Update pics! New & lovelyyyyy.

hello. we are updating the site right now *check it out here*.  

here are a few peeks at our new goods…. 

IMG_8350 daisy headbands. 

IMG_8404SQ some new paintings… 

IMG_8407 i've been waiting for this one…… our Owl Kit!!!!


this kit features some beauuutiful hand embroidered patches (which is why it's super limited edition… only 50 are available). 

Owls-stitched and check out this lovely variety of woodgrain laminate we found for this kit!

i love the dark wood. 

IMG_8420 IMG_8414 and something totally new… vintage paper packs here

IMG_8430 these are beautiful and come with over 100 pieces each! 

we've been collecting cute stuff for these packs for like 6 months… i'm so excited! 

IMG_8426 what else? 

IMG_8327 handmade feather hair pieces (here) ! i crocheted these little chains all of the way over the ocean when we went to Italy. :D 

Chris Merritt posters… 

Yes, he gave me special permission to sell a few in our shop too. 🙂 

Thanks, Chris!! 


this one here and here and here :D.

and a special C.M. deal! Panda stickers and this poster (below) with every Chris Merritt CD  purchase this week!! 


*sigh*… this was a fun update to work on. so much fun. 

i have like a zillion ideas that i couldn't even get to, so i'll probably keep adding all weekend. i'll keep you updated here. ;) 

IMG_8388 (and this is just funny… yes?) 

mucho loves. Elssss

PS… forgot one thing! 

free original ACEO card (by me :D) with every purchase of $75 or more (good till July 1!). 



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