Try This: Mismatched Dresser Knobs

Mismatched Dresser Knobs   Hi everyone! It's Rubyellen from Cakies again, and this time I'm sharing the little switch-a-roo I did with my dresser knobs. Just a fast and simple way to give your dresser a little extra oomph. I have had this Ikea dresser for over 12 years now. And while it is still in great condition, a lot of the knobs slide off all the time when I pull the drawers open (this is even after using Gorilla Glue to fix it time and time again). Thus, it was time to give it a little change. Mismatched Dresser Knobs    I wanted to do something quirky and make all the knobs completely different, so I headed to the first place that I knew had lots of different knob options… Anthropologie! My husband and I went together, and this is what our knob process looked like: I selected one of every knob they had that would fit and gave it to him, he paired the ones he liked together, then he cut it down to 6 pairs (12 knobs total), and I looked at his selections (and the ones he didn't pick). I switched out one pair he chose for another pair I liked better, and then we were done. Tada!!! It is his room too, and his clothes are in half the drawers (okay, only 2 of them), so it was teamwork to pick out our new knobs. He gravitates to bolder colors and I gravitate to pastels, so the ones I switched out were two bold ones for two lighter colored ones. 

All I had to do to make the change on our dresser was use a screwdriver to remove the old knobs, and then screw in the new knobs. Easy! And there you have it! It feels like a completely new dresser. I'm hoping this dresser continues to last us another 12 years! 
Mismatched Dresser Knobs
All the knobs I chose were from Anthropologie, but I know Target has some knobs like these, and Home Goods has some of the same knobs that Anthro carries in a pack of 4 for $6.99 (even some of the ones I got!), which is a great deal. But I wanted 12 different knobs, so that option didn't work out for me, but maybe if you don't want that many different ones, I would say get the knobs from Home Goods. I'm sure your local hardware store would also carry a good selection of knobs for you to choose from. Or you might even be able to thrift some. Where would you look for knobs?
Mismatched Dresser Knobs  Mismatched Dresser Knobs Thanks for letting me share our knob switch-a-roo with you! The knob changed inspired me to do a major purge in our bedroom, and it's been clean for two weeks straight now. Nothing like a little quick project to motivate you to get a space tidy. Don't you agree?! xoxo, Rubyellen
Credits // Author and Photography: Rubyellen Bratcher

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