Try This: Flavored Butter Party Favors

Compound buttersFor Friendsgiving this year I wanted to create something that my coworkers could take home with them afterwards. But I also was prepping an entire meal, so I didn’t want to try anything too complicated or time-consuming. 

I decided to make a few different flavored butters, also sometimes called compound butters. These are quick and inexpensive to make, and guests can use them during the dinner party as well as take their favorite flavor home after. 

Honey butterI made honey butter by combining 2 cups softened butter with 1/2 cup honey and a big pinch of cinnamon. You can blend this in a food processor or by hand. Spoon into clean glass jars to store. 

I love honey butter because it was something that was always served at my great aunt Ina’s house during Thanksgiving when I was growing up. So not only is it totally delicious, it also reminds me of getting to spend holidays with my entire extended family on my father’s side. Lots of folding card tables were involved. 🙂

Chipotle butterI also made a chipotle butter, inspired by my husband Trey. He loves chipotle anything. 🙂 For this I combined 2 cups softened butter, 3 chipotle peppers, and a couple teaspoons of adobo sauce (all from a can). Blend in a food processor. Or you can blend by hand; just chop up the peppers first. Spoon into clean jars to store.

Honey butterI like to make these a few days before my event for two reasons. One, then I don’t need to worry about them as I prep for everything else. And second, the flavors will mingle and intensify over a couple days, making them even more delicious. 

Compound butter party favorsI highly recommend adding handmade labels to the tops of the jars so guests know which is which (even though the color will likely give it away too). If you don’t have a big sister with awesome handwriting like I do, you could also use letter stamps or stickers for the labels. 

Honey butter party favorsFlavored butters as party favorsFlavored buttersA few other flavor combinations you could try include pesto, cinnamon sugar, lemon, lime with salt, lavender, or pumpkin spice. You probably already have some great flavor options in your cupboard or refrigerator right now, so feel free to get creative. 🙂 xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Emma Chapman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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