Tricks + Treats: DIY Botanical Press by Something’s Hiding in Here


hello, we're shauna and stephen a.k.a. something's hiding in here. as autumn settles in, we try to savor the nature that become so vibrant this time of year. a simple way to do this, is by making a press to preserve the leaves and flowers found while taking a walk in your own neighborhood.


inspired by botanical prints and natural history illustrations, documenting your environment of plants, flowers and leaves becomes a personal catalog of your backyard. nature presses are perfect for all seasons, but we're partial to autumn because it's the time of year when color fires through the countryside and gives you a different impression each day as winter takes over.


to start collecting, just take a walk. you would be surprised how interesting and diverse the plants are so close to home. we live in the middle of philadelphia and keep finding new things each time we go exploring. see how much you can hold in your two hands or bring along a basket for a serious haul.


here's what you'll need to get things started. drill, two pieces of scrap wood (preferably the same size and shape), two long bolts, four washers, two wing nuts, a sketchbook slightly smaller than your scrap wood, scissors, tape, and a pencil.


drill two holes in the middle of the outer two sides of your scrap wood.  assemble the press by inserting your bolts through each hole, place washers on both top and bottom, and wing nuts threaded last to give your press pressure.


using scissors and tape, arrange your foraged foliage onto a page in your sketch book. tape the specimen in place. grab your pencil and document the date and location of where you found each item. if you know any scientific names of any plants add those too. 


have fun! xoxo, shauna & stephen

Thanks so much, Shauna + Stephen! Your botanical press is so inspiring. I adore you! 

If you're curious about more Tricks + Treats coming up this week, see the full schedule. I can't believe our shop is opening in just a few days! I'm super grateful to my blog pals for making it such a special pre-opening time here with all the pretty things! I'll share more photos tomorrow. XO.

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  • Just found your blog and love it….Happy Thanksgiving!

  • So you put the foliage on the page and then put the book between the wood piece? This looks like a great home school project for my boys!

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  • That’s so weird, I was just watching the movie The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo last night and was thinking to myself how I’d like to press some flowers. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • I just saw the schedule of posts for your Tricks and Treats theme! Thanks so much for this, it’s so fun and always inspiring and I look forward to your blog everyday!

  • Oh, I’ve been wanting to make one of these! Thanks for sharing.

  • great idea!!! love it.
    thanks .


  • I’ve seen a lot of DIYs but I JUST LOVE YOURS !!! really great and artistically made ! thanks !

  • Gosh-wow! We love Something’s Hiding in Here big time!

    Thanks for the great idea, I will have to try it soon soon soon:)

  • Its late and raining here but I wanna go out and explore right now!!! Lovely book idea.

  • I’m up late tonight working on grading student papers, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to click over here and find such a cool project. Thanks for making me smile!

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