Tips for Great S’more Moments

Best smoresI love me some s'mores! This past summer we built an in-ground fire pit. And I've never looked back. (Emma, what does that even mean?) One of my all time favorite fire pit activities is to make s'mores. We've made so many s'mores this summer. A few weeks ago my friend Nick came over for a cook out, and he tried s'mores for the very first time. (!!!!!!!) I am proud to be the one to introduce him to them.Candy bar smoresIf you've never had s'mores before, the basic idea is as follows: graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows. But. Why be basic if you don't have to? Here are my top three tips for the best s'mores.Best smore recipes1. Use mini candy bars for the chocolate. This is so simple but can really add a lot of variety! One of my favorites is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! But you could also try: Snickers, Twix or York Peppermint Patties.

2. Use fancy chocolates for a more adult s'more experience. When you think of a bonfire night, you probably imagine beers and soda as the main beverage. Well what if it was more of a wine night? I love dark chocolate. Try using your favorite dark chocolates (like this Dark Milk Chocolate + Black Licorice bar).Backyard smores3. Go homemade. Having store bought s'more supplies on hand is perfect for impromptu s'more nights. But if you are planning a get-together, why not add your own homemade element to the evening? You could make your own marshmallows (you could even make a few with different flavors) or your own graham cracker cookies.

I highly recommend having a s'more party before the weather gets too cold. Thanks for letting me geek out about s'mores with you today. xo. Emma

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