Try This: Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Wine cork bulletin board via A Beautiful MessUsing wine corks in craft projects is almost as common as Mason jars. Seriously, type “wine cork crafts” into Pinterest and you’ll see. It’s a whole thing. We drink and use wine in cooking at our house pretty often, so I’ve hoarded a fairly decent collection of corks over the past few years. And this, coupled with my growing obsession to personalize my desk area at work, lead me to start scheming about making a bulletin board out of wine corks.

Recently I’ve started taping up lists and reminders above my desk. Which looks, well, sort of junky. So I knew a bulletin board would come in handy. 

Cork bulletin board from A Beautiful MessI wanted to keep it simple, so I simply purchased a shadow box (on sale!) from a craft store in order to house my corks. I started to fill up the shadow box and quickly realized I didn’t have nearly enough corks. Dang it! 

Thank goodness for eBay. I ended up needing right around 170 corks to fill the 12″ x 12″ shadow box I had.

How to make a wine cork bulletin board from a shadow boxHow to make a wine cork bulletin board from a shadow box The shadow box had a black backing, so first I glued in a piece of white foam. I was concerned that the black would show through once I had all the corks in place. But it ended up not mattering much. You can’t see the back once all the corks are glued in.

I also recommend using some kind of super glue or other quick-dry heavy duty glue. I plan to push and pull tacks from these corks, so I want them to stay in place!

How to make a wine cork bulletin board from a shadow box Once I had glued in all the corks, I decided to paint a few of the ends different colors. I like the overall rustic look, but the deep red/purple ends that a few of the corks had (from wine) didn’t really match the aesthetic of my desk area. So I just brushed on a few different colors of craft paint.

Cork bulletin board from A Beautiful Mess Wine cork bulletin boardAlthough I could have easily just bought a small bulletin board for my desk area, I love the personality and color that this one brings to my space. What about you, have you ever made a project from wine corks? Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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