Vintage Inspired Decorative Letters DIY

Easy cardboard letters for decor!I am a huge fan of giant vintage plastic letters for home decor. I've been known to shop Etsy for hours, and this is one of the items I always end up favoriting. I rarely buy them, though. The price tags can be a little daunting, it's intimidating to choose the perfect words and sometimes difficult to find all of the letters needed. So this week I created a quick, easy and inexpensive version of giant letters. They can be easily made for your next party or seasonal decor. Here's how!Cardboard letter DIYHere's how to make them! 1. Print out your favorite font on 11×17 paper (or larger). We added the font to each page in photoshop and then had them printed at our local copy shop. The fonts we used here is "Univers". 2. Cut the letters our and trace them onto cardboard. Cut them out with an exacto knife. Be sure to have two more pieces of cardboard under this layer while cutting and use a piece for your letter without folds or tears. 3. Paint each letter with spray paint or two coats of craft paint. 4. Trim any messy cardboard from the edges with scissors and display them in your space.Easy cardboard letters for the homeEasy cardboard letters for the homeI can't wait to make more letters for our next party or shower. xo. Elsie 

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