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I love toy cameras because they produce unexpected and messy images. A few months ago I shared my camera list (all of the camera equipment that I use often!) and I thought it would be fun to share a few toy cameras as well! Yesterday I blogged about my new Kitty Cat Camera and here are a few others that I absolutely adore (and a few from my wish list as well!)….



1. Golden Half Camera in Red 

Uses 35mm film. This cutie allows for diptych photographs-two images
in one! So you can take a picture of an outfit, then a picture of just
the shoes and these two images can be printed side by side (divided by
a black line) on one photograph.



2. Blackbird Fly Twin Lens Reflex Camera
Uses 35mm film. This camera is the toy version of vintage twin lens
reflex cameras (and it’s a sunny yellow!). One lens exposes the film
while the other acts as the viewfinder. Images appear to be slightly
darker around the edges. And it has three photo formats: 35mm, square
or full frame. This allows you to take images uses the entire film,
printing the sprockets of the film if you like.



3. Action Sampler Clear Camera with 4 lens
Uses 35mm film. This little darling allows you to snap one photo and
actually get a series of four images. All four images can be printed
onto one print! So this makes for a fun camera to use during high
action moments.

Uses 35mm film. This ultra pink camera takes wide-angle pictures with
its 22mm wide-angle lens. Images tend to be more bright and saturated
in color. This is a great little camera to take pictures of landscapes
or buildings with while exploring new citites!



5. Diana Mini Camera
Uses 35mm film. This is the itty bitty version of the Diana F+ camera.
You can take square format or half-frame images with regular 35mm
film. Pictures can look dreamy and softly focused. This is a great
camera is use anytime… anywhere. This style (above) is so pretty! 




6. Fisheye Woodgrain Camera
Uses 35mm film. This camera has a built in fisheye lens-so it can see
170 degree view. Images take in a LOT of the target area and appear
circular and slightly distorted. Fisheye lenses have a large depth of
field, so objects in the background and foreground can be in focus. 

Fun! I'll be back in a few hours to announce the giveaway winner! But first, I have to run some wedding errands…. I just bought 20 jars on peanut butter. Oh weddings….. XO, elsie

Note: All images, other than my own, are via Poketo & Lomography

  • I am a big fan of anything film so thanks for this post and spreading film love =]

    Just so you know, the Diana Mini, Action Sampler, and Fisheye are all Lomography cameras, and they have a ton of awesome ones! Amazon re-sells them by undercutting the prices the company tries to maintain in the shops =( Send your readers to instead! It’s a pretty amazing website with lots of fun tipsters, articles, and photos! And in the shops, they are so helpful if you need a little advice on what camera would be right for you!

  • On the floor? From that picture 5 days ago? Wait, that was only 9 caeamrs, so maybe they’ve all since been repositioned on some other area of your floor.If it was my floor, most of them would have already been accidentally been kicked, stepped on, or tripped over. Oh wait, this isn’t about me I lost my train of thought. I’ll be going now.

  • you haven’t talked about the holga you have at the top of your site!! i love holgas!

  • This post inspired me to hit eBay up and buy the golden half camera. Got the green trees so cute!

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  • I’m not a photographer or good at taking photos at all to be honest, but i really do want to start experimenting. I’m really into the old school type photography where film is involved – for me its like being on stage -there is no “cut-take 2” and I love that. I recently purchased the instaxmini which I adore and yesterday i received my white angel wide-angle in the mail and can’t wait to take it for a spin.

    Reading your post has got me wondering about the fish-eye no.2 – that’s definitely next on my list. Thank you so much for this info and for keeping it so simple for us beginners.

  • you guys are so lucky in America, I’m presuming you thrifted most (if not all) of these. Here in Ireland, if you found a camera like that back here, its just as fun as winning the lottery!

  • Fisheye Woodgrain Camera Is fantastic! I really want it! These photos is so much beautiful. ♥

  • I love this! come to think of it, I’ve loved every single post I have read on your blog so far! After reading this post, the wide angle camera you pictured is officially on my Christmas list and the Golden Half Camera will be on my birthday list! I can’t wait to have them to use 🙂 Thanks so much for your taking the time to make this list, its such a huge help! I love photography but I have lost touch with it over the past few years and these posts are so inspiring for me to get back into it!

  • Thanks or the guild! just so you know I linked back to you on my blog! Go check it out! I am thinking about purchasing the slim angle or the golden half! love both! Go check out my blog @ ! Thanks again!

  • The wide angle & the fisheye are incredible! Perfect for exploring new cities I can imagine, like you said! We just moved to a new area & there a tons of nearby cities on our “exploration list”!! And who doesn’t want to know how a fish sees our world?!? Wonderful post! I bookmarked both of them in my “Buying Wishes” folder.

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  • I’ve always loved fisheye cameras. I also love the Slim Angel and the Diana one!! Thank you for this post! 🙂

  • Beautiful set of cameras. These days it’s al about the mega pixels and the features. I loved the big brown one 🙂

  • Your photos are so dreamy! I love toy cameras, I have a Diana mini, Holga, etc. and have had a terrible time finding a place to develop the film (if they at least process the film they can’t make the prints). Do you have any suggestions for finding a place to develop your toy camera photos?

  • I’m totally addicted to these sorts of cameras too, and currently trying to decide what to buy so this is really useful!

    On the other hand… darn your interesting blog, I can’t get any revision done right now! Hehe…

  • Mmmm peanut butter..All of those cameras are so amazing!! Love them all.. I really want a fisheye camera though! And the Diana Mini is really cute!

  • I love this post! I think I need to start a toy camera collection now, because I just about fell in love with all of these.

  • I’ve always wanted a lomo camera but am having trouble picking which one because they are all amazing!
    I think I need to start up a collection now, hehe.

  • I appreciate your bright ideas in this kunststoff-brille article. Great work!

  • I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy the pink wide angle now, thank you lovely girl! 🙂

  • ahhh! i love this post…I want the pink one badly now! I’ve been obsessing over cameras so much lately and been drooling at photojojo a lot too. Lauren over at busy bee lauren just “destroyed” a disposable camera which made incredibly beautiful pictures and I am currently in the process!

  • This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for putting this little guide together! I’ve been wanting to get a fun little camera like one of these for a while and your info helps a lot! <3

    Hooray for lomography! 🙂

    ~twiggy h.

  • Great post! Don’t forget the original LC-A! There were years where I wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

  • I have the Golden Half and love it! Some photos I took with it on my blog:

  • Wow these are all so cool. I am always a little afraid of film and I tend to forget to develop it. But these cameras make me want to give it a try. I love that wide angle camera!

  • I would love to get a few toy cameras, but do you have to give special instructions when you get the pictures developed? I can imagine that most developing labs would unfamiliar with the playful formats. How has that worked for you?

  • Ever since Diana posted about her newest Diana the other day I’ve been itching for a nice toy camera. I definitely want to get one that takes 35mm film. I don’t mind the cost of the 120 film, but we only have one place in town that develops it and holy-moley it can be pricey! I wonder if there are any places that I can mail in 120 film for less expensive processing fees?

  • I love toy cameras! I actually have the Diana mini, it’s such a great camera just for fun candid shots 🙂

  • i had no idea that you could get cameras to actually do that, I always thought it was a special editing program hunh, interesting….

  • Wow! I want them all but A.S.C. Camera with 4 lens and Pink Slim Angel seem the coolest. Damn, where can i get them…? 😛

  • I never imagine that toy cameras could make so awesome pictures!!!….Good job and thanks for this guide and for your daily smile :)!!

  • haha i LOVE old jeremy’s emo/hipster/scene kid/Bieber hair :o))


  • this guide is so useful, thank you 🙂

    I will need to get myself a golden half camera 🙂 it looks like the perfect toy camera for me!

  • have you seen the digital Harinezumi. its a digital toy camera. lots of fun here..

  • I can’t tell you how much I love this post and every camera in it! I’ve been lusting after a Blackbird for a couple years and now want it more than ever.

  • Yep, I think all of these are on my wishlist. And like forty other ones. What a fun collection though.

  • I am a lover and collector of toy cameras as well. I have the woodgrain fisheye, the Diana + Diana Mini (both black & teal), action sampler in the stainless steel looking high-gloss version… And I love them all!!! I’ve abandoned them for quite awhile now… 🙁 And after reading your post, it’s probably time to take them out for a shoot…

  • I did a post like this a while ago on my blog! My Mr. and I own our own photography business and we love to use toy cameras to mix in our photo shoots! It’s just fun! We’ve been looking at the wee Diana and the fish eye also. So fun!

    xo S

  • Love this post…. pretty much you just wrote out my whole wishlist without me even knowing I wanted it! Lovely.

  • Pink Slim is amazing! love the wide-angle and that beautiful saturated color!

  • Haha. Talk about an impulse buyer! I just bought the Pink Slim and the Blackbird online. I figure, our dollar is so strong at the moment (Aussie) that it’s probably worth it!

    I’ll just add them to my collection. Surely if a girl only has a holga, an action sampler, and 4 different Polaroid cameras as well as 2 film SLRs she needs a few more cameras, right?

  • Pink Slim, OMG LOVE! Such a shame that film is getting more and more expensive. It’s actually difficult to find places that process film on site these days! Let alone do enlargements.

  • Wow, these are great! 🙂

    I knew of toy cameras, but had never really seen them or the photos they produce. I absolutely LOVE the fisheye camera! I also really like the slim angel! Where can you find toy cameras like these? And where can you get them developed?

  • i love the golden half camera. i’ve always wanted a fisheye camera, but never actually had the courage to spend the money one one *sigh* one day 🙂

    as for the peanut butter… wha? i can only imagine!

  • Do you ever run into trouble getting them developed? Do you do it yourself or just drop them off some place?

  • LOVE this post!! Thank you so much for this guide. I’ve been wanting to get one of these fun cameras for the longest time. I think you just helped me fall in love with the Pink slim angel. I was going to purchase an action sampler first, but I think the PSA is outranking it now. 🙂

  • I love these I owned the diana (120 film) and the 4lens action sampler I love both!!!

  • I want a blackbird fly twin lens reflex camera! They are so cool. And a kitty holga camera :))

  • I didn’t know that toy cameras can do all of those awesome pictures :-O I wish I had one of those, it is so cool!

  • i have had #2 for over a year and still haven’t tried it! this is motivating me to do so.. asap! also.. now i want #4! amazon here i come.

  • thank you so much for sharing this list. i’ve been thinking about getting a toy camera but i had no clue on what to get. this really helped! <3

  • I didn’t even know these cute little cameras existed. Where did you find them?

  • I was yearning for this yesterday after that kitty cat.

    I want that angel wide angle too ive been a-eyein’ it for a while now.

  • THANK YOU so much for posting this!! I’m so in love with toy cameras but have no clue which ones to get and how the pictures turn out. This is such a huge help, thank you! xx

  • I have to say, you just inspired me. I used to be very anti-digital and heavily into film cameras but with the hustle-and-bustle of daily life, I got sucked into to quick and easiness of digital…

    Today I am buying a purple version of the pink wide angle camera. And maybe I will get out my old box of random film cameras, too!

    Thank you! (I love peanut butter too)

  • I love the fish eye one .. I love the look of the pic. That’s alot of peanut butter 🙂

  • I have those last two!!
    Tho my diana mini is just black and teal…
    My fisheye is the woodgrain one as well!! I also got the submarine for it.. can’t wait to take it underwater!!

    I took my diana mini on its first outing a couple of weekends ago.. but snapped the film.. 🙁 I attempted to fix it in a makeshift “darkroom”… eep.. the film is off being processed right now.. so I’ll know by tomorrow if I get any pictures! *wish me luck!*

    I love that wide angle lens camera… not sure about the bright hot pink tho! I want to find one now!! 😀

    happy wedding erranding!! x

  • i can’t wait to find out what you’re doing with 20 jars of peanut butter…

  • Ohhh I want them all! Think the Blackbird Fly Twin just edges out for me though.

    I’m intrigued about the peanut butter, have to say!

  • o man, i’ve been wanting to collect toy cameras…but honestly don’t know where to start…any suggestions?

  • That golden half camera is so cute! And I love the photos it takes!

  • I kinda want all of them! Though I would say my favorite is the Diana Mini Camera for the amazing design (love the flowers on the body) And for actual results, I love the saturation from the Slim Angel! Thank you for the guide!

    P.S. I am curious to know what the 20 jars are peanut butter is going to be for!

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