today we learned…..


erin and i had a huge training session about our website. there are so many little things to learn… it's actually really fun! i'm excited to use all my "new tricks". yay.
in addition, i picked up all our new vinyl from the vinyl fruit world headquarters. :) 
it's so exciting! we have nine brand new stickers (gonna add them to the shop tomorrow!) and some restocks of old favorites. here are a couple quick pics i took… i can never wait to share the new stuff.
(these are just snap shots… proper photos comin' soon)  
Photo 613
Photo 607
eeeek! cute little skeleton vinyl in black and white! 
(perfect size for the back on an iPhone too)
Photo 617
camera vinyl in red, pink & black! 

Photo 619

and a cute little mustache in black & pink! i am tempted to put these on every single thing…. seriously. mugs, bowls, mirrors… so many cute ideas. this one is on a journal. 
there are more, but i'll wait till tomorrow to share! 
he! thanks for letting me share my little happiness with you. new designs make me so excited. 
K… quick reminder, check out my July sponsors before the month is over (i know! another month already… this year is flying!). Their shops are lovely & I'm so honored that they support my blog. 
also… i wanted to show you the finished inside of this vintage photo album. i think the colors are really pretty. 
fun. well, i'm drawing all night tonight…. i hope your day was full of magic. 
XO. elsie 

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