i lOve my mom.

tonight is my mom’s first solo show! i am really looking forward to it. check her blog for more details.
The+show+l we saw ‘Up’ a few nights ago. it was beautiful. i LOVED it!
go see it!

also, Rachel and I decided, after many requests, to make our past classes available one last time. Just to clarify, we are not redoing these classes. We are just offering access to the classes that have already ended (tutorials & projects) on a private blog. details here.
have a happy friday! XOXO. elsie

PS. forgot to mention… Rachel + Erin are hosting a party tonight at RVA…. be there or be sQuare.

Oh… and one more thing….


  • wow.

    your mom is super talented.

    no wonder. =)

    i actually just went through the classes again to make sure i added everyone to my flickr and what not.

    ***anyone reading this and is interested in taking the classes…..its soooo worth it!

    you have recommendation, for sure!***


  • My family and I were traveling through St. Louis last Sunday on our way from Tulsa to Washington, D.C., and I convinced my husband to find RVA since we were so close. I was so sad when we pulled up and it was closed! 🙁 So I just took pictures of your awesome little store through your window! Hope you don’t mind!

    Love the picture of the buttons! Buttons make me smile!


  • My friend Kate & I made a goal to take an adventure to visit RVA sometime in the next year for a craft weekend 🙂

    Glad to hear Up! was awesome – I’ve been super excited to see it!


  • I won the log in for the first Elsie class on your blog party, but I never got an email back. :o( Is something coming in the snail mail?

    Your mom’s art is beautiful!

  • only saw “Up” last sunday… me and my boyfriend, in bed, with his lap top over us…crying.. ^^
    and laughing too! the movie is great!! <3


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