visiting Levi’s & what i learned



A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco to meet with the women's designers at Levi's, share my new line and learn from their design process! It was a truly inspiring trip. I came home completely recharged and ready to start my next collection. You can read about my experience and tips i picked up on the Levi's Girl Blog.♥ Here are a few photos from the trip… 



While at the Levi's headquarters I had the opportunity to share my dress line with the women's design team. They gave me feedback and some really good ideas for expanding the line next season. They shared some great advise about business, design and creating each collection around a story. It was a really special experience. The most inspiring thing about their studios was the racks and racks of vintage inspiration pieces. So cool. And they had inspiration boards everywhere (of course, I couldn't take photos of those!). It was really amazing to see how their collections go from conception to creation to production. Inspiring! 



I loved the vintage thermos collection in their shop. Made me feel right at home! ♥ 


Here's a couple snapshots from my tour of the Levi's archives (eek!). I have to admit I requested to go straight to the 60s and 70s women's designs….. SO fun! Those gingham pants kill me. I hope to find a pair of my own on a vintage adventure someday. Fingers crossed

I already blogged about the vintage shopping trip I took with some super sweet Levi's designers. I learned so much and feel super refreshed and inspired now. I filled nearly an entire notebook with ideas on the plane ride home.

For the past six months I've been a part of the Levi's Shape What's To Come Community. If I were to describe the community and the people involved in one word it would be genuine. It's a great website and I was honored to be a part of it! My contract is nearly up, but I will absolutely support their cause in the future. They were hugely supportive of Red Velvet and I am so thankful! 

Well, thanks for reading about my fun little trip! XO, elsie 

  • I also liked their “It’s about shape, not size.” tag line. If my girlfriend sees this one, I’m sure she’ll be more positive about her curvy figure (which btw, I really love).

  • Those gingham pants are so cool! And love the pockets on there. I actually just found a pair that is aqua blue gingham. The label says “Levis for ME”. So cute! And too small for me 😉

  • i work at SF HQ (super bummed i didn’t run into in the lobby or a hallway!) and i’m so glad you found it to be so inspiring. it truly is a great place to be every day! thanks for being a part of it!

  • Wow you’re so lucky!!

    It sounds like a fun, amazing experience!

    xx Alyce

  • hahaha, those gingham pants cracked me up too! your tour looked fun!
    <3 cat

  • Hey just saw some shoes posted up on blubired blog that made me think of the record shop+pen pal dresses…could be cute together

    first pic on the page^^^^^

  • I couldn’t agree more, the thermos display is awesome! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience. Possibly you could do a blog e-course on starting your own jewelry or clothing line, I would be delighted to have you as a teacher!

  • Ahhh so incredible!! 🙂
    What a great experience 🙂
    go girl x

  • what an amazing opportunity! you are truly blessed girl. can’t wait to see your next line!

  • Wow, sounds like an amazing experience!! So cool to be able to share your designs and gain experience from them!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • gahhhhh, so jealous you got to browse the archive… there must have been quite a few gems in there!

  • So amazing Elsie! How awesome you got to see some of their vintage lines and that you were able to get advice and input from such a historic company! Love the sign “Its about shape not size” a motto for a plus size girl like myself to live by! Have an awesome Thursday!

  • wow what a cool opportunity! Looks like you had a great time!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • congratulations with your line again! love your designs!

  • Sounds like you had such an awesome experience! I’m loving the 70’s styled pants.

  • congrats! looks like it was a VERY fruitful trip for you. Glad you got to see (what I think is) the best city in CA!


  • How cool is that, I love finding random companies that are supportive to bloggers!

  • love hearing about these trips! I can’t wait to see the next line, doll face!

    love, polly ;D

  • Looks like an amazing trip. I’m in love with the sign that says, “It’s about shape not size.” <3

  • Lovely to hear of your awesome fun learning experience with Levi’s – congratulations! I was interested to read your key tips that you picked up on your trip – I think they are true of any creative outlet, fashion or otherwise and are good for all of us designers and makers. Thanks for sharing this step in your journey 🙂

  • Wow what an exciting trip! So happy for all of your success. You work so hard and deserve the best. xo

  • What an amazing reflection of your hard work. Congrats!! I can’t wait to see the next chapter of your journey, I know you’ll go far 🙂

  • Oh wow! I want those pink pants. With a canary yellow bow blouse a la Twiggy. And platform wedges.

    It’s so fantastic you can travel to different places and be inspired! Rather like blog reading. 🙂 I agree it’s very refreshing and rejuvenating. I always get my most creative moments after looking at wonderful pictures.

    And this has made me even more excited to see your new line! *waits anxiously*

  • Your trip looks like it was so much fun! I love all of the pictures you shared. Those 60s and 70s inspired pants are wicked cute!! And how cool that you got to show them your new dress line. I hope they loved it! :]

  • thank you for being inspired, because it keeps people like me inspired 🙂

  • That sounds so amazing! It is so awesome that you were so inspired! I love your collection and can’t wait to see what you can bring in the future! 🙂

  • Ohhh how sweet! 🙂 What a great experience :). I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any vintage levi’s for ya! 🙂 Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • I love that you were able to share your line with them and gain feedback and inspiration! What a blessing! Loved watching you take this journey, Elsie. Congratulations on such a lovely dress line and much success!

    xo Shannon

  • elsie, you said hand embroidery and my heart sung and then you said you couldnt take pictures and my heart sank! 🙁 maybe someday Ill get to see them too! were they beautiful?

  • danielle, YES! i would love to peek at the archives of any fashion brand. it was really fun. LOTS of hand embroidered denim pieces that they wouldn’t let me photograph. sooo pretty!

  • i love the “its about shape not size” sign. That’s incredible that you toured the archive, makes sense that there is one, i just never thought of it before! do you totally want to tour other company’s archives now? i do.

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