Tips for Sewing Stretch Fabric + D.I.Y.

Velvet turbanHi friends! Today we're going to share some tips for sewing stretch fabric and teach you a fun D.I.Y. project to practice with! These velvet turbans were one of our favorite products to make and sell at Red Velvet last year. We've since sent them off to retirement, so I'm here to teach you how to make your very own today! But first…

Tips for sewing stretchHere are some simple tips for sewing stretch fabrics-
-Use a ball point needle. 
-Check your sewing machine manual for a "stretch stitch". 
-Use a Serger machine for seams. If you don't have a Serger, use the Zigzag stitch. 
-Make sure your fabric is free of wrinkles when cutting out pattern pieces. 
-Cut directly on top of fabric, without lifting the fabric as you go. Use a rotary cutter, if you can. 
-Start with skirts and scarves, work your way up to patterns with sleeves.
Turban steps

1. Cut Fabric 12.5 inches x 34 inches. 2. With right sides together serge the fabric into a tube. If you don't own a Serger, use your zigzag stitch. Turn tube inside out. 3. Tie a knot in the middle of the tube. 4. Whip stitch three of the four layers together from edge to edge, knot and cut off. 5. (You can see here what the finished whip stitch will look like on the inside) Take the remaining loose layer and flip it over the stitched three layers. Tuck the raw edge under and blind stitch to the turban. The layer should lay right side to right side and stitches should be completely invisible once finished. 6. Enjoy your new turban! It's easy to wear with your hair up or down. 
Velvet turban headbandTa-Da! You've done it! This turban is so comfy and adjustable too. Just tighten the knot to adjust the size! XO. elsie KeikoPS. Here's our magical pal, Keiko Lynn, wearing a velvet turban in plum! This sewing basics series was created in collaboration with Missy Creed of Momentum Fashion. Missy is a talented seamstress who sews for Red Velvet!
  • Great idea Elsie, thnx so much! It is so simple and very beautiful! I’m doing it tomorrow

  • great idea!. I am sure the fabric has so many choices of fabric for this kind of project.

  • Very nice blog! Thanks for this great tutorial!

    Lesley Would love if you stopped by sometime!

  • can you use different fabric? should it always be stretch so you can adjust it more easily?? please let me know i lovw head wraps and now i know how to make them! thank you!

  • I just made this (finally!) and it turned out lovely and was super quick. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Thanks for sharing your secret! I love making turban headbands (:

  • epiphanie is my favourite! I would love any of their bags! your website is so inspirational xx

  • I’ve been trying to do a velvet turband for so long!
    Thank you for the DIY 🙂

  • Great tips, nice article, very helpful and informative. thanks for sharing.

  • That’s really easy and i don’t even need a sewing machine( but i have a sewing machine jar, i start saving money for this :D).
    Great advice Elsie, thnx so much!

    (Pls check my new blog guys: )

  • Thank you so much for this. I have a lovely teal coloured piece of stretch velvet that I’ve been saving for a turban… and now I know how to make one!

  • Adore Keiko’s plum version!Thanks for sharing!


  • I agree with Laura…appropriate and perfect for hiding unwashed hair (my dirty little secret)!


  • Gorgeous photos!!! I really want to do turbans for work! Is it inappropriate? I work at a magazine company!


  • aww they are adorable! i’m excited to try this. i’m always looking for new ways to hide unwashed hair because i go every other day to keep my hair from drying out:)

    i don’t think they’re inappropriate. it’s just hair accessory like a headband. hope you get compliments at work:)

  • Steph, I don’t think they are inappropriate at all. Especially one like this that is obviously a vintage styled turban (modeled after styles from the 1960s!). I’ve seen people all over wearing them. Very Audrey Hepburn, if you ask me!

  • I LOVE wearing velvet turbans (or velvet anything for that matter), but I’ve never made one of my own before! Fun!!

    Kate 🙂

  • Sooooooo cute! 🙂 I just love this series so much! I love how you empower people to create. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • cute idea! i love turbans…its unhealthy haha.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • Oh man. I needed these tips about 4 years ago when I let me Dad choose his own fabric for a pair of ridiculously stretchy pajama pants. This fabric is much cuter as a headband! 🙂 I’ll have to give this a try!

  • Sempre Fabulosa!!!! Adoro o teu blog cada dia mais! Beijos Lola

  • I love this turban! I cant wait to make one!

  • Amazing tutorial; I always wanted to make a stylish turban and these tips are great!

    Love this blog, Elsie.


    P.S.: I just featured something delicious from your blog in mine. Hope you like it 🙂

  • Great tips! I’m sewing all day tomorrow. xo, rv

  • I never feel like I can handle sewing projects, but these turbans are just too cute to pass up! Maybe I’ll give it a try this weekend…

  • Very useful tips! I’m always intimidated when it comes to sewing knits. Thanks!

  • Awesome tips. I am so excited to make one of these

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