(Vegan) Biscuits and Gravy

Best vegan biscuits and gravy (click through for recipe)Now you might be thinking, “Emma, are you vegan?” or, “Are you going vegan on us?”

No. I’m not vegan (although I did try it for six months right after college). And I don’t plan to go 100% vegan anytime in the near future. But, eating vegan is awesome, and I highly recommend we all try to do more of it, even if we aren’t going to do it all the time. It’s good for you, more sustainable for the environment, and truly very delicious. I really love Mark Bittman’s thought on being vegan part-time. Into it!

Best vegan biscuits and gravy (click through for recipe) So these are vegan biscuits and gravy, very much inspired by Cafe Flora in Seattle (although I have NO idea if my gravy recipe compares much to theirs, as I don’t know their recipe). Trey and I both love biscuits and gravy, but we don’t find very many vegetarian or vegan-friendly options here in our southern Missouri hometown. We love getting them when they’re available, and I am always in the mood to try and make them at home when I get a chance.

For the gravy I did some research (a.k.a. clicking around the Internet and consulting a few cookbooks) to see what flavors are often substituted to give things a “meaty” or “sausage” taste. You can simply use a vegan-friendly faux sausage or bacon if you like, but I wanted to keep these vegetable-based. I landed on playing around with shiitake mushrooms, onions, garlic, and little bit of soy sauce. If you aren’t vegan, you could also add a little Worcestershire sauce, as it has a great peppery taste too.

I am not a master vegan baker. Not at all. And I’ve been dying to try out a recipe from the Minimalist Baker, because I love their site even though I don’t often eat vegan myself. Perfect opportunity. So I tried out their biscuit recipe (adding a bit of rosemary for flavor), and I loved it. If you enjoy vegan or gluten-free (awesome) recipes, I highly recommend you check out their site if you haven’t already. 

How to make meaty tasting gravy without meatVegan Biscuits and Gravy, serves 3-4.

For the gravy:
1/2 ounce shiitake mushrooms (I used dried ones, but I imagine fresh would work too)
2-3 tablespoons chopped onion (red is preferred)
2 cloves of garlic, minced
5 tablespoons vegan butter (I like Earth Balance)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon soy sauce
1/4 cup vegetable stock
1 3/4 cups almond milk (unsweetened)
salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste

Since I used dried shiitake mushrooms, I had to first soak them in water for about 20 minutes.

Best vegan biscuitsFor the biscuits:
Recipe adapted from Minimalist Baker
2 cups flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
4 tablespoons vegan butter (Earth Balance again)
3/4 cup almond milk

In a bowl, combine the first 5 ingredients and give it a good stir. Blend in the cold butter. I like to use my (clean) hands for this, but a pastry blender works well too. Then stir in the almond milk. A thick dough should form. If your dough feels a bit too dry, add a little more almond milk. I ended up needing less milk than the original recipe called for, so I’ve included that in the recipe above. But currently it’s quite humid where I live, so if you live in different conditions, this could slightly alter your results. Baking can be tricky like that.

Press the dough together, but you don’t need to knead or overmix the dough. Cut into 8 biscuits (I left mine squares, but you could easily do traditional circles instead). Place on a prepared baking sheet. If you like, brush with a little melted (vegan) butter.

Bake at 450°F for 12-16 minutes.

How to make vegan gravyLet’s get back to the gravy. Chop up the onions and mushrooms (squeeze any remaining moisture from them as well), and mince the garlic. In a large saucepan, add the butter and oil, and melt over medium heat. Toss in the onions, mushrooms, and garlic. Pour in the soy sauce. Cook for about 2 minutes until the onion has softened.

How to make vegan gravy Add in the flour and stir to combine. This will create a thick paste, often called a roux. It will bubble as it cooks, and it can stick to the pan easily if you don’t keep and eye on it and continue to stir. I like to use a heatproof spatula at this point as it makes it easy for me to move the roux around the pan without bits of it getting stuck to the sides or in the corners and overcooking. Cook for 2 minutes.

Reduce the heat to low and whisk in the vegetable stock and milk until a smooth (with chunks of onion and mushrooms) gravy forms. Taste and add salt, pepper, and cayenne to your liking. If you want your gravy to be smooth (as pictured in my photo below), strain through a fine mesh strainer. Or you can leave the remaining mushrooms and onions, either way. 

Best vegan biscuits and gravy (click through for recipe) Serve alongside fruit so you don’t feel totally guilty about this delicious breakfast of carbs. 🙂 Even if you aren’t vegan at all, you should totally try this; it’s just that good. Enjoy! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Hi Emma! If you were to use fresh shitake mushrooms instead of dry would you still need to soak them at the beginning of the recipe? Thanks!

  • Keep the vegan recipes coming! I’m a big fan – your blog is absolutely lovely. I always LOVE the recipes, and try to veganize them as best I can. So happy to see a vegan one every once in a while! xx Bianca

  • Yum! I highly recommend trying Julie Hasson’s biscuits and gravy recipe from Vegan Diner. I’ve been vegan for five years and it is my absolute favorite recipe for biscuits and gravy- and one of the few recipes I’ve made so many times I have it memorized. My non-veg boyfriend raves about it!

  • This sounds wonderful! Now I just need to research a gluten free biscuit recipe!

  • This sounds absolutely amazing! I miss so many random recipes after becoming vegetarian almost 9 years ago. A lot of things I’ve found alternatives to but others are still a challenge! I always love your recipes because they’re usually pretty basic and don’t require crazy ingredients! Thanks so much!

  • Thank you for posting something vegan, however it was a little disappointing that you explain right away that “you aren’t going vegan on your viewers” like it’s a stigma. Hope to see more vegan posts in the future as you have a really large following and can do a lot of good promoting such healthy and compassionate lifestyle!

  • Once you soaked the mushrooms you should reserve the water and try to use it as it adds tons of flavour to the dish. We use dried Chinese mushrooms that way!

  • Omg, I’m from the UK, and ‘biscuits and gravy’ has a very different meaning! Biscuits are what we’d consider cookies and gravy is a dark brown meaty thick sauce that we put on roast meat and veg. Definitely not something you’d eat together. It’s not often that the translation gets lost over the Atlantic with your blog (after all you were drinking Newcastle Brown Ale in one post) but ths time it did! Looks nice tho x

  • Love the photography style 😉 would love it if you could check out my Summer Look Book xo

    Aliona | fromalionawithlove.com

  • This look great. Thanks for this really wonderful post. I love this.

  • These look SO delicious! I know I’m going to have to try them! I’m vegan and really appreciate that you post so many vegan (or easily veganized) recipes 🙂

  • True! When I went to the states, I was expecting a plate of Hobnobs with some Bisto?

    But so tasty though – they are like a cross between scone and a dumpling.

  • Try adding sage! It’s usually in sausage and it’s what gives it that sausage-y flavor.

  • Hmmm, that looks absolutely delish!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella ♡

  • If you’re inerested in a richer, more authentic gravy, you should try Mimicreme. It is made from almonds and makes foods such as vegan alfredo and vegan ice cream a delicious possibility! They make a sweetened one as well for whipped toppings, baked goods, and the like.

  • Yay for this! My husband and I are both long time vegans and we love b&g!! We’ll try this recipe fo sho! Also, I basically drool over every recipe you post and veganize it in my mind as I’m reading it. 🙂

  • I love biscuits and gravy!! Can’t wait to try your recipe!



  • It’s really funny the variance in foods between the UK & US. In the UK I guess biscuits would be classed as ‘scones’ and we would eat them with butter/jam! These look very tasty, will definitely be trying them! x

  • Wow! So yummy! I can’t wait to try it (I am a vegan)!
    XOXO, Izzy

  • Love vegan gravy – it’s one of our Thanksgiving staples! This one sounds amazing.

  • I’m not vegan either, but I do love incorporating vegan meals into my weekly meals. Angela Liddon from Oh She Glows came out with a cookbook a few months ago and there is an amazing vegan recipe for mushroom gravy in there! If you have the cookbook, I highly suggest you try that recipe! I like it more than other tracy with animal products!

  • Oh my gosh! It’s seriously like you read my mind. I love your site and I was browsing it the other day hoping to find a vegan biscuits and gravy recipe. You had a buscuits and gravy recipe, but it wasn’t vegan. I was wondering if I was just going to have to modify and experiment with the non-vegan version myself. I visited your site again today and Voila! There it was. A vegan recipe already tried and true! Thank you so much!

  • That looks delicious! I love trying new recipes and Vegan can be really good 🙂

  • I am also a mere vegetarian but try to have a vegan dinner at least once a week, so I’d love it to see some more vegan recipes here! (Or maybe vegan options?)

    Aside from that I cannot even imagine what this tastes like. Neither gravy nor (savory) biscuits are a thing here in Germany so I kind of imagine a creamy mushroom sauce with salty cookies. 😀

    The Appleberry

  • Vegan gravy? Sounds like my kind of thing 😉 I’v never tried gravy and biscuits together though!


  • Mmmm….I bet that gravy would also be good with some nutritional yeast sprinkled in. Yum. On a side note, have you tried nutritional yeast powder on popcorn, Emma? I bet you would love it.

  • Oh my gosh, this looks so delicious! Big YUM! 😀 x


  • I’ve been a vegetarian for 6+ years and never found a gravy substitute… perhaps next Thanksgiving/Christmas I’ll have some again?! 😀

  • wow these look awesome! I’m glad you posted a vegan dish and noted that you don’t have to be 100% vegan, to still appreciate vegan dishes and what it does for our food system and our bodies 🙂
    I love the minimalist baker too!!

  • Oh man! I almost got a cinnamon roll but then I decided to try the beignets instead. They were good but I wish I had gone for a cinnamon roll instead.

    I didn’t end up finishing any of my food though anyway, so good but so filling. 🙂


  • I haven’t read his book yet, just a few articles and heard folks talking about it. It’s on my list though. Very cool concept, plus I love just about everything Mark Bittman does. 🙂


  • Thanks for the recommendation! I will for sure be trying out The Stone Fox if I get the chance next time we are in Nashville.


  • Really! I love OhDearDrea. I’ll have to go hunt down her recipe and try it. Awesome!


  • Cafe Flora is one of my absolute favorite Seattle brunch spots! (I’m not vegan either but the food is just so good.) Please tell me you also tried the cinnamon roll while you were there! It’s heavenly.

  • Biscuits and gravy is one of my favorite treats, but it’s so unhealthy! This sounds much more guilt-free. My kind of recipe 🙂


  • Can’t wait to share this recipe with my vegan best fried! I so admire people who can stick to a vegan lifestyle – maybe someday. P.S – gorgeous food photography

    Warm Regards,

  • Oh yummy! Also, I love Mark Bittman’s words on being a part time vegan. Have you read his book, “Vegan Before Six?” I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but it seems very interesting and the best of both worlds!


  • Yummy! I’m a vegan and I love this! Thank you so much for posting these great vegan recipes. There are so many misconceptions about it being such a limited diet but it’s simply not true. You just have to get a little creative:-)


    Laurali Star

  • I’m so glad you posted this! I always thought vegan b&g was an oxymoron until I had some, and they were honestly better than any non-vegan recipe. I can’t wait to try this version!

    And next time you guys are in Nashville, you should try The Stone Fox for brunch. They have great vegan b&g!

  • I’m excited for more vegan recipes, Emma! These look so yummy!

    – Christina www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  • This looks great! As a vegan, I appreciate the effort. 🙂 I live just outside of Portland and some of our brunch places make a b&g that is so spot-on! I will definitely be giving this a try.

  • I too, am not vegan, but I admire the vegan diet and those who follow it. I’m just not ready to commit to it! These awesome! Biscuits and gravy are one of my favourites!

  • These look delicious! Mushrooms make such a great substitute for meat gravy.

  • This looks absolutely amazing! OhDearDrea posted a vegan biscuits and gravy a number of years ago I’ve been dying to try, but after seeing this and refreshing my memory I might give them both a whirl! Love the vegan recipes. I eat 90% vegan, and it’s awesome to see one of my daily reads (BM!) post more vegan foods! xo

  • As a vegetarian, I get so excited to see delicious recipes that I don’t have to modify. Thanks for this!

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