visitors <3

this weekend i had a few out of town visitors. it’s been a total shocker how sooo many out of town people have been visiting RVA all summer long! makes me really happy! i feel like every time i go down to the shop there is someone from another state. thanks for your support & excitement about our cute little boutique! here are a few pics (from Jamie…thank you!):

and these adorable sisters made my day, one day! thanks, emily, for the photo!!
if you’ve visited the shop this summer or have pics of projects created with our kits ect… please add them to our flickr group! 😀
Well, it’s monday…. time for me to get caught up on some letters & packages i’ve been meaning to send to friends, planning for RVA, OMG—and the tattoo designs. sorry!! those are still coming. i just need to spend a little block of time on them for you. 🙂
today i have a major craving to see Ghost World….
but i need to go to Hobby Lobby & start up the factory… looking forward to a creative afternoon.
Hope your weekend was wonderful! XXOO. elsie
  • It was so much fun to meet and hang out with you this weekend! Give Suki lots of hugs for me. 🙂


  • The weekend was sooo fun! I just love Springfield & Commercial Street & RVA & You!!! LOL

    Hope your Monday is full of smiles & happiness!!!!

    xoxo -j

  • it’s great to see all the people coming to see you and your shop! …ghost world is one of my favvvvorite movies, go get your fix in!

  • Ooh! I love Ghost World. 🙂 Thora Birch is awesome, too. I own it on good ol VHS and pop it in every so often for some giggles. 🙂 Lovely! Your shop visitors (and new puppy…) are so cute!

  • I absolutely adore Ghost World!
    and I know those sisters! I was so jealous emily was going to visit you guys 🙂

  • Your store (and blog) are so beautiful and inspiring! I hope I get to come visit someday!

    P.S. Your doggy looks so well-loved! 🙂

  • I so love that picture of you painting with the puppy!! So darn adorable!!!! Have a fab day! xoxo

  • Hi Elsie! 🙂 Just wanted to mention that I’d looove to see some pictures of your creativity in action… I know you always like to keep us in suspense about your projects, but It’d be fun to see how it all goes down! 🙂 Just a suggestion! 🙂


  • Elsie, it seems as if you’re invincible…I need to figure out how you manage your time so well. How are you successful, have a million projects going on at one time, manage to FINISH so many projects, run a cute shop, AND manage to dress up and look gorgeous all the time? AND take photos & edit them? Bahhh.

    Seeing that little snippet about still needing to get the tattoo designs done made me realize…you are human! 🙂 Although, it would be cool to be following the blog of a super crafty robot.

  • i loveloveloveee that

    picture of you paintin with suki’s

    heading sitting on the table.

    so freaking cute.

  • Elsie, my family here in Sweden are getting concerned. I’ve become seriously Springfield obsessed of late. They fear that I will move us all there and that I will hang out at your store everyday and camp outside when it’s closed.

    How cute is your store??? It’s a health hazard to post all these loveliness.. Cannot take it anymore. When is the next flight to Springfield??? *goin kereezyy*

  • just have to know – how do you do all that you do and still manage to look so fantastic? Love your blog. Thanks for letting us in to your fab world! ANd your dog? Too cute for words!

  • I haven’t seen Ghost World in so long!!! Hey, are you guys doing any classes anytime soon?

  • ooooooooooo I love ghost world too! I haven’t seen it in ages. I adore Thora Birch!

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