Tricks + Treats: Little Birdie Plush by Viviana Agostinho


Hi there! It's Viviana! Elsie asked me to share a cute plush DIY today for Tricks + Treats and I made this little bird just for you. Enjoy!

A little birdie told me…

Wanna know what this birdie is telling? So gather the materials and start stitching this little guy up! If you don't have a sewing machine at home, do not worry: you can easily sew everything here by hand. At the end of the project you will have a tiny, cute bird that will brighten up any shelf or computer monitor. Stitch a key chain at the top of birdie's head and voilΓ ! You have the cutest key charm.


The numbers in each birdie part correspond to the amount of pieces you will have to cut. Seam allowances are included.


To make your birdie you will need:

– Felt and fabric of your choosing
– 2 medium size buttons in any color
– 2 small beads or buttons in black
– Felt scraps in black and red
– A handful of fiberfill
– Thread, needles, pins…


Place each part of the pattern on the wrong side of your fabric and felt and cut all the parts you will need. Remeber: birdie's body will be made of fabric, and the remaining parts will be made of felt.




You will begin creating your birdie's front section. Place the head and belly detail over body and stitch them together. Then, in a piece of black felt, cut two small circles. The black circles and the black bead/small button will make birdie's eyes. For the beak, cut a small square of red felt and sew it in place.


Sew front and back sections (wrong face up!) leaving a small gap at the bottom of the body for filling. Turn the body inside out. Sew 2 wings together (2 times), and 2 legs together (2 times). You will end up with birdie body, 2 wings and 2 legs.


Fill body with fiberfill. Place the legs at the bottom of birdie's body and sew them in place by hand, closing the gap. Using two medium size buttons, sew wings in place.


Yay! Your birdie is ready!

Thanks so much, Viviana. I am crazy-in-love with this project and I can't wait to make some birdies. You're the cutest! XO, elsie

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