Try This: Make Photo Booth Strips with Old Photos

How to make and print your own photobooth strips How to make your photobooth strips For over a year now, all my wedding party pictures have just been sitting on a jump drive doing nothing. I did print some for our wedding album, but I always planned to display some of these fun candid pictures. I just didn’t have an idea of how I wanted to make that happen.

Honestly, the party pictures are some of my very favorite from the wedding. You get to see everyone cutting loose, making funny faces, utilizing the cheesy props we had, and just generally having a good time. And that’s a big part of what I remember from our wedding reception. It was a good time with SO many important people we don’t get to see everyday.

So, yeah, the photos, although goofy, are super special to me. I really wanted to find an attractive way to display them at home. And naturally, since we’re printing photos, this was a good fit for our Canon USA collaboration.

How to make and print your own photobooth stripsFinally it dawned on me that I should take the photos and turn them into photo booth style strips, and then display them all together. There are probably a million different ways you could do this, but here’s how I made mine.  

Use iphoto to send images to your phoneAs I mentioned, these were party pictures that we took with a DSLR camera during my wedding reception. So I first needed to move all the images from the jump drive to my phone as I planned to use the Party Party app to create my photo booth strips. I saved the images to iCloud via iPhoto so I could access them on my iPhone (that was a real iSentence, huh?). 

I also used Photoshop to crop them before I saved them to iCloud, but I also could have done this within the app if I had wanted to. 

Using the party party appNext, I used our Party Party app to group the images by fours into photo booth strips. I used a couple of the black and white filters to give the photos a more unified look, and I also used frame Film 2 to give my strips a border.

I ended up having eighteen strips in all! If I had only had a couple of strips to print, I probably would have just done so directly from my phone. But since I had quite a few, I decided to email them all to myself, and then group three strips onto one paper. That way I wasn’t wasting a bunch of extra paper.

An orange printer!Then I printed all my photo strips using our Canon MG7520 printer, which is kind of like our MG7120, but it takes up a little less space and has more ways to connect wirelessly and print. And oh yes, it’s an orange printer! 

Cut out photo stripsAfter printing, I cut out my photo booth strips (with orange scissors! So much orange!). Then I covered the back panel of my picture frame with acid free bulletin board paper in black. I used glue dots (found in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores) to adhere the strips to the paper. I ended up needing an additional three photo strips to fill out my frame. So there are actually three duplicate strips in my display, but you don’t really notice them as there are so many anyway.

Display ideas for photobooth stripsI removed the front glass panel in most of these photos so you could better see the photo strips. But here’s what it looks like with the glass. In case you’re curious. 🙂

How to make and print your own photobooth strips I am in love with how this project turned out! I can’t wait to hang this up in our home! Thanks for letting me share. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Emma Chapman and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with the A Beautiful Mess actions. 


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