& today is a ‘catch up’ day

must catch up on things that get pushed aside while getting ready for updates.. things like: e-mail,boring paperwork,  printing, picking up these amazing bear hats & ice cream cone charms from the post office… 

Photo 364
helping mr. larson choose paint colors for his bedroom & living room, and maybe some studio time for myself at the end…. :D 
SO, crazy good news. yesterday we found out that Doren & Sarah are having a baby girl!! We are so excited! Her name is Penelope Bloom & we love her already! 
Links to cute girl shopping, handmade project ideas & shower ideas are welcome…. :D 
i already have my eye on this knitting pattern from danger crafts.
and these rad bears… 
i hope she loves paper dolls. 
i hope she loves peter pan. 
i hope she loves forts & flashlights. 
i hope she loves halloween. 
we have lots of best friends for her already…. 
Photo 333
(Bella.Bella.Bella.Bella.) & another one on the way!
it's going to be the best year ever. :D 
in other news.. Jeremy is becoming quite the photographer! look at this cute shot he took of miss.Sunday yesterday at Starbucks (with no prompting at all, i might add!)… 
i love it when he steals my camera. <3 
alright… if you've been patiently waiting for an e-mail from me, THANK YOU. you'll hear from me soon! 
i'm starting to feel like a normal person again, sort of… like schedule wise. it's a really healthy season in my life. i am loving the warm weather and long days of creating. i feel more loved than ever before. it's just really nice to slow down a little bit. 
i'll say goodbye this afternoon with a little bit of pretty inspiration….
&speaking of weddings (sort of..ha!) i'm not planning one or anything, but i like to think about it now & then… you know, just in case. 
i like how to the response box says "bummer man!"… :D 
Picture 2
and these martha stewart pumpkins are so rad. 
and this centerpiece like kills me. shauna made it and it's sooo inspiring. 
and this art journal page by Vivianna. 
(i'm feeling really in the mood to scrapbook today. hmmm… but i also want to paint.. actually i have time to do both because i'm not addicted to TWILIGHT. ha! just kidding, rachel.) 
OOh. and Jeremy's mom found me some BEAUTIFUL vintage patterns. I'll share soon. they're amazing.
Ok… bye for now. 🙂 elsie   

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