Tree Stump Coaster D.I.Y.



This next super cute D.I.Y. was Kinsey's idea! We stitched them up together on a sunny afternoon. If you choose to hand stitch each coaster takes about an hour. Machine stitching would be much quicker, and both versions are cute-as-can-be! Here's how we made this woodsy coaster set…




1. Supplies Needed: dark brown + light brown flannel (1/4 yard of each), embroidery thread and needles, green felt for leaves (i used fancy felt from Giant Dwarf), chalk and scissors. 2. Using chalk, Draw a circle on your dark brown flannel the size you would like your coaster to be. We used a small mixing bowl as a template. 3-4. Cut the light brown circle slightly smaller than the dark circle. Don't worry about using a template for this one as imperfection is absolutely perfect for this project! 5. Start stitching from the center in a spiral all the way around your coaster to the edge. Then go backwards and fill in the stitch gaps with more stitches. Do this until the entire light brown circle is covered in rings. Be sure to make your rings imperfect, as a real tree stump would be. 6. Stitch leaves to the back of your stump and you are done. Hooray! ♥ 





This project is a little time consuming, but also incredibly relaxing to create! It's a great project to do while sipping tea and watching a favorite movie at home. 




Check out our b-e-a-utiful mess in my living room making D.I.Y. projects together! XO. elsie 


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  • Working on my third one of these right now and my fiancé loves them as much as I do! (My MIL-to-be also thinks I’m a genius 😉 bonus!) They’re adorable and so easy to make on the bus or in front of the TV.

  • hello! LOVE this project and cant wait to try it out:) my only setback is finding a good thick felt for my projects, not the flimsy stuff from michaels or joanns… i see you used some from Giant Dwarf. is it thicker then most? i would really appreciate some help, im lost! 🙁 thanks heeps!

  • these are so pretty! I just started my first one! 🙂 I’m using backstitch as I go along, though. it seems like it’ll take less than an hour per coaster this way. just a tip!

  • I made my set today! ( So cute and fun !

  • Very cute idea, ideal for fall! (to put your cup of tea or hot chocolate on) 😉

    Clutching The Bow

  • ooh so cute!

    and one question:

    how do you find the time to make all this awesome stuff!

  • this looks so cute and simple to make! i’m always looking for new things to spruce up my little apartment. thanks for the great idea!


  • You are so creative and yes it was really cute,
    better take a seat and try to make one as well, 🙂
    Thanks for the idea that you gave.

  • This is such a beautiful and creative idea AND the right timing! I just needed coaster! THANKS SO MUCH!

  • That is really very very cute! Loved the candid photo from your living, such a fuzzy atmosphere 🙂

  • So so pretty. Unfortunately I am right in the middle of moving. So many Ideas so little time. *sigh*

  • Lovely idea. I am digging the leaves poking out. Thank you so much for sharing!

    –Jaclyn T
    Nature Inspired Jewellery

  • YES! Love this project. I am so making some for myself, and maybe for some family members and friends for Christmas. Wonderful idea 😀


  • That is a super cute idea. Something I could have my art kids make with all the extra boxes of felt!!


  • Oh my gosh, I love love love this DIY!!! So gorgeous for a nature lovin’ girl like myself!

  • Oh and PS! Love the new blog layout! I just redesigned mine, its quite the project, isn’t it? x

  • Adorable and so creative! So excited to see all of the fun ideas you have brewing for the holidays 🙂

  • This is super cute! I love all of your DIYs! They’re always such great gift ideas!

  • What a cute idea! We’re still using freebie coasters from college. Oh, the shame! 🙂 I love that, even with my limited sewing skills, these look like a project I could make.

    I need to check out Home Made, as well. I’ve been interested in it for a while.

  • You totally read my mind about coasters! I wanted to make some for my one of my sister. The glad coasters might be harsh since she has a little one that seems to throw a lot of things around and these would work perfectly!

  • I like the way the hand-stitching looks…sort of uneven just like tree rings 🙂 And, your beautiful mess is pretty much what my living room always looks like…yarn and fabric scraps and magazines and books everywhere!

  • Ah I love it! I just recently learned to knit so I’d love to learn to make some kind of cute knitted coasters as a Christmas gift now. =]

  • Aww so cute! I’m totally going to make a set. You know, these would make wicked cute headbands also. <3

  • I have been on such a crazy coaster kick (new house +new breakfast breakfast +idle hands= lots of coasters!) These are so cute I think i may have to make one for my desk!

  • Thank you for posting! I just bought your sewing e-course and this is another wonderful project to add to my learning! xx

  • Oh MYYYY! This is the cutest idea. And something I can try right away!

    Talia Christine

  • I love this DIY! I think I might make my brother who is dendrologists (tree botonist) a set of these as part of his Christmas gift. Thank you for posting.

  • I’ve been looking for a diy Christmas gift for my clients this year and I think this one may be it! I just love anything with trees! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • An adorable idea! I only wish I had free time to do things like this…


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