Use These 5 Items To Create An Easy Holiday Display!

It’s the most decorated tiiiiiiime of the yeaaaar. … I love decorating for the holiday season and this year I even added a little double shelf area to my front room so I could have a Christmas display across from where I sit and work at my dining table. I always feel like home decor is kind of like a recipe where you can add some of this category and a little of that category and come out with something pretty cute in the end. That being said, I thought I’d share my top five favorite things to add together to make a little holiday display whether that’s on a shelf, the top of a cabinet/table, a mantel place … just about anywhere!1. Trees in different heights/colors/textures! This one may seem obvious to have little trees in a display, but it’s really the different heights, colors, and textures that make a grouping of trees go from good to great. You can keep them all in the same color (or just slightly different shades of that color) for something more monochromatic (love these colors), or you can mix them up to show the full range of your color scheme. It’s also nice to have some glitter trees and some plain for a little extra sparkle as well. Bottle brush trees are one of my favorites, but you can also add in snowy treesyarn trees, feather trees … whatever you like!

2. Holiday photographs! Photos are a great way to add a personal touch to holiday displays. You can pull out some old black and white photos of holidays from the past (my mom and dad as kids are in two of ours and the third is my husband’s family when he was a baby) and mix them in with more recent holidays as well (Lola’s first Christmas!). You can either frame them to add them to your display or use a photo holder for a different look (those are great for groups of small photos as well).

3. Brass (or silver!) holiday objects! Figurines and other metal statues in your color scheme are perfect for breaking up your trees and photos with some different holiday cheer. Whether it’s a reindeer, a nutcracker, or a disco gnome, they will help vary your display and add more interest. You can even use ornaments as well (that won’t roll off and break) like I did with those starburst ornaments.

4. Letter board! I love using letter boards for seasonal and holiday messages. You can buy them in all colors and sizes, so even if you have a small area to work within you can still get one to fit your needs. Song lyrics are a great thing to write as well as quotes from your favorite holiday movies (this is the one I did last year!).

5. Let your lights shine! You can give some twinkle to your shelf by adding votive houses and some LED votive candles (these are cute too) or some trees that have small lights built in (this is a pretty one). Adding some lights really make a display come to life—especially at night! These are all items you can mix and match into your holiday decor around the rest of the house, but I love how cute they look together and you can still switch items/photos out to make it feel different each year. Keeping an eye out for brass figurines when vintage shopping is also a great way to add to your collection, and there’s lots of fun vintage signs and holiday cards you could display as well. Hope these little tips help make your season feel more merry and bright! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Hello Elsie! So glad I found your website. I Sincerely enjoy it! I am a cousin of yours on Grandpa Jackie’s side. I also read the article in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas edition, Making Merry. Love your ideas and creativity!!!

  • Those little Christmas trees are so cute! Thanks for the fun ideas! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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