vintage thermos flower vases!


I'm so happy to have found another use for my vintage thermos collection! Yesterday Mr. Larson scored me a dozen roses on a post-mother's-day-sale. I used a few vintage thermos' as vases. Simple and so sweet. 


(sigh…. happiness!) 

speaking of pretty flowers, my grandma brought me a big bouquet of peonies today (from her flower garden)…  



Peonies are my favorite flower. What's yours? 

XO. elsie   

  • What a wonderful way to use your thermos’! They look fantastic. I’m quite partial to cabbage roses 🙂

  • wait til you come over and see my peony bushes!! if I can learn how to dig em up and split them I can get you a couple for your house. <3

  • Why don’t I have a vintage Thermos collection? Hmmm. I love gerbera daisies, but any flower will make me happy!

  • ha. I read “peonies” as “pennies” and was like, “huh… I’ve never heard of penny flowers before… they look a lot like peonies…” haha XD

  • fave flower would be…i believe they are called the Sterling Silver Rose.
    They are white with lavender-ish edges 🙂

    i also LOVE the smell of lavender!

  • I have that same Holiday thermos! My husband found it for me last year at an antique store and it resides on a special shelf in my craft room. Love it!

  • without a doubt… roses… almost any color as long as they are fragrant…

  • I’m a peony girl as well. We don’t seem to have farmer’s market flowers or grocery store flowers that are as nice here.. they are usually just a straggly bunch of 5 or 6 anemic-looking tulips or carnations. Whenever I see lush, beautiful bunches of flowers (especially peonies), I pounce!

  • I love ranunculus (I don’t know if there is a more common name for them in english), but I don’t get them here very often… your thermos idea is lovely. I always use old ice tea bottles as vases!

  • Oh I love peonies too 🙂 I almost had them as my wedding flowers, but they’re too expensive here 🙁

    I also LOVE poppies and irises. I’m mad about flowers in general though 😉

  • I like black tulips, foxgloves, bleeding hearts and butterfly bushes.
    Lovely way to use thermos, I wish I had a collection…

  • Daisies are my most favorite….. hey check out my blog because i have some of the pictures from the pinhole camera i made up…


  • peonies are mine too 🙂 That and I really have a thing for foxgloves, however they don’t really translate to vases and arrangements well.

  • Peonies are my favorite too! My mom had them surrounding our garden when I was a kid. They are big and lovely.

  • Peonies are easily my favorite. Klara Kamilla, I wanted them as my wedding flower, too!! But as it was in June, they wouldn’t have been at the end of their season. 🙁

    Wild violets are my second favorite flower. They take over a yard like a weed but a beautiful weed!

  • i love lilies, and roses too! i’m so convencional hehe

    i like to use green bier botlles as vases, it make a pretty look at home too!


  • Gorgeous peonies. I’m waiting for mine to bloom. It’s been so cold they are still just buds. The ants haven’t helped them out yet. Irises are my favorite flower. I think it has to do with Van Gogh’s painting of them. That painting really spurred me to become the illustrator I am today.

  • Love this idea! It is so sweet and fun! Plus my Husband is a huge fan of the movie “Jerk”, and the red thermos makes me think of how funny that movie is!

  • Peonies, roses, dahlias, and icelandic poppies! All so incredibly beautiful 🙂

  • Peonies are beautiful. I love tulips. Especially because they start being sold in January/February and there’s not a lot of other nice flowers out then. I used to work in a flower shop so flowers are a little bit of an obsession. Lol.

  • Gerbera Daisies and Calla Lilies are my top 2. And they change places as my #1 depending on my mood, the weather, my outfit, what I had for breakfast…

    I’m pretty jealous of your all your thermoses.

  • orchids, dahlias, and although they were made cliche awhile ago, sunflowers.

    peonies look great in birds nests, b/c they’re fluffy like feathers. site Martha’s Wedding site.

  • Lilacs are my absolute favorite…the smell is a memory from my childhood of my father going down by the railroad track and bringing back as many lilacs as he could hold and mother filling the house with as many full lilac vases as possible! I love them so much!!

  • i looooooove flowers! They always make a house feel happy. 🙂 My favorite are tulips & daffodils!

  • peonies are very beautiful… my favorite are cala lilies! i love those vintage thermos vases! great idea!

  • I noticed your thermos collection in another photo on your blog yesterday….and seeing the plaid one it reminded me of my lunchbox I had when I has in kindergarten and grade 1….Gerbera Daisies are my favorites…..big red and pink ones. I call them “smiley flowers” ♥

  • *sigh* this is so pretty! love the roses, thermos and peonies!

    My favorite flower is groundsel. Yes, this simple, common yellow flower. I know it’s weird to love it, but I do.


  • oh. peonies are also my absolute favourite. it is still too early for them to come out here, but i am tryin to wait patiently!

  • Peonies are my favorite also. I have a vase of them (from our yard)on our kitchen table right now. I love the fragrance.

    P.S. Cute blue dress!

  • I can’t pick a favorite. I am a floral designer and each season has such amazing highlights. The first time I went to visit my wholesaler I thought I had walked into a Crayola Crayon box. It was amazing.

    Right now peonies, hyacinths, and tulips. But I am really looking forward to summer with sunflowers, millet, wild flowers and geranium foliage… yummy!

  • Peonies are my favorites too 🙂
    And stargazer lilies.
    And dahlias.
    I pretty much love all flowers. *sigh*

  • thermos vases! genius!

    and peonies are my favorite too 🙂

    such a sweet boy and gramma!


  • omg what a great use for the thermos aka a reason for me to justify buying more!

    i looove peonies too and dahlias!

  • Definitely peonies too!! Love how they keep changin’ and I love them at each stage…xx

  • Very cool idea! My fav flower has to be orchids. They’re so beautiful!

  • Another thermos collector, hooray! I have a stash atop my fridge and several on my patio as planters. They look adorable as vases, luv em. Looking forward to stopping by your booth at Renegade this weekend.

  • i found a ton of thermoses at charley’s flea market today! there were a couple of plaid ones for about $8, and a cool orange or yellow one for $13

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  • Hey! I’m from Argentina! I’d like to have one of those vintage thermos! Do you know how can I do it?

    If it’s not a problem for you, my mail is [email protected]


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