Try This: Color Pop Cutting Boards

Paint the edge of your cutting boards with non-toxic paint for a cute color pop!Paint the edge of your cutting boards with non-toxic paint for a cute color pop!Paint the edge of your cutting boards with non-toxic paint for a cute color pop!I've been crushing on this idea since I pinned this a while back. This past week I finally got around to trying it and I love the results. I used Martha Stewart's non-toxic craft paint (3 coats around each edge). In addition, you can seal with a coat of polyurethane, but I'm not sure if it's needed since I never put my wood cutting boards in the dishwasher. Don't use poly over white (or light colored paint) though as it will discolor it and turn yellow. 🙂 It's the simplest little idea, but I love that I can tie in the colors from my kitchen with this little set. Be sure to leave me a link if you make a set too! xo. Elsie 

  • What a great idea! Also it is really handy if you like to seperate your boards depending on what you cut on them, vegetables, meat, onions.

    Love your blog!

  • Love it! Now I just need to get some good quality wooden boards instead of the crappy plastic ones I currently have…..

  • Actually, I have had good luck with latex clear polyurethane. I have two work tables I painted & covered with poly about 10 years ago which have not yellowed at all. Just a tip.

  • Neat idea! Something I would totally do! Love the selected colors as well.
    XOXO, Marketa

  • These would be really cute for a personalized housewarming present! Love the pop of color against the wood.


  • I love this idea!

    xo Jennifer

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  • Ahhh!! I love this idea!!!! And where are those cutting boards from!!!


  • What a great way to spice things up, love it. I think I shall do this within the following weeks.

  • We researched a bit before this project and several sources said that it was safe. I don’t know for sure. With that said, food should never come into contact with the paint (or poly) since it’s only on the sides of the boards 🙂

  • Is polyurethane food-safe when it dries? I’ve thought about using it to seal other projects in the past, but haven’t because I was kinda worried about that…

  • What a cute idea!! So simple and easy yet gorgeous

    Sam //

  • What a cute little idea! I love small updates like this.

  • Hi Ellie,
    I highly doubt that! 🙂

    I totally get overwhelmed with home projects, but what helps me is to break them down and keep a list. Marking a few things off every week is the ONLY way we can get this much done. 🙂
    xoxo- elsie

  • Hi Stephanie,
    Yes, they can get expensive. We found these on sale at Macy’s.

  • This is really cute! I don’t have any matching boards though…

  • I just want to know where you got the cutting boards in the first place – they’re beautiful!!!

  • Wow, how do you girls come up with so many great but simple ideas? I always thought I was somewhat creative but ummm I wouldn’t be able to come up with half the stuff you do, lol. My kitchen is super drab though, and perhaps it’s time to invest more in colorful diy projects.

  • I think this is a wonderful idea. It gives a pop of color to something otherwise so rustic.

  • What type of wood would you want to use for a cutting board? Since I know certain types of wood would be too soft or create splinters. Thanks in advance! I LOVE this idea.

  • I love this idea! Where do you usually find good cutting boards, btw? They can get very expensive very quickly.

  • Great simple idea! I have this table that needs some sprucing up… I wonder if it would work for that?

  • I love this!! Its such a simple way to a colourful kitchen!

  • I love this! its such an easy way to a colourful kitchen!!

  • Aha! I have a collection of 4 wooden cutting boards left over from my wedding in june (amongst a hundred other things!) so this could be ideal!!


  • WOW
    Loved this idea.
    I’ve been looking for some chopping boards to use in my photos and these look just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Love the colors you chose! I painted the edges of a pig cutting board I found ( and love the result.

  • Love the idea and love the wood grain of those cutting boards! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Jess the Mess

  • Oh, these look so cute now! I love wooden cutting boards but the color really makes them pop!

  • The boards look great! Love the colours you used. Also handy to keep track of fish, meat and veggie/fruit boards. Thanks for sharing :]

  • Lovely! This is a great idea. Good easy wedding gift too! 🙂

  • Love it! This would be great for colour coding different chopping boards for use for different foods. So you could have one for meat, fish, vegetables, etc.

  • I love this! It make me think of the paint-dipped utensils (wooden spoons, tongs, etc.) that were really popular about a year ago. 🙂


  • That really is such a simple and effective way to bring in a bit of colour. They look great.

    Only found your blog earlier today and can’t wait to try some of your D.I.Y creations.

    Charlotte x

  • Simple idea, but really really cute! My kitchen has lots of pops of yellow– maybe I should do our cutting board too!

  • This looks really pretty. Easy to match the colors with colors which already are in the kitchen.

  • That’s such a simple idea but so lovely! Great way of tying together a colour theme.

  • What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

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