• cute pics! love that hoodie, I bought one too, when I went to CKU Provo ’05, loved your class too!

  • you look so warm and cozy, having lots of creative fun.

    so nice to see you post so fast. i sure miss all your posting! hope your cooking up some great product for us! :O)

  • Hey, Elsie,

    I have to say you are my biggest insperation. I love your pics and just got a new camera myself. Are you planning on posting a new challenge anytime soon? Right now Im working on a Disneyland alblum. i’m kinda having a brain freeze! Any ideas on how to do a Disney book without it looking so traditional and contemperary like all the other Disney books??

    –Biggest FAN

    -Ali Wood 12 years old

  • :] YAY! that means pictures of new lo’s! lol.

    Ive been playing with some Love, Elsie stuff myself since Ive been sick. Here is a new lo and an old lo…



    BTW, I have the CUTEST idea for you, but e-mail me on myspace and remind me to tell you because I dont want to post it here and if you like it someones seen it and taken it.

    Ok, gtg. Loves you! >.< peace. mAdi.

  • So happy to see you relaxed and creating in your lovely home. I have two little ones which makes it very difficult to concentrate but I do get my projects done somehow. LOL!!!

    Have a blessed evening Elsie!

  • are those new love elsie goodies on your table?? When can we see sneak peeks?

  • Hey Elsie,

    I read somewhere about some new products coming out….cant wait to see.

    Anyway… Loved seeing another post. Cant wait to see what you have put together….it’s been a while since you’ve posted any layouts.

    I also noticed your camera. Which lense is that on your camera? I remember some time ago on your old blog you mentioned something about a portrait lense.. I’m shooting a wedding in May…Do you think that I would need a portrait lense vs. the wide angle 18-55mm. I really have been thinking it over lately on whether or not I should get a differant lense. What do you think? And do you have any recommendations?

  • i have a gigantic coffee mug like that and it’s my absolute favorite! especially on days like today when it’s cold and rainy, hot chocolate galore! thanks for sharing :]

  • Funny that you post a picture of your big cup today. I was just thinking this morning, as I was putting away my newest favorite cup, that I should really take some photos and scrap about my love for great coffee cups. I have pictures of me and my scrapping buddy with our “seriously” mugs from Grey’s Anatomy, but there are several mugs that I own that really have a good story that go with them. I even have one that my hubby calls the “ugly” mug (trying not to take it personally since I painted it). I think that will be my goal this week. Good pics and a layout about the mugs!

  • lol…els! i was going to post about you having new product out! i love it!!

    can’t wait to see everything IRL in a couple weeks!


  • that’s cute! hope you really had a great and productive day! Will there be a new range of products from your hands soon again? When will your book be on the market?


  • Hey Elsie! I check in here every once in a while and I always get inspired! Thank you for this blog and for all the cool products you’ve designed, they make my scrapbook pages look good! You are a true inspiration, beautiful girl. Love from Sweden.

  • How do you manage to get your photos so crisp??? I don’t have a digi SLR but I do have a film one.

    I am sure if I knew how you did it then I might be able to give it a try do you touch them up in photoshop? Wow too many questions huh… sorry about that. Have a great day.

  • Your photos come out amazing! What photo printer do you use? Can’t wait for your new line!


  • I so love looking at your pics posted on your blog! They are always great!! Sure wish I could work from home! Have a great day!

  • Looks like lots of fun to work at home : )

    Nice and cozy inside, with a coffee and a hoodie!


    xx, tryshia

  • maybe I should be scrapbooking today too… oh the guilt!!! must print pictures… must go to studio… must find inspiration!

  • i just got the new creating keepsakes supply or whatever.. i saw that you got a new line out..!!! how awesome! when will we be able to buy it and where???? love your pullover by the way!



  • Saw your Claire and Cody line in a mag. Can’t wait to see your line around CHA time in Feb. on your blog! Thanks for sharing some of your everyday pics with us.

  • Hey Elsie,

    I was wondering if you use oil or acrylic paints on your paintings? I use acrylic always but wanted to try oil…guess I just wanted to know your opinion. Thanks, Darcy

  • Yessss good to see you are still scrapbooking 😀

    Can’t wait to see your new stuff girl,and i sooo love that mug :))

  • oh what i wouldn’t give to work from home today! but i did get to scrap yesterday so that felt good!!

    love the massive coffee mug!!

  • Hehehe… you’re such a cutie-patootie. 🙂

    Elsie, Im gonna have to get a print like yours… that little cat girl, everytime I see her – I think it’s the most adorable thing.

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