Vintage Inspired Dress Makeover

Dress DIY 1We're so excited to share this adorable dress makeover today! Kinsey's design is super pretty and you don't need a sewing machine to try this project. I can't wait to add this pretty detail to one of my dresses too! 
Dress steps1. Supplies: A simple, sleeveless dress, white cotton fabric, scissors, 3 buttons, needle and thread. 2. Cut the fabric into a long strip. You'll want it to be twice as long as your desired collar. Our strip is 16 inches long, making our finished collar 8 inches. It's 6 inches wide. 3. Begin sewing this strip half an inch from the edge with this ruching technique. 4. Once you've finished one side it should look like this. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Be sure to not stich one side too tight causing it to be shorter than the other. 5. Once both sides are sewn, adjust the ruffles so that they are balanced and even on each side. 6. Next, stich all four corners of the collar onto the front of the dress. 6. Lastly, sew some pretty buttons down the front! All done! 
Dress DIY 2


Dress DIY 4


Dress DIY 3We love this cute addition to a simple dress! This is a perfect look for a picnic date or a bike ride with a cardigan. Thanks so much, Kinsey. XO. elsie 
  • Brilliant! Once again, thanks for the tip!

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  • tried it and love it. Thank you ladies.

  • great idea!!! I’m gonna do this with an old dress, too!! I love also your tattoos! they’re so beautiful!!!

  • What a great idea. It does seem pretty easy, though I admit I’m not very good with sewing. eep!

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  • Love it, I’m a sucker for a dress with a bib!

  • More than the dress I like her tattoo!

  • Super great Idea! I love that you don’t need a sewing machine too!

  • kinsey’s tattoo is sooo amazing! it’s tempting me further and further into getting a forearm tat myself. and this dress is adorable 🙂

  • LOVE! The colour is beautiful and the white addition is fab. If I didn’t do all my shopping at Anthropologie, I would be trying this out tonight!

  • I love this! The dress looks so cute on you. If I were just a little more crafty, I would totally try this.

    Happy Friday!

  • Noooo way!! I have been wanting to do the same thing for days now and keep putting it off. Thanks to your post, that ruffle is going on today!

  • OMG! I can’t sew and I don’t think I’m actually very good at it if I tried, but this is a project I HAVE to try! You could just buy a boring cheap dress and make it pretty!
    Thanks for the idea! amazing 🙂


  • So simple & clever… completely transformed the sweet little dress. Really like this.

  • Love this! Will definitely lift some of my dresses!

  • The tutorial looks super easy, but what I really love is the actual dress. Where is it from?

  • Very pretty, it really makes the dress into something much more special and unique by adding on these little details. Lovely DIY!

  • what a really simple idea I love the colour of the dress very unusual. Could I ask what sort of fabric it is I am looking to make a summer skirt and that looks like a nice weight.

    Thank you

    Nic xo

  • sorry Elsie, but how do you fix the collar on the dress?
    with an hot glue gun? or by sewing on it?
    by the way, great idea, I’ll definitely do it right now, I already know which is the chosen one to be pimp up;) cheers from Italy!

  • Oh wow! I have this dress and I never wear it out anymore! It’s become my baking dress, but maybe I’ll try this and it’ll feel brand new again!

  • Another amazing DIY! Can I know where you bought this yellow dress, I’ve been looking for a dress exactly like this! 🙂

  • the placket added such a cute detail to the simple dress. looks adorable.

  • That is TOO amazing. It looks so legit! Brava 😉


  • Sooo badly want to try this but I’m at my boyfriends and he doesn’t have any craft materials -___- mwahah!

  • gorgeous diy! you’re so so talented elsie!


  • SO cute!! Love the colors of the dress, and your hair is sooooo pretty!

    Stephanie May*

  • i wore this dress today, actually! it’s from target. i will probably upcycle it now that i have this darling tutorial, though!

  • What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Will be trying for sure 🙂


  • You guys took an already adorable dress and made it just that better. I am DEFINITELY going to do this with a dress or two!

    xo. -brittany

  • I get inspired to sew & then the thought of dragging out the machine, blar blar…But this – easy peasy!

    {ps.Kinsey’s tat is uber cute, would love to know if there is a story behind it.}



  • i love this! easy way to update a spring wardrobe, even with blouses too!

    Kate 🙂

  • Love that dress; but this makeover makes is that much better.
    Material Fixations

  • I love this DIY!
    is really cute, such a great difference.

  • Such a cute idea! I’ll have to try this. And of course Miss Kinsey is the cutest model ever.

  • Great DIY idea! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

  • Eeeep, what a darling tutorial! It’s amazing what a difference such a small thing can make. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • this is so adorable. what a great addition to a simple dress you could pick up somewhere for 5 bucks, and make it look like it was something special.

  • This super cute, simple alteration completely transformed this dress! Love it!

    Jenna: The Awkward Indie Girl

  • these are so cute! very creative!


  • Kinsey is so talented! Plus, that is the cutest tattoo I’ve seen in a long time. Get it girl! Thanks for sharing Elsie!

  • Adorable as always! I’m always looking for no-sew options, and this is a terrific one. Thanks for the tute!

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