Vintage Copper Letter DIY

Love this! Vintage copper letter DIY (click through for tutorial) I love when I spot vintage letters and numbers at our local flea markets. I’m the worst at the game where you have a set amount of letters and have to make a word or phrase with what’s there, so I always make my husband spot any good word combinations (he’s addicted to Words With Friends and therefore an expert in my book). I was excited to find some cute copper letters online, but I realized that it could get a bit expensive to do a long word or phrase, so I set out to try my own DIY version at a cheaper cost. We’ve had some thin copper roll floating around the craft room for the last year, and I knew this would be the perfect project for it. 

Love this! Vintage copper letter DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
thin copper roll
-balsa wood (1/16″ thick and 4″ wide)
-6″ letter stickers (similar here)

metal jewelry glue
-X-Acto knife + metal ruler + cutting mat
sawtooth picture hangers

First you’ll want to choose the width and height of your finished letters. Since I had 6″ tall letter stickers, I chose balsa wood pieces that I could make into 4″ x 7″ rectangles. Use your X-Acto knife, metal ruler, and cutting mat to cut your balsa wood pieces to the appropriate size. Roll out your copper roll, squeeze the metal glue around the inside edge (and zig-zag across the middle) on the back of your balsa wood, and place your wood (glue side down) onto the copper. Try and fit as many pieces as you can onto the roll so you don’t waste any copper, but leave at least 1/2″ between each piece. If you can, set the wood right up against the edge so it’s one less edge you have to cut later. Set something flat and heavy on top of the wood as it dries.

Once the glue has set, use scissors to carefully (any torn or pointed edges of the copper can be sharp!) cut around each letter. The wood should be on the top of the copper as you cut. You don’t have to get too close to the wood edges on the first cut; just separate the pieces and then concentrate on cutting as neatly as you can on the second cut. Turn the letters over so the copper is on top, and use your scissors to round each of the four corners for a more vintage look (and no sharp edges). With the sticker backing still attached, cut roughly around each letter sticker and peel back the bottom 1/3 of the backing. Handle the top 2/3 of the sticker to get the placement of the letter on the copper rectangle just right, and press the exposed bottom 1/3 in place. Peel off the rest of the backing and smooth the sticker out.

At this point, you can either leave the font as it is, or you can use your X-Acto knife and ruler to cut out parts of the letter to create a more unique font. Just press down on top of the letter with your X-Acto knife to cut out an area, and use the tip of the knife to peel back that section you just cut away. Use some more glue to glue your sawtooth picture hanger 1″ from the top of your letter, and you’re ready to hang your copper letters!

Love this! Vintage copper letter DIY (click through for tutorial) Love this! Vintage copper letter DIY (click through for tutorial) Love this! Vintage copper letter DIY (click through for tutorial) It’s so exciting to me that I can create my own vintage-inspired letters now instead of just hoping that the right letters are available to spell what I want. I love doing both one-word signage like the “pour” above the coffee cart or short phrases like “grow up” over some baby succulents (that one just makes me laugh). What about you? Need any cute signage for your living space? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

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  • Can you please, please, please tell me the brand/style of the coffee maker and grinder? Thank you!

  • I love this post. Just wondering what brand of espresso. Maker that is? I really like it.

  • Just wondering where you got the containers to hold your coffee filters. Thanks!

  • Just lovable.Thanks for sharing this lovely DIY i will soon give it a try at my place

  • What a lovely DIY!
    I love the coffee machines so much


  • Unrelated, but where did you get that blue and red espresso maker? I love that retro look.

  • So, this has nothing to do with your post, but I was wondering what kind of espresso machine that is, and what are your reviews on it? A) It looks all sorts of vintagey with modern technology, and B) you all are always making awesome coffee drinks, so I have to know what kind you use! Thanks!

    PS. Your blog is the first I read every morning. LOVE.

  • Wow, they’re absolutely gorgeous! I’m looking for something like that for my kitchen, so thanks for the DIY!

  • I love copper, i used to do jewelry with copper wire
    Love this way of decorate a wall

  • I love love love this! I’m a fan of copper letters too, but not so much the sometimes hefty price tag. Will be trying this for sure 🙂


  • Hi! This typography project would be perfect for my studio. I spend many hours there, so, these copper letters would be a cool shiny and chic place to make the mind wander and relax (at least, during coffee breaks!). Thanks for the project!

  • Love this!
    Also the colorful coffee machine is quite stunning – what brand is it?!

    Have a lovely day!

  • These are so much easier to do than they look! Now I need to come up with my own word or phrase to create!

  • Really cool project, but disappointed you guys would link to Hobby Lobby for supplies. They’re not a company I’d ever want to support in any way, and I’m sure you don’t want to wade into politics, but I’m surprised you’d link to someplace so divisive. I’m still a big fan of your site, just not Hobby Lobby.

  • Was looking forward to this DIY..this looks so easy and inexpensive…the final look is better than the ones on the link…


  • This is a super cute idea!! I love it! I wonder if adding copper foil to the back of old marquee letters would have a similar effect…

  • Hi there! I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

  • Your garden of succulents is just so cute! But the copper letters really make a statement – what a fun DIY project that can be used in so many ways!

  • These are incredible! I’ll be moving soon and I’m definitely going to incorporate them into the farmhouse.

  • Need to make these! They’d be so cute as a last name.

  • I’ve never seen anything like this before but they looks so cool! And the grow up sign is a cute touch for the plants 🙂

  • I’m in love! Thanks for posting! This seems just easy and cool enough that I might actually do it!
    The Accidental Mama

  • This is SO lovely. Such fun lettering and a great way to decorate the wall!

  • I was waiting to find out how you did this! I love it!


  • There’s just something about copper that makes it stand out in a whimsical way. It’s got the most amazing hue. I like how sleek & expensive these look. :] // ☼

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  • Love the context of the GROW UP sign, it’s a conversation starter and clever! I really like the style of the lettering as well.

  • Gorgeous! I love the ways the A Beautiful Mess team brings typography into home decor.


  • Great idea!

    Liz @
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  • These are too pretty and simple to not do! I’ve got an idea already for the phrase “chop, chop” in the dining room (my grandpa says that when it’s time to eat!), but I’m thinking this would be good in the kitchen! maybe the phrase “but first, coffee.” 😀 Which I plan on putting a coffee cart under!

    You guys are the best, thank you for the continuous inspiration! from hardcore diy projects to pattern mis-matching to a million different types of wallart, you always help me think outside the box when I go shopping!

  • I saw these letters yesterday with the plants and hoped you’d do a DIY on them, and whaddya know! They look awesome and are a great alternative to buying expensive ones!

  • Really love the projects you come up with! I visit this site daily!
    This is unrelated…but I really like the nail polish you are wearing in the picture. Would you mind telling me which brand and colour it is if you have time? Much appreciated!

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