Upcycle A Lip Balm Into An Ornament!

I have really tried the last few years to reuse items as much as I can and look for new ways to use something once it’s served its intended purpose. While Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, there can also be a lot of excess around the holiday for sure, so it’s a great time to think of gift ideas that can be reused for a second purpose as well. Beauty items can be great gifts for just about any gal on your list, so we partnered with eos Lip Balm to create a DIY kit that will upcycle a lip balm present into a Christmas ornament for the tree! Supplies:
Sparkling Ginger eos lip balm
super glue
2 bail bead caps
gold cone studs
small ziplock bags
mini gold tassels (one for ornament and a few for box decoration)
3 large gold jump rings
thin gold cord (cut into an 8″ piece)
printable ornament instructions
-pretty box to pack the kit in (like this one)
So, to make your gifting kit you’ll want to line your gift box with some pretty tissue paper and then divide each of your hardware parts (bail caps, jump rings, cone studs, and tassel) into a separate mini ziplock bag, so the recipient can see all the different parts easily. Add those bags into your box along with your glue, gold cord, and lip balm. Fold up the tissue paper, add your printed instructions on top, decorate your box with some ribbon or extra tassels and you’re ready to give your gift! Here’s what your kit will instruct the receiver to do once they have used their lip balm:Take the super glue and glue as many cone studs as you would like all over your lip balm sphere. Glue a bead bail directly on top and on the bottom of your balm. Open your jump rings (should be easy to open large jump rings with just your fingers) and attach all three rings together, and then attach them to your tassel. Attach your tassel to the bottom bead bail.Tie your gold cord to the top bead bail and your ornament is complete!

So pretty and you’re giving an item a second life as well! You can always use one of their other flavored balms that come in an array of colors—the holiday pack has the Sparking Ginger seen here, a Vanilla Bean and a Peppermint Mocha flavor! You could use silver accents if you know the person you’re giving it to has a certain color scheme for their tree, but I love how pretty the gold is with the blush pink. If you know a person that loves getting gifts and crafting too, then I think you may hit the jackpot with this gift idea this holiday season! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.
  • This is so cute and also so silly! Love it – the ornament is ridiculous chic!


  • This is a brilliant idea! Plus the shape of Eos makes it easier to re-purpose. Ha, can’t say I’ve seen that pretty color yet so I’ll keep my eyes open!
    Nicolette | http://nicolette.co

  • I would have never even thought to upcycle a lip balm container, but this is a beautiful, brilliant idea. I can also see spray painting the outside of the container to get different colors! How cute, thanks Laura.

  • omg how cute is this idea?! I never actually use any lip balm, but I’d sure do it for this DIY 😀

  • This is so cute! I think I’d actually go get an EOS lip balm to make this, haha! 😉

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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