Tips for Great Outfit Photos

Tips for Great Outfit PhotosEmma and I have been doing outfit photos for A Beautiful Mess for almost two years. We’ve had a lot of fun documenting our silly outfits and collaborating with companies that we admire! We’ve learned a lot along the way!

I’ve recieved some e-mails recently asking about our methods for getting photos and finding backdrops. I hope this post is helpful to some aspiring fashion bloggers out there! More than anything, we believe that outfit photos should be fun!

Use a real life prop


Use a real life prop 21. Use Real Life Props 

Props give outfit photos more personality! We try to use them as often as possible, but we want them to seem natural and not awkward. One hint is to use real life props (like my bicycle) or seasonal props that help tell the story of the day (like this gigantic autumn leaf). When you choose props, find items that you feel natural with and that fit your personality and aesthetic!

Scout out walls you love


Scout out walls2. Scout Out Backdrops You Love 

Long before our adventures in outfit photos Emma and I owned a small photography business together. We quickly built up a list of 20 cute walls around town for photo shoots. It’s good to have a lot of options so you can avoid direct sunlight and find colors that compliment your clothing!

VarietySomething fun to try…. Sometime when we shoot eachother’s outfits or photos for Sister Style we find spots with two different colored walls so that we can both get in our photos and we only have to park the car once! It’s no fun driving around for 10 minutes just to find a cute wall.
Use a real life setting


Use a real life setting3. Use A Real Life Setting As Your Backdrop

Do you work somewhere cool? Have a cute home? Love your favorite local spots? Take outfit photos in a natural place that you love. I sometimes take my photos in my local boutique. Why not take an outfit photo at a lunch date destination or on a picnic? It’s fun and your readers will enjoy the peek into your world!

Wear a piece 2 ways


Wear a piece 2 ways 4. Style A Piece Two Ways

I LOVE it when outfit posts teach something! For example we’ve often shown two or three ways to style a piece or taught an easy DIY along with our daily outfit. It’s just fun to add a little something extra for your readers to enjoy!



Smile 35. Smile! 

It’s kinda a “thing” that fashion bloggers rarely smile in their photos. We don’t know how that started but we’ve grown to love smiling outfit photos! Don’t be afraid to show your personality or your silly side when taking outfit photos. It’s fun!

Find your signature look6. Find Your Signature Look

My go-to look is pops of black and white. If you scan through my outfit index you’ll see me wearing this combo over and over. I buy a lot of black and white patterns and I love the way they mix and match.

Find your signature look Emma’s signautre look is easy layers. She wears denim and chambray in layers pretty much every other day. You won’t see her wearing a lot of outfits that aren’t layered. That’s her signature look!
7. Step Outside Your Box

My “box” is cute vintage dresses, tights, cardigans and heels. That’s what I ususally wear whether for an outfit photo or a night out with my husband. Sometimes it’s fun to stretch myself and try something totally outside of my comfort zone. For the outfit above, I challenged myself to wear one of Jeremy’s shirts in an outfit. The result was fun and unexpected. Want to try something totally outside your comfort zone?

Find your angle


Find your angles8. Find Your Angles.

Take a day to try a bunch of different angles and see what you like. A photo taken from above will make you appear “smaller”. A photo taken from below can make you appear taller (one of our tricks since we are both 5’4″). Do you like your profile? Try shots from the side, shots from straight on. Learn how different camera angles can affect your look in photos.

Multi-task 2


Multi-task your outfit photos9. Find Ways to Multi-Task Your Outfit Photos

On our honeymoon Jeremy agreed to take a few couple outfit photos with me each season. He likes shopping and cares about his style so it was something that came easy. I knew that by doing this we’d have a lot of “portrait” type photos from our first year of marriage together. Even though these photos were taken for the blog they have another meaning and will be something that we save for our children and grandchildren to laugh at. I love that!

Try different poses10. Try A Different Pose

When you’ve been doing outfit photos for a little while it’s easy to fall into a groove. You find a few poses you like and do them over and over and over. It’s always good to challenge yourself to try some totally new poses and angles. Tear some pages out of your favorite fashion magazine and try a few poses you’ve never tried before!

Have a lovely lovely day! XO. elsie

Dslr basicsWant to learn more about photography? Check out our e-course!

*Photos of us together by Kelli Trontel.

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  • Oh I love these tips! My hubby and I are getting ready to do a shoot so this was quite timely!


  • Thanks so much for this, Elsie! I’ve tried out outfit posts twice on my blog and found it a bit scary, so having some specific tips to focus on will really help. 🙂 Sarah

  • Great tips! And I love that granny square top in the bottom photo. Looks amazing.

  • thank u so much for sharing this!!! very interesting and I’m definitely gonna follow your tips =)

  • Great tips! I love that you convinced the hubs to get in on your outfit pictures. That will be great for your kids to have!
    Savannah Marie

  • This is really kind of you to share your secrets. I love that you scouted walls- I bet they didn’t realise they were being checked out! Cheers.

  • Your shoes! YOUR SHOES! I want them all! But especially the Jeffrey Campbell platforms! Holy Moly… LOOOOVE!

  • Thanks for this post!
    These are some lovely advice and lovely photos to with them, I’ll be posting a link back to it in my weekend links this week 🙂

  • thanks for sharing! This was awesome! I have been looking to expand my “pose repertoire” for a while so this was incredibly helpful and it looked like you had so much fun doing it!

  • Love this post! So helpful! You girls are masters at this, all of your photos are BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  • Love this post, Elsie! I’m curious, do you ever use a tripod or does Emma always take your photos/

  • Your tips are always so great! I always think that your back drops are so amazing…it makes me look at things a little differently when driving around town.

    xx Ashleigh

  • SUCH great advice! I will definitely be using all of these tips for when I take my outfit shots! Thanks a ton, ladies!

  • Great tips – and I sure need them. I´m not mainly a fashion blogger but I DO love clothes and would love to show them in a better way. 🙂

  • Ah, great tips! I actually really like how your photos are different from most of other fashion bloggers. Makes them more interesting.

  • Wow, those were some excellent tips, thank you! I whole-heartedly agree that more fashion bloggers should smile in their photos! Some of my favorite product shots in my shop are the random outtakes where I’m just starting to crack up–who wants to look at a scowl, anyway? 😉

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