Try This: Easy (Washi Tape) Wall Art

Bathroom artToday I wasn’t really sure what to post about. We’re in between the holidays, and I’m mostly just trying to spend a little more time with family and clean up my house before the weekend is over. So, I thought I’d just share something random with you. See that geometric/mountain looking wall hanging? That’s been hanging in my guest bathroom for over a year now, and it was made from nothing more than a plain white canvas and black washi tape.

Easy washi tape artAll you do is use washi tape to create different triangles. You can make little circles by adhering the tape to wax paper, cutting out shapes, and then peeling it off.

Washi tape art one year laterAs you can see in these close up photos, it doesn’t look 100% perfect at every single edge after a year (not up close anyway). But when you’re standing in the bathroom, maybe checking your hair in the mirror or brushing your teeth before bed, it’s pretty hard to notice those minor imperfections. And for the overall cost of creating this project, it’s been a great investment for the guest bathroom this past year (and probably a few more years to come).

Washi tape artI’ve never shared a tour of my guest bathroom because it’s not a large room, and you can see more of it in our book, Happy Handmade Home (in case you love home decor). But I thought I’d share this little random project with you just for fun. If you have some blank walls around your space, you might give washi tape art a try. It’s fun, super inexpensive, and holds up better than you might think. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman.

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