Try This: Hats in place of art

Try This- hats in place of artwork!In our entryway we have a tall dresser that stands alone on a big wall. For the past six months we've had one of my mom's giant abstract paintings there (she's kind enough to let us borrow pieces often!) Recently we swapped out a few and she took that piece home. Our entry was feeling a little sad and empty for a week or two. I planned to make something, but since my project list is unusually long right now I chose a temporary (and seasonal!) solution to buy some time. Enter: Hats as artwork. Use your own hat collection to create a gallery wall look with just a few thumbtacks! It's too easy to even call this a project, but it made a huge impact in our entry. I love the cozy and casual vibe. 

Try This- hats in place of artwork! Have you ever used a collection to create an easy, temporary display? 

Orange rosesI hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo. elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

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