ViolentsYou guys! I really want to share something deeply personal to me today, something from my real life that’s not ABM related, but still so special to me. A life update, of sorts!

Some of you know that a little over a year ago, Jeremy and I moved to Nashville for his music career. It wasn’t so direct as him taking a job, but it was more that we realized that his friends and connections (many of them in Nashville) were the reason he was getting so many more jobs and opportunities. And we just really wanted to be in a position to network more… in person. And the other big reason was that Jeremy was doing a series of EPs (and now a full length record) with female vocalists he collaborated with.

So, a little backstory on his project, Violents. This is a project where Jeremy writes all the songs (including the music, lyrics and melodies), and then they are performed by a singer, sometimes line by line. A lot of times the singers don’t even know the songs when they come into the session, but they bring their own vibe to each recording.

Well, a few months after we moved here (his studio wasn’t even finished!), Monica Martin was in town, and they recorded an EP together. When it was complete, she showed it to the founder of Partisan Records, and he immediately got Jeremy on the phone trying to get him to turn it into a full length record. It was seriously a whirlwind. Some of it freaked me out. I wasn’t expecting him to sign a record deal since he’s been so happy being independent for about the past ten years. But most of it has just been incredibly exciting. It’s a huge opportunity, and it’s been so fun for me to watch him living his dream!

Fast forward, the full length record is now complete, and they’ve just released their first single a few weeks ago. It has been on the Spotify Viral 50 list all week, and I’m so so proud of Jeremy and so happy for him!

I am embedding it below (along with all his other past Violents songs with various singers). The new song is the first one, “Equal Powers”.

Equal Powers


The record will be coming out later this spring. I cannot wait for you to hear it!

Have a great weekend! Elsie

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