update loves.

hi there. we put the most items up ever in one day today at Red Velvet! it’s a crazy huge and very special update. i’ll share all of my favorites with you…..

extra pretty plush forest friends made by SleepyKing for RVA. they have *rva* stitched on the back of every single one. so adorable.
and possibly my favorite kit ever. it’s called seventies child.
all of the art is inspired by 1970s big eyed deco art like these that i found for my looovely friend James a couple weeks ago. it’s a style of art that i recently started noticing on thrift shopping adventures and fell in love with. it was a lot of fun for me to make a kit using a different illustration style than usual. 🙂 here are more samples….
some really big embroidery patterns… this is one of my faves. i’m stitching a tote with her, will post it when i’m done.
and something new. i designed four full page ‘color/paint’ sheets. they were inspired by this amazing kids paint by number set i found from the 70s. these designs are meant to be painted, stitched and embellished. here is one of my works in progress….
(only, like, half finished….but you get the idea. looks like fun, huh?)
and i decorated some simple journals with the stickers that are included in the kit!
i’m really proud of this kit. thanks for letting me share…. you can see more pics and details here.
Picture 1
this next kit is a 2010 DIY Planner kit!
the stickers are so cute. see more here!
(note: i’ll be posting my planner sample very soon, hopefully this weekend!)
(both kits are have a special discounted price until Monday! After that they will be regular price.)
and a restock of black nerd glasses and some other cute colors here.
i like these olive green ones a lot.
(whoa…already sold out)
rachel made these gorgeous leather journals for men.
more amazing paintings by Elizabeth Chapman, my mom. I have a few more that will go up this weekend (it started raining today while we were taking pics outside!). her work is amazing.
new ACEO girls with early Autumn themes. 🙂
and the cutest brooches, tote and makeup bag from UK artist, Kate Garey.
can’t decide which is my favorite… the owl or the hedgehog?
love her work. it’s *amazing* quality and looks even better in person than it did in photos (love it when that happens, right?!)
i also made some necklaces for young girls with repurposed Littlest Pet Shop toys. they are really fun to make and they are selling crazy fast. 🙂
Rachel and I’s Autumn Class is almost full. You can sign up on the RVA site or look here for Paypal sign up and more details! We are really thankful for the amazing response to our class. It’s gonna be so much fun… only a few weeks away! 🙂
also… I just need to say THANK YOU to every single person who has supported our business this past year. it’s been a wonderful and very intense year. i don’t want to say too much because this should be it’s own post (or, like, 5) but, i am very thankful and more determined than ever to keep working to make Red Velvet a store and a community that supports and encourages real people who make beautiful things.
XO. elsie
  • elsie bear!!!
    i have a picture just like yr very first one of me a few years ago modeling with a plushie tree. i have to show it to you. we be seesters. xoxo.

  • sometimes I really think you are part robot. This update was insanely good, and I’m getting sooo excited for fall! lovelove… keep up the fabulous work my friend. XO

  • It all looks great!
    I made an order yesterday.. but if i could i would add the 2010 planner kit to it! LOVE IT!

    You girls are such an inspiration for me!
    It makes me happy that everything is going so well & i hope that we can enjoy RVA for a long long long long time 😀


  • Elsie, I’m so thankful that you and Rachel and everyone else went through and followed your dream, which inspires others such as myself to live out our own, and ignore the sterotype that artist never get anywhere in the world. RVA gives me hope and inspires me more every day, and is living proof against that type of thinking. I love how real and down to earth the art, the concepts, and you guys are, about capturing simple, beautiful things and just living and enjoying life to the fullest. It makes my heart sigh happily. Kristin

  • I am so excited about this update! I’m off to check the RVA website right now 🙂 I do have to say I’m awfully excited about the 2010 planner, the craft class (which I NEED to sign up for as soon as my check clears!), and the ACEO cards! I loved your painting with the brown haired girl with the books and apple on her head that said “I’m still learning” but was always bummed out that she had brown hair instead of blonde like me. I’m SO happy to see the black and white versions!

  • oh wow, you’re right, it is def. the best update ever!!!!!!! i’m happy and i want to spend all my money o_O we’ll see 😛

  • elsie elsie elsie!!!!!!!you finally made a BROWN girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg im so excited!!!!!! how friggin cut is she?!?!?!?!??!?!?? this has to be my fave update ever!!!! the littlest pet shop cuties th e2010 planner eep!!! three cheers for RVA!!!!
    adrienne K

  • Hey Girl!
    I noticed that you checked out my blog yesterday and I almost fell off of my chair at woork….I assume it was you b/c I do not know anyone else from springfield,MO that would show up on my feedjit!!!!!!!
    OH I ordered the 2010 planner and an undies print this morning:)
    p.s.for your next update it would be awesome if you could bottle up your creativity and drive and send it my way please and thanks

  • Awesome update, Miss Cake!!! 😉

    Sooo many goodies that I want!!! I hope to have some extra moolah very soon and it will definitely be spent at RVA!!! Yay!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, Sweetie!!!!! xoxo

  • Everything is sooooo cute! I love those new plushies! And I love those big eyed girls!! I know the 70’s girls that you are talking about, my mom had greeting cards from her friends in highschool with those girls on them! too cute!

  • awesome update!! such a lovely new things. 🙂 i wish i didn´t buy my planner a month ago, the 2010 planner kit looks so pretty!
    just one question, are there going to be embroidery patterns? or are they just with the kit? i understood from the previous post that you´d have new sheets as well. 🙂
    anyway, the best update ever!

  • Awww, that fox is adorable! I love animals with two eyes on one side of their head!!! What a great update.

  • congrats on such a great update Elsie! I’m sure you all worked SO hard on that! Go do something extra special for yourself…you deserve it!:)

  • What a great update! I Really enjoy reading your blog and looking at all your cute creative things. I was just recently trying to make a “skin” for my ipod and thought how cool it would be if you designed some! Think about it! I would totally buy yours.

    Have a great day!

  • any chance you’ll be adding more of the olive green glasses again? maybe pink too? I keep missing out!

  • inka,
    yes. we have Embroidery patterns coming (Sunday or Monday…) Rachel and I each have several new designs, but we needed a little more time to make samples! 🙂 they will be a downloadable product, so no shipping! 😀
    thank you for all the kind comments. Elsie

  • The new 70s style prints really don’t look that much different than your regular girls.

    Also, doesn’t selling those LPS as repurposed necklaces step upon copyright laws?

  • I once followed a link to your moms artwork, and I was so impressed. I’m a big fan. I really like the flower one you showed this time. Go Mom Go!

  • I have followed your blogg for a few years and wish you the best to all of you creative people!! you are sooo d*** creative! I feel like 110 with one foot in the grave when I see what you can achive..Im happy when I get one painting OR scrapp LO done in one week… keep up the inspiring pace to push us slackers to higher grounds!!love pia from sweden

  • Nicole, I think the 70s Big eyed girls look *very different from my style of illustration. I can see how they might look the same to someone who wasn’t “into it” though.
    And, I do not believe that the LPS necklaces infringe upon any copyright laws because I am not claiming that I designed the toys in any way, simply using them as a supply.

    Thank you, everyone for your kind comments!! 🙂 Seriously makes my dad! XO

  • hi again sorry.. I listened to the music on RVA for the first ohh what beatiful songs and beats love love love tough i dont have any cash… lova again from pia in sweden

  • I have a picture from the 70’s of a little girl with big eyes too. Must have been the style back then. I like your version too.

  • Elsie,

    You are my hero! Your blog posts seriously make my day. I wish I had 1/1000 the creativity that you have. Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing & making the world cute 🙂

    Also, I’m in love with the purple flower headband! Will you be selling them again soon?

  • Thanks for dropping us some love! So glad we could make you laugh! Thanks for the free download of the mustaches.

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