thrift shops & a day with my mom…


yesterday was the most wonderful day. i spent the day shopping with my mom.

for those of you who don't know, my mom is a painter. last year she quit her job as an art teacher to pursue her painting career full time. i am so proud of her. she is doing her first solo show soon! i am so excited! Congratulations, Mom! 

I want to start sharing more places from my hometown since blog readers are coming to visit the new shop! First up… My favorite thrift shop, Thrift Haven (located on S. Glenstone). This is a charity based thrift shop (all proceeds support a children's home!). I shop here about once a week and find lots of cute dresses & vintage items to paint. They play gospel music %100 of the time and all of the people who work there are volunteers. I love it so much that if it ever goes out of business, I'm moving.  

1these blue suitcases are so lovely. i especially love old luggage if it has a monogram. 
2(…the plaid one has my heart…) 
3i loved this green, aqua & grey book spine. lovely.  
4vinyl. i've been searching for a certain Neil Young record recently.  

they're beautiful. 

5this skirt was SO cute. not my size, unfortunately, but very worthy of a little "snap". I love embroidered vintage clothing! 
6if only…

i love this hunt! 


8if my grandma would have worn it, it's twice as appealing! 

both my grandma's had killer cute style and it thrills me to wear the trends that they used to love. 

10i loooove my mom. ♥ 

Oh, and this is what I took home with me from this shopping trip: 



this lovelyyy spring blanket. i think it was $3. score! 

oh, and right next door to Thrift Haven is the Oriental Market. It's cute and very colorful. My foster sister lovies the cute candy they have…. 


121413well, that's a little peek at a few of my favorite local spots. more to come… next up is my favorite vintage shop (yes, thrift & vintage= two very different things!) and it's right across the street from my store! You're gonna freak out… it's sooo gorgeous. 

well, I have a new box of chamomile tea & a deadline to work on this evening. 

Happy Sunday! Elsie 

  • Wow…I’ve definitely have to make this a summer trip! I would this year…but I’ve decided I’m going to Niland, Cali. to see Salvation Mountain…I’m really excited. 🙂

    And good luck to your mom and her paintings! Just took a quick peek at her blog…wow!

  • What a neat looking store! Hopefully someday I’ll be able to visit Springfield so I can finally see all these cool stores you are always raving about! Seems like an awesome place to live. You are very lucky.

  • S. Glenstone is the street Boyfriend lives on 🙂 11:11 Glenstone has been the address on many many letters and packages! Thanks for the post! I will for sure have to check it out when I come 🙂

  • cute post! thrift shops are the bestest!!! what Neil Young album are you looking for? he is also the bestest!!!


  • haha nice, My husband and I used to go to a place called uwajimaya (in Seattle) all the time and just pick out candy that was cute (since we couldn’t read japanese) and the “Hello Panda” and chocolate mushroom cookies were actually some of our faves!! Along with some yummy rootbeer flavored insulation type of stuff that apparently turns into gum!

  • my roommate and I are planning a visit from Minneapolis in a month. we’re going to see my grandparents and they live about an hour from Springfield, so we’ll make an afternoon of it 🙂

  • I wish I were with you! Your mom blogs, that’s so cute! You just inspired me to add a permanent link to my boyfriend’s music on my blog.

  • I love to shop with my mum all the time. I love the choc flavour hello panda candies, they are yummy! Your new blanket is sooo pretty x

  • Yan Yan is not an ice cream cone. There are bread sticks with chocolate dip in a separate container inside.

    By the way, I do enjoy your blog and I visit frequently.


  • mmmmmhhhhmmm. i’m had those yummy little mushrooms candies in the last picture. I have relatives that live in japan and they use to send my brother & i little goodies when we were younger. good memories!

    :0) andie

  • oh you and your mom are so cute!!!
    i’m loving the class btw- dedicating some serious time this week to craftity-crafting for it!!!!

    i sent you an email the other day- please check it when you have a chance cause i’m really excited about coming to visit!!!! 🙂

  • ahhh those japanese mushroom candies are my favorite!! They are so so so yummy!
    thanks for sharing your thrift store fun 😉

  • Awe, I grew up eating Yan Yan. I’ll have to check out Thrift Haven. The store across from your store IS nice (if it’s the big one). A hs friend’s dad co-owned it when it was Nellie Dunn’s, so we had fun visiting. I would love it if the old dressy hats came back. What an art!

  • wow i love thrift stores, how i wish i lived near some bigger ones!!! loving the look of the mushroom cookies too xxx

  • Please share your favorite restaurants and a good place to stay – my friends and I would like to do a little road trip to the shop from St. Louis.

  • Yan Yan are like pretzels w/ chocolate or strawberry cream. People of all ages likes it. Pockey is my favorite. It’s chocolate pretzels, comes in different sizes boxes. Sometimes you can find guy pretzels too. There’s variety of flavor, strawberry, vegetable (i love), chocolate w/crushed almonds. You should try it. I spend more than $20.00 buying Asian snacks just for me. I love your taste in food. Howdy Elsie!

  • There is nothing in this world quite like a good thrift shop. It is my favorite pastime with my mom as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these goodies with us!

  • Just want to say that I LOVE that you realize how lucky you are to love spending time with your mom. I adore my mom but she lives 1000 miles away and I miss her so much… just so nice that you know how lucky you are.

  • Yes, I want to know which Neil Young album it is….since I have all of them. Also, I LOVE Uwajimaya! We used to shop there when we lived in Japan, and the one in Seattle has the awesome Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya inside. Anyone who goes to Seattle should check it out. So glad to hear you’re a Neil fan, E!

  • My students are obsessed with those same mushroom cookies. I got like 6 packages as gifts already this week 🙂 (Thai people are really into giving gifts) They’re both cute and tasty 🙂

  • It looks like the shop I go into…in fact I havent been for a while I thanks for reminding me how fun it can be!!

  • It’s always SO nice to spend time with your mom! I hope you had a nice evening with pancakes and tea 🙂 Take care!

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