Try This: Disco Ball Wreath

Disco ball wreath? Yes please!Hey, friends! I’m so excited to share this super easy idea with you today! I’m not going all out with holiday decor this year. With renovating, travel and work I just don’t have the extra time/$$$/energy to go full force. Can anyone relate? But that doesn’t mean I can’t do a couple super special holiday projects.

And for the record, I would definitely file a disco ball wreath under “super special”. Ummm…it’s my family heirloom!

You wanna make one too?

Supplies NeededSupplies:
-wreath form *rant on choosing the right wreath form below
silver tinsel garland x2 (Get the fluffiest one they have!)
mini disco ball ornaments (The number you use will depend on the size of your wreath. Use your best judgement, and if you end up with extras, they look cute in a bowl on your coffee table!)
-hot glue gun and sticks

*Crazy story! I made this wreath, broke it into 5 pieces and made it all AGAIN…My floral foam wreath form broke, so the second one I made was with a straw wreath form. It came wrapped in plastic and I just left the plastic on it and went from there! Don’t take plastic off unless you want to be sweeping up annoying pieces of straw for all eternity!

Disco Ball Ornaments(Sorry, guys! I accidentally deleted my step photos. But it’s so freaking easy I’m not going to bother retaking them. You got this!)


1. Use hot glue to wrap your wreath form in silver tinsel garland. Make sure it is completely covered with garland.

2. Remove the hook part from the ornaments (mine snapped right off) and glue them all over the wreath, randomly! Repeat until it looks A-MAZING.

A note about shopping—you can find these supplies at most craft stores. You can also find all this stuff on Amazon (just search “mini disco balls” or “disco ball ornament”). The ones I used are about two inches. I’d go for that size or a little smaller, but probably not bigger unless you are making a GIANT wreath.

Here’s a photo of the first wreath (actually right AFTER it broke in half).

Disco Ball Wreath So sweet, right!

Even though I was bummed BIG TIME over breaking the wreath, it was worth it for this photo. :))

Disco ball wreath? Yes please!

Disco ball wreath? Yes please! I’m so so excited about this wreath!

Now, can someone come tell my husband that this would look really reeeaally cute on our pink front door? (He’s still stalling on his final FINAL approval of my color choice and it’s killing my soul). LOVE YOU GUYS! Hope your December is so warm and so cozy. xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Laura Gummerman, except for the photo with the pups, which is by Darling Juliet

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