Bike Ride Dress (3 Ways!)

Bike ride dress


OneHi there! Our pal Katie is joining us to share her three ways to wear the Bike Ride Dress! First up, wear a sheer top over stripes with a belt. We love this mix and Katies pink knee socks make it so fun! 
TwoNext up, try mixing dots and stripes! We love this adorable mix. The limited color pallette makes it work! 
ThreeTry layering a top under your dress. This creates the look of a collared dress. Super cute! 

Thanks, Katie! You're the cutest… xo. elsie 

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  • I’m loving that second way, the mix of dots and stripes is adorable! It looks such a versatile dress, you’re incredible!

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  • Okay, the third look is just too stinkin’ cute. I love it!

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  • I love the pink socks!!!

    Pretty Harbor // Jewellery

  • I think the second one is my favorite!! Super cute! =)


  • i love that you are encouraging us to bike in skirts/dresses! i have always shied away from non-pants biking and then i went to italy and almost EVERY woman there was biking in a dress…so inspiring and classy.


  • Love all the three looks. I LOVE her hair in the first look… Wondering if she would do a tutorial ;o)

  • So many great ideas! I’m in need of a great staple dress like this…

  • cuuute! i can’t decide which i love most… 😉


  • I love these looks! Such great ideas of how to restyle the same dress!

  • i just love all of the black and white so far from the new collection! great job!

  • I love all of the looks. And just wanted to add that Katie’s hair is so sexy – especially in the first photo!

  • Adorable, I love this dress, especially the cut – it makes it so versatile! Honestly, I’ve been craving more dresses in my wardrobe, but you know the old saying “the shoemaker always goes barefoot” right?

  • This is adorable!! I like all the looks – but my fav. would have to be the second one.

    Just a thought, having a plus-sized model doing one of these for your plus-sized options would be incredible! I’m not sure how a dress of this silhouette (you call it a tent dress, right?) would look on someone curvier. 🙂

  • Katie’s hair is stupid cute in the first image. I wonder – will we see another hair tutorial from her soon? 🙂 I’m living vicariously through you long-haired beauties until mine grows out again.

  • I love the fact this dress comes in two lengths, im more of a maxi girl but I love the dress with teamed with the polka dots so cute.


  • Thy’re all nice, but I really love the second one. The print mix is absolutely gorgeous.

  • I love your style!!
    Please follow m y blog!
    xoxo Ivana

  • i love all those looks! you’re very creative.

    visit my fashion blog at

  • I can’t decide whether I like this one, or the maxi version more! Perhaps this one, just for cute factor? Too hard to decide! All these looks are adorable though.

  • Ahhh love it! Number 2 is my absolute favorite 🙂
    xo Heather

  • so so cute!
    love the way you’ve styled the last one in particular! might have to try this whole layering business out 😉
    Cheray x

  • LOVE it!! Katie, you look adorable!

    Stephanie May*

  • Q: When you release your new line, will you still keep the stuff you have in your shop now online? I have my eye on the Flowers Forever Dress. Also, what will be the price of the Bike Ride dress?
    A: Yes, the stuff that is in the shop now will still be there. We’re adding these 3 dresses and the scarves Monday night. Oh and a headband… I haven’t shared that yet. Anyway… the bike ride dress is $80, the maxi length is $90 and the jumper is $100. The scarves will be $32.
    Thanks so much! 😀 xoxo

  • Oh this dress is so perfect and will be great all year round! Can’t wait to get one!
    Sophie x

  • Elsie, quick question…

    When you release your new line, will you still keep the stuff you have in your shop now online? I have my eye on the Flowers Forever Dress. Also, what will be the price of the Bike Ride dress? Thanks so much! I love your blog.


  • Aw this is adorable! Y’all do such a great job with styling!


  • How adorable– what a versatile design!

  • I love it paired with the mint colour top! What a beauty!


  • love these looks! especially the blouse in the first one and the mixed patterns in the second 🙂 oh, and the layered look of the third! haha

  • This dress is adorable and looks great on Katie! Stripes are a classic that will always be in style so I can see this dress lasting my closet for a long time!

  • So so cute and Katie is just SO adorable 🙂 I especially love the 3rd look, the mint green and bow look awesome with the dress!

  • So cute! Katie looks absolutely adorable! Your dresses are really wonderful Elsie. Thanks for sharing them!

  • thank you for sharing all these ways to wear our dresses more than one way <3

  • Again with the awesome striped dresses!?! Ok, this shorter version is definitely more my speed! Love these ideas guys!


  • You have inspired me to mix dots and stripes! Thank you for the constant inspiration!

  • Oh my, these are so cute! Love the mint bow you added!

  • I love all the looks! I will definitely try to duplicate in my own wardrobe! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • i like a lot no.2 and 3, she looks adorable, and I want more a pair of saddles shoes

  • Oooh, I adore that first look! Absolute perfection!!! I also think the mint, black and white combo in the third outfit is grand. They all are gorgeous!

  • Oh I love the third look. It took me a while to figure out it was a shirt under there! Hurry up Monday!

  • So pretty!! I love the bowtie!

    xoxo –

  • Ooo, I love this dress! I have the feeling I’d be too short for the maxi version, but this one would be just right. I love the look with the blouse underneath!

  • The blouse under the dress is my favorite, I love the green with the stripes!

  • LOVE number two with the red heels and polka dot tights. So fabulous!

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