Today Is (Relaxed)

Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)Today is (relaxed)It's good to be home. Today is for relaxing, organizing and getting ready for the week. We woke up early and did some grocery shopping. Sundays are my favorite day of the week for so many reasons. I'm feeling refreshed and inspired after our little trip to Chicago. How was your weekend? Elsie 

Pictured: Fabric for a project I want to do this week (via this Etsy shop), books and journals, this amazing tea (it has cinnamon, chili pepper and pink peppercorn) is so spicy and amazing, i made a cold brew today (my cup is from this Etsy shop), my parent's yearbooks (last week i told my dad i was sorry for keeping them for so long. he said it was ok because high school wasn't the best time in his life and that the best time in his life was raising kids with my mom… *best moment ever*), beet + ginger + apple juice, homemade salad- i tried a new salad dressing recipe today, pretty lights in the bedroom. 

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