Try This: Easy DIY Serving Tray

Making your own serving tray couldn't be easier!Playing hostess for the holidays is much more fun with the right accessories. A comfortable, chic party dress is a must, but so is a beautiful serving tray (or two, or three!). We cover the bar in our kitchen with snacks and treats for our party guests  to enjoy, and a few trays can be a great way to organize the food chaos. When it comes to serving drinks, I do the same thing. All of our mixers are stored on a tray on our dining room counter, and then we serve house cocktails on a tray for our friends to enjoy.

As you’ve probably surmised, I love using serving trays while playing hostess, and I love using them in decorating my home too. Always ready to add a new tray to my collection, I whipped up this new one using just a couple of bar pulls and a cutting board. And it only took me five minutes to create!

Making your own serving tray couldn't be easier!Creating this tray is as simple as attaching the bar pulls to the top of a nice cutting board, but if you need a little guidance, I’ve included steps below.

-cutting board (I used this one)
-long bar style drawer pulls (I used these, though this is a less expensive option.)

-power drill with drill bit
-measuring tape
-pen or marker

Making your own serving tray couldn't be easier!Step One: Place the bar pull handle onto the cutting board close to the edge and make sure it is centered width-wise. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the edges of the cutting board to the point where you will be placing the screws that attach the handle. Write down this measurement.

Step Two: Remove the handle and mark the points you measured in the previous step. Before drilling, make sure you measure the distance between the two marks to verify that it matches the distance of the attachment points on your actual handle.

Making your own serving tray couldn't be easier!Step Three: After triple checking your measurements against the handle, drill into the cutting board with a drill bit that matches or slightly exceeds the size of screws for your handles.

Tip: Place a piece of scrap wood beneath the cutting board when drilling to avoid damaging your work surface.

Step Four: Use a screw driver or your power drill to attach the handle to the cutting board with the screws that came with your bar pull handles. If your cutting board doesn’t have bumpers on the bottom that raise it up slightly, you will want to either countersink your screws or cover them with little rubber pads.

Making your own serving tray couldn't be easier!How simple was that? You can completely customize the look and cost of your tray with different cutting boards or handle styles.

Making your own serving tray couldn't be easier!Such a great party tray, but this guy would also look great on an entry table to corral catch-all dishes or incoming mail. I love it! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella of the Signature Collection.

  • I LOVE THIS IDEA!! This will look perfect in our Parade Home !!! Thank you for the wonderful idea!!!

  • Such great looking cocktails! It’s so hard to pick one to try tomorrow evening! I guess I would go with the Blackberry Margarita though 🙂

    Happy New Year ladies!


  • I’ve been waning to do this DIY project forever! I want to try it a wood board and a marble board. Thanks for the details.

  • Such a great DIY – and it’d be easy to reclaim something that isn’t being used anymore. Drawer pulls and a cutting board – so easy, and elegant. Very cool!

  • It’s a maternity dress from ASOS. I was waiting for pay day to get it, and it went out of stock, and I was devastated! Every morning I refreshed the page in hopes that it came back into stock, and one morning it did! I bought it and then it was out of stock again. But it’s definitely a dress I am obsessed with! -Mandi

  • This is seriously great and would be the perfect addition to my bar cart! Totally love it. Happy New Year, Mandi!

    xx Kathryn

  • What an awesome and simple idea! I will so be making one of these for my next party.

  • This looks so neat and classy…the diy is simple enough… thanks for sharing…


  • This is fantastic! I love the handles and wood combo. What a great project!

  • love this post! Happy New Years to you guys!

  • This looks very elegant! As always, Mandi, I love your stuff. And that dress.

  • Obsessed!!! I think I’m going to paint the handles sparkly gold for new years.

    Love when you share on ABM Mandi 🙂

  • Hi Mandi,
    thanks for sharing! beautiful pictures and decoration
    I also want to make one just in the sake of making :))) I have one tray and I never use it. I will go with scrapwood, it has a lovely texture.

  • This tray puts the fun in functional! Plus an excuse to buy more cutting boards? Count. Me. In.

  • What a great idea! It floors me when I see an idea as simple as this and I wonder how we haven’t been doing this all along. 🙂 definitely making one of these.

  • This would look perfect in my dining room! I’m surprised how easy it is to make a tray like this! Great DIY 🙂

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Such a great idea, I’m going to make this for my mum next christmas! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  • Super cute idea! Perfect for a party to give your guests drinks and food.

  • I am with you that there are so many uses for serving trays and I have them sprinkled throughout my home. I’ve actually never made one but your tutorial showed me that it is easy to make my own personalized tray. I also see my next year’s holiday gift idea brewing.

  • This is so awesome and looks simple enough for even me to do. Though I think I am going to pick up all the goodies and make the boyfriend do the actual hard work of putting it together. Thanks for the great inspiration.
    Happy holidays!

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