Vintage Postcard Travel Journal

Vintage postcard travel journal 1Today Kara is sharing an easy, fill-in-the-blanks travel journal made from vintage postcards. Enjoy!

You see, I love the idea of travel journals, but when it comes to actually making a travel journal while traveling… It rarely seems to happen! I usually bring too many supplies and not enough framework to actually journal. I created this travel journal out of vintage postcards and now I can't wait to fill it will quotes and stories for my next adventures. Here's how… 

Pcollage1Step 1. To keep with the travel theme, I used vintage postcards to create the pages of my book. Most thrift and antique stories have plenty of dirty plastic bins full of these, but if you want an online option I picked up these from this etsy shop. That shop has tons of postcard packs and probably a set pertaining to the location you're visiting! Step 2. Staple the postcards together on top of each other, by stapling in an X where the two postcards meet. You'll want to overlap them some, so the pages aren't too floppy. Step 3. Next, lay a wide washi tape (mine is a Japanese tape made by MT), sticky-side up and place the front and back postcard covers halfway on the tape. Step 4. Fold up the overlapped tape so the outside binding is done. Step 5. Add the next page to the beginning of the book and lay another piece down on top of those pages. Step 6.  Cut off the excess on the top and bottom. Do this to the rest of the pages of your book until the pages are too bulky to shut. Next fill the pages with embellishments, titles, and lined journaling spots. Don't forget to leave spaces to paste in photos!

Vintage postcard travel journal 2Pcpage1Pcpage1Pcpage1Pcpage1Tuck the book inside your bag and it's now ready for your next adventure!

Vintage postcard travel journal 3xo. Kara

  • Wonderful post. I can’t wait to try my hand at this with my collection of vintage postcards! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Loved this idea!
    Featured it on my Friday Favorites post yesterday:)

    <3 Leney

  • I’m also thrilled to see this feature again.
    Friend Link:

  • Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts.
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  • I have been wanting to make something like this to add stories from my 3 week trip to Europe last winter. I did write during my trip but it was from very small notebook, so I was considering having it printed out and putting into some sort of scrapbook. May use the actual postcards that I purchased during the trip instead of using vintage ones though.

  • I know the book will be great, you girls put so much into everything you do!

    And I’m super excited to see the redesign. Did you create it or have one of the fabulous web designers out there whip it up?

  • Super cool idea! I love the idea of making a travel journal and this is definitely a neat twist with a lovely aesthetic! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is such an amazing idea and perfect for me because I have a stack of postcards lying around in a box from my travels.

  • Michelle,

    The tape was from a local store here in Portland, but if you Etsy search MT washi tape you should find it! <3


  • this is so cute! i’m defiantly going to make one of these for my trip to NYC! 🙂

  • This is a wonderful idea! Will definitely do one myself. 🙂

  • Wow, its shared now. This travel book looks cool. I love traveling. I always make a book, in which I adjust and stick each and every memory of my trips. I stick even the air tickets, photos and write the fun of every moment in the book. Its my favorite hobby.

  • I am going to make this travel journal using some photos from my own travels as well as places I want to visit in the future. This is so beautiful!

  • The world’s entire load of nostalgia closed in one object. Almost too romantic, but looks really great.

  • That is awesome! I love traveling, and I love postcards, so I may have to do this when I go to Quebec!

  • What a beautiful idea !
    Maybe I can make one with blank paper sheets instead of postcards for the inside…

  • Love this idea! And thanks so much for linking to my shop!!


  • totally going to make one of these for my boyfriend… he is spending the summer in alaska & i’m in mississippi, so i think i’ll combine postcards from those two locals. although i think i’ll try sewing the cards together instead of stapling. thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’m totally doing this when I go to Paris for a semester! I’ve been brainstorming ways to keep a journal, and this just gave me the solution! Thanks!

  • This is such a great idea, I always pick up pretty vintage postcards so this would be an amazing use for my collection!
    Faye x

  • Cute tutorial, I used to make postcard journals back in elementary school. Unfortunately, they never lasted more than a year or two because the glue came off after some time 🙁
    I’ll try to staple mine next time, thanks for the great tutorial 🙂

  • This is just too beautiful for words,Ii actually squealed at how cute it is!

  • I love it!!! Thanks for sharing… now I really want to make one!!

  • Fun idea! I love collecting postcards

  • Love this! I live in the Netherlands and this (creative) magazine came out with a travel-journal-edition. Last two years they made a summer special ‘vacation book’ with fun exercise. But I love this journal edition which you can fill up with your own stories, quotes and drawings 😀 I can’t wait to go on vacation now!!!
    The magazine is called: check it out, you’ll love it, even if you cant read it

  • A while back I bought a whole box of old post cards for 5 dollar and a lot of them are written on and wasn’t sure what to do with them. This is a great idea. I love it. Thank you!!

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  • Wow, I could fill an all day by looking at great journal ideas and this one is just fantastic!

  • I love this idea! It’s a great way to keep mementos.


  • i finally know why i have been hoarding these. thanks for sharing!

  • Love it sadly i have no postcard at all

  • I love this idea! It would make a great Christmas gift (planning ahead)!

  • this is seriously such a cute idea! 🙂 And I love your handwriting. <3

  • I love making and writing journals, love this idea

  • This is adorable! I always flip through the postcards at antique stores because I like to read the messages people sent to one another years and years and years ago. Haven’t bought any though, but now I’m kind of inspired to!

    Also, this blog inspired me to keep a “travel” journal of sorts this summer, for using just whenever I do something fun around town. Thank you, I love it so far!


  • I love this idea. I’ll have to find somewhere with washi tape in the UK. I’ve only ever heard of it on American blogs so far!


  • What a wonderful idea!! I’ll try it soon 🙂

    Love from Italy <3

  • I love this! My husband has just left on a month long trip for work and every time he goes away I make him a little book, so that he doesn’t miss out on life at home and I was just trying to figure out what I would do this time. Such perfect timing as he literally just walked out the door and I was feeling a little teary! Thank you!

  • Oh my gosh SO cute! I love everything about it!!!

    xo Kate

  • This is defiantly one of my favorite DIY’s! I’m gonna start collecting now!

  • this is amazing! I’m starting a journal and this is such a nice idea x

  • What a great idea! I just got back from a weekend trip to the mountains (I just blogged about it here: and I picked up a few postcards that I wasn’t sure what to do with, and now I know! Thanks ladies!!

  • Kara, thanks thanks tkanks!
    I store so many postcards and didn’t know what to do with them. Now I’m sure I’ll make similar thing out of them! Thanks again!


  • This is so creative and cute, I love it! This gives me a reason to start collecting postcards again!


  • My journals mean the world to me…I have collected so much memories inside them. Love this post

  • I’m confused…. Where to do write your notes if its on old used postcards? Cool idea though. Might try something similar.

    Angel’s Point of View

  • such a great idea!!!! i cant wait for my next vacation to try it out! thanks kara!

  • I am doing this pronto. But I might make copies of mine.

  • What a cute idea 🙂


  • Beautious! Love it girls!


  • This might be one of my favorite journal projects I’ve seen here! SO cute. 🙂

  • I love this! A little scrapbook lookbook 😉

  • What a fun idea! I was given a huge stack of postcards from the 60-70’s and most are blank. I’ve held on to them until I was inspired. I’ve got to try this!

  • omigosh this is amazing. one can never have too many journals! i think people should have a separate journal for everything!

  • i actually started doing this awhile ago with some old postcards my friend sends me. they’re so pretty i didn’t want to toss them but was causing clutter. they make a great little book!

  • This is a super duper cute idea and keepsake for any trip! Love it!

  • I’m going to do this in my next travel, for sure! Great tutorial!

  • what a great tutorial! i love making all types of journals, especially for traveling & adventures.

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