Tips for Great S’more Moments

Best smoresI love me some s'mores! This past summer we built an in-ground fire pit. And I've never looked back. (Emma, what does that even mean?) One of my all time favorite fire pit activities is to make s'mores. We've made so many s'mores this summer. A few weeks ago my friend Nick came over for a cook out, and he tried s'mores for the very first time. (!!!!!!!) I am proud to be the one to introduce him to them.Candy bar smoresIf you've never had s'mores before, the basic idea is as follows: graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows. But. Why be basic if you don't have to? Here are my top three tips for the best s'mores.Best smore recipes1. Use mini candy bars for the chocolate. This is so simple but can really add a lot of variety! One of my favorites is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! But you could also try: Snickers, Twix or York Peppermint Patties.

2. Use fancy chocolates for a more adult s'more experience. When you think of a bonfire night, you probably imagine beers and soda as the main beverage. Well what if it was more of a wine night? I love dark chocolate. Try using your favorite dark chocolates (like this Dark Milk Chocolate + Black Licorice bar).Backyard smores3. Go homemade. Having store bought s'more supplies on hand is perfect for impromptu s'more nights. But if you are planning a get-together, why not add your own homemade element to the evening? You could make your own marshmallows (you could even make a few with different flavors) or your own graham cracker cookies.

I highly recommend having a s'more party before the weather gets too cold. Thanks for letting me geek out about s'mores with you today. xo. Emma

  • Yuuuum. I have never tried Reeses Peanut Cups in s’mores before! That sounds like a genius & delicious idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m definitely trying out your suggestions (:

    xo, Adriana.

  • I’m ashamed to say I’ve never had a s’more before…
    I live in the UK and I don’t think you can buy Graham’s crackers here, in fact I don’t even know what they are 😉 Here, ‘crackers’ are savory…
    Emma – Could you post a recipe for homemade Graham’s crackers? That would be so amazing; I want to try s’mores! 🙂

  • Smores aren’t a thing over here in England and I’ve always wondered what they are like… I may have to try to make some if I can get to somewhere that I can safely start a wee campfire!
    Oh, and I’d love to see your in ground fire pit, and a tutorial/walkthrough for making one if you’re able? Fire pits are fab 🙂

    Alli xx

  • Oh I love your idea of using different chocolates! I’m not a big fan milk chocolate and using peanut butter cups… OMG! -jb.

  • One day someone will make vegetarian marshmallows so I can try these (even though I don’t have a clue what a graham cracker is)

  • oh my goodness- peanut butter cups in s’mores!! Now that is my kind of s’mores!!!!

  • This is weird, but i’m from England and I DONT KNOW WHAT SMORES ARE!!?? :S please someone fill me in? 🙂 xox

  • Mmmmmm! Peanut butter cup on a Smores’?!?!

    Stephanie May*

  • YUM! that reese’s looks amazing!


  • you’re not the only one who takes s’mores making very seriously… check out this info graphic form REI
    I love it!

  • Ooh yum, that looks really good!

    When I was in Miami en Mexico I really, really enjoyed Reese’s. Unfortunately they are not sold here in Holland… When I see them, my craving gets bigger and bigger ;-).

  • My mouth is watering just reading this post. I need all these things in my life now!! If you get a chance, I’d love you to stop by my blog! I just did a post on my latest thrifted finds (including fringe boots!) and I have a giveaway going!


  • The only thing better than a smore, is one with reeses!

  • My boyfriend is Quebecois and he’d never had them either until I introduced him. Such a special moment introducing someone to these!

    I only just tried s’mores with Reeses this summer and they’re awesome! Great idea with the other types and I love the pit!


  • I’ve got to know S’mores this summer! (way too late.) I’m from Germany and nobody here knows what s’mores are! (How can they even survive?) I love love love s’mores. They are the most delicious thing EVER! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • Oh my god! I want reeses NOW! we don’t have reeses in Greece and whenever I travel abroad I buy loads of them!!! yummy!!!

  • Such good ideas here! You should try using Hershey’s Cookies & Cream bar. It’s heaven in s’more form.

  • My friends and I always use Keebler Fudgestripe cookies with our s’mores! It’s like the graham cracker and chocolate in one!!

  • Let’s talk about how I would have never in a million years considered doing reese’s cups gals are brilliant. i love your blog.

  • you had me at the first photo full of chocolate 🙂
    Time Stand Still

  • I was wondering what a s’more was just the other day and now I know that I would love them x

  • Forgot to check, do you have a post on how to make a fire pit? Could you link it for me?Rx

  • Hi girls from
    Australia, i like to make Smoreos 🙂 Oreos, marshmallows and…Nutella! Give it a try x

  • I remember a post you did about these a few months ago and I was intrigued then. What are graham biscuits? I don’t think we have them in England (UK).Rx

  • Another way to jazz up smores quickly? Fresh raspberries or strawberries. Especially when paired with a quality dark chocolate.

  • forget about marshmallows… use peeps! they get all nice and caramelized on the outside and just as gooey on the inside!

  • Next October, we are having a bonfire at the end of my wedding reception (it is at an old barn) and making S’mores to end the evening! I CAN”T WAIT! Thanks for the fun post!
    -Ashley Kdottie-

  • I’ve never thought of using my favoite chocolate candy for s’mores! Thanks for the idea!

    My blog:

  • We made “fancy” smores this year while camping. My favorite was dark chocolate Mounds with a toasted coconut marshmallow. It was sooo good.

  • We’re not allowed to make bonfires in the city (sad face). But if we could, you know i’d be making these. I’m a s’mores newby, having only ever tried them once when I was a child and we were visiting some American cousins. I think you guys invented this wonder food! I like the notion of adding some raspberries as mentioned by one of the commenters. I want one now!!

  • you seriously haven’t lived until you’ve made smores with a Mr. Goodbar. HEAVEN

  • I am also super obsessed with s’mores, but never thought of such creative substitutions! Thank you for the wonderful ideas, now if only I was able to eat s’mores right now since I am craving them hard cord.

  • I love the idea of using reese’s peanut butter cup … can’t even wait to try it!

  • The only perk about it never getting cold where I live… S’mores all year <3
    xo Heather

  • This summer I discovered that using Nutella instead of hard chocolate is not only way easier, but so much tastier!

  • ohmygod. reeses on a smore might just be the best idea ever. i’ve been craving something marshmellow for weeks now, and this definitely pushed me over the limit. i’m going to the store as soon as i finish typing.

  • My daughter was just talking about smores the other day. Your pictures are making me crave them in a SERIOUS way. Great fall treat!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • This post makes me want to curl up by a campfire while camping and telling spooky stories. Looks like memories in the making:)

  • why have i never thought of using a reese’s peanut butter cup before!? brilliant.

  • Now I am really in for some chocolate haha.


  • Just discovered your blog. We think you guys are incredibly cute. Keep up the great work.

    your friends @

  • Yum! I made normal smores every single week this summer, but I always want more!

  • This summer I desperately wanted s’mores, but it was late and the only thing open was the corner market. They had the marshmallows, but no grahams or chocolate bars, so I grabbed a box of chocolate chip cookies! Oh man! Delicious!

  • S’mores are my favorite things in the world! Thanks for this post– it’s delicious 😉

  • I love using different types of candy for s’mores and not just plan chocolate. These photos are lovely.

  • I made s’mores last night and I put BACON on mine….. SO GOOD!!!!

  • Love this post – I feel the same way! I recently made homemade marshmallows (using Emma’s recipe), homemade graham crackers, and homemade peanut butter cups (another one of Emma’s recipes). They turned into the best s’mores I’ve ever had. In fact, they were such a hit that I am making a bunch for a s’more bar that will be at my wedding this weekend 🙂

  • I have no idea what s’mores are, let alone tried them. Is it…marshmallow between crackers?? It’s another of those things that British people (and the rest of the world) only hear about by watching American TV shows!

  • Oh s’mores. They are my fave thing about summer/fall nights. I’ll be making some this weekend and will try some of the other candies you suggest (reese’s cups are the BEST!).

  • ok,this looks delicious!may have to fire up the barbecue one last time before we put it away for good….yum!

  • Hi! (: I was wondering if you guys could do a post on selling things on Etsy? I’m thinking about starting an Etsy shop and need some tips! This would be awesome!!!

  • Reeses are my favorite candy ever. I never thought of using them in s’mores before. Brilliant! (:

    xo, Clare

  • I’ve had S’mores only once, I was working with a grup of American Exchange students and they sent us over graham crackers, we just don’t have them here! But I would love to try again, and these tips sound so fun!

  • You know how to do things RIGHT! Oh heavens…
    Catherine Denton

  • Do homemade marshmallows toast as well? We used Carmello bars last week. Never underestimate chocolate & caramel!

  • I’ve never had a s’mores, its times like this I wish I lived in the U.S. They look so. good.

  • I made a s’more in the microwave last night, haha. Totally lame I know, but I was craving one. We had planned on making them this past weekend on our hiking trip, but we ending up not spending the night out in the woods or making a fire because of rain. Bummer! I’d love to try it with candy bars though. Yum!!! ♥

  • I tried it once with marshmallows in chocolate digestive, which probably would have been nicer if I had a fire pit! Marshmallows go really hard if you use a microwave!

  • The way we make them in the South is graham crackers, Hersheys chocolate bar and the marshmallow. We wrap them in foil and sit them in the fire for a second to get hot and melty then eat it.

    Little Pink Strawberries

  • Holy cow peanut butter smores are SO SO good! I had my first one this summer and I was telling everyone about it for weeks (maybe months). 🙂
    I love them. Gotta do another smores sesh before it’s way too cold!

  • gosh, that looks so tasty. I have never had them before, but i would love to try them out, especially with the Reese’s peanut butter cups. heavenly!

  • Craving chocolate so hardcore right now. Dark chocolate and wine sounds so amazingly good!


  • I’ve had Reese’s peanut butter s’mores which are soooo good, but I’ve never tried Kit Kat s’mores! I love kit kats 🙂

  • Mmmm that’s such a good idea! That reese’s s’more looks absolutely to die for. I’m definitely trying this out next time I have a bonfire!!! It’s perfect for the season 🙂

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  • There are people who havn’t had smores before? Really? The peanut butter cup looks like a real good idea.

  • I love to put a few raspberries in my s’mores! It balances out all that sweet so well. We tried it once in the mountains and I can’t imagine s’mores without them now!

  • Ive never had real s’mores 🙁 i think to make them with my kids but I’m not sure if I can find graham crackers here in England ( I’m sure not in Yorkshire ) 🙁 can I swap them with similar biscuits? I could bake graham crackers but it would take me ages 😉
    Greetings from UK

  • I can’t believe that I’ve never thought of using Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in a s’more before. I will have to remedy this – and soon. – Alison { }

  • this summer i made my own graham crackers for s’mores and they were a hit! i also bought a dark chocolate bar with bacon in it for the s’mores. the bacon was so goo! it will be a new tradition for my family!

  • Oh. My. God… How have I never thought of this before? Reese’s… deslish. Definitely trying this. Thanks!

  • I tried snickers in s’mores for the first time this summer. So good!! Campfires are the best. 🙂

  • Did you know they now make flat (about 1/3″ high) square marshmallows to perfectly fit the graham crackers? Just saw them in our local Safeway this weekend. Those and the “Toasted Coconut” marshmallows will be making an appearance in my next smore-fest! Also, try making them with the “Le Petite Ecolier” cookies (shortbread cookies with a chocolate bottom.) I find mne at Target, but grocery stores have them too. SO good and one less thing to layer.

  • OMG peanut butter cup smores??? Heck yes! It’s like they were made for each other!

    – Sarah

  • Oh, yes, peanut butter cup s’mores are THE BEST! I have a bar of chili chocolate that’s just begging to go on my next campout…

  • I wish I’d live in the USA so I could make S’mores without telling everyone what the hell “S’mores” are.

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