little peek at a couple of the cuuuute new plushies we have for the update. 
in l o v e. 
and cute bracelets by the magical christin! 
miss Rachel and i have a bunch of new embroidery patterns too… it’s going to be a pretty big update! i seriously can’t wait to show you everything. i’ve been working all summer on Autumn goods and it’s finally time to start putting a few of them out. i can’t believe it’s almost September! 🙂
Happy Monday! Els
  • oh my, vanessa is breathtaking beautiful! and i really ADORE the hair accessory! very classy and somehow it looks like more “grown up”…. don’t know xD

  • I can’t wait to see the new stuff at RVA! My credit card is waiting to order something super cute!

  • I’m HOPING that bracelet says Beloved! If so, I may have to order a bunch for me and the people I’m going to graduate school with. I’m in a marriage and family therapy/clinical psychology graduate program at a Christian university and a huge theme in our books, lectures, and self-assessment assignments is our Belovedness from God 🙂 I’m very excited about these!

  • i want to make a little note about Christin’s bracelets in response to these comments.
    Christin is an ethical person who i respect very much. her bracelets were the first like this i’ve seen (i just checked out the link to the other girl’s, and it’s the first time i’ve seen them). first of all, they are different. i also don’t know who produced them first or where either artist got inspiration to create them. without knowing these facts i think it is offensive to assume anything.
    i’ve been accused of ripping people off several times (people whose work i hadn’t even SEEN) and it’s very hurtful. i would *never* make these accusations lightly.
    in the creative industry we are all a part of it isn’t uncommon to see similar ideas all over the internet and it certainly should not be assumed that the second time you see something it was a copy of the first.
    that’s my opinion. i have very strong feelings about this subject.
    anyway… i’m super excited to carry Christin’s bracelets at RVA… the XOXO one is my favorite. 😀

  • Love the hairpiece. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while. I ALSO make hair accessories from vintage buttons and feathers. Have you ever seen my work? I’ve been making them for about 6 months and they are flying!!! I will be adding some new satin and felt pieces to my etsy shop, soon. Would love your feedback if you ever want to check out my work! and

  • woah, totally in loooooove with the new headpieces, def going to order one.
    the bracelets look fab too! Going to be a good update! 🙂

  • yay for new embroidery patterns! 🙂
    i´ve been waiting them for so long. can´t wait till thursday. 🙂

  • I would love you and/or Vanessa to do a tutorial about how you do your eye makeup and what you use! Love it!!!!

  • LOVE the bracelets and hair pieces! You just keep adding things to my wish list 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  • Yeah- those feather button hair clips are on etsy. Fern and Sprout makes them. You should stick to what you know- eyeglasses, cameras, and bows.

  • I think your stuff is always awesome. What is art but to inspire others? I’m sorry people are harsh.

  • first of all, i want to say that i have not seen this shop until today and that my hairpieces were ABSOLUTELY not inspired by the ones made by ‘fern and sprout’.

    feather hairpieces are not a new trend. they can be found at almost any store that sells accessories for young girls, even at a local mall.

    i will not be removing my hairpieces because i think they are really cute, original and great quality. i certainly don’t claim to have invented the idea of a feather hairpiece (people were making them before i was born), but ours are my own creation made with handpicked materials and unique elements. i did not use anyone else’s work as a model for creating them.

    i absolutely did not plagiarize anyones idea in making these. i was simply putting my own spin on a VERY common trend.

    I hope that is clear. Originality is very important to me. Supporting other independent artists is also very important to me and I hope that is made clear through my posts here each day.

  • OMG! i totally thrifted one of those cameras from the bracelet pic in the beginning of the summer. that’s creepy

  • Thanks for dropping us some love! So glad we could make you laugh! Thanks for the free download of the mustaches.

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