Two fun Mojito recipes!

Hi friends! I'm here to share a couple more drinks that Katie and I made especially for Emma's bachelorette party. They are both versions of a classic mojito, infused with different fruit flavors! 

Watermelon Basil MojitoWatermelon Basil MojitoTo make a Watermelon + Basil Mojito, use the original mojito recipe, add watermelon and swap out half of the fresh mint for fresh basil. Be sure to muddle a couple watermelon pieces and basil leaves in the glass before you make the drink. It's so delicious! Eating the watermelon pieces at the end is my favorite part! 

Pineapple MojitoPineapple MojitoTo make a Pineapple Mojito use the original recipe, but replace the simple syrup with pineapple juice and add 1/4 cup pineapple, chopped into small pieces. 

Both of these drinks are so refreshing… perfect for summer! What's your favorite summertime drink? xo. Elsie 

ps. Happy Father's Day! Jeremy and I had a wonderful day hanging out with both our fathers. I hope you all had a great day too! 

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