Try This: Lucite Hand Towel Holder

Lucite Hand Towel Holder DIY (click through for tutorial) Sooo, remember when I showed you how to make the easiest ever lucite towel rack for your bathroom (for only $30!)? Well, I just wanted to let you know that you can also make a mini version to match as a hand towel rack as well! I’ve actually seen a couple readers that have made their own for their bathrooms and tagged me so I could see — that always makes me so happy!

Lucite Hand Towel Holder DIY (click through for tutorial) I just used a smaller piece of 1″ acrylic rod that was custom cut down to 10″ and got two more drapery ceiling brackets that I spray painted gold to match the other towel rack. The rod only cost about $5. So this hand towel holder only cost about $20 total — hooray!!

Lucite Hand Towel Holder DIY (click through for tutorial)Lucite Hand Towel Holder DIY (click through for tutorial) Lucite Hand Towel Holder DIY (click through for tutorial) I love having things that match perfectly, so I’m thrilled to have a baby hand towel holder to coordinate with the mamma version on the opposite wall. As you can imagine, putting one of these together is pretty simple, but you can read the full tutorial here if you want more details. I love how luxe the look of lucite is. So adding more of it to my space is definitely not a bad thing! I think this project is “clearly” a winner! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Hi Laura,
    Nice post about “Lucite Hand Towel Holder” It’s really nice and easy to understand learn more Hand Towel Holder & this Towel Holder is looking such a beautiful in pic 😉


  • Great project, but I am drooling over the print you have on the walls! Did you paint them or are they decals?

  • I love that eye decal! Also those towel holders are a life saver. Nothing makes me madder than when the rod falls out of the cheap ones haha

  • I love how the towel holder matches your sconce…can you provide the source for that too?

  • Such a cute idea! And lovin the gold 😀 <3 how do you come up with such awesome ideaS?!?!

  • This is so cute! I love this compared to the ones you see at the store!


    here you can have a look for traditional turkish hand towels

  • I really like the combination of the clear lucite with the gold details, it looks so precious!

  • I love this hand towel holder! Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Amazing idea

  • This is just fantastic! Love the colours and the way it complements the pink towel too!

    Jenna ||

  • These are so great! I’m in the process of buying a new house and I want to try this for the towel racks! I think a lot of the towel racks at the store are boring, but these are really cool and simple. I’m so excited to share mine once they are finished!


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