Wait… What just happened?!


Today an adorable couple named Dane and Christy got engaged at Red Velvet (in the Sweet Shoppe)! It was so sweet and magical. Last week Dane contacted Emma and told her about his plan. We were thrilled! Emma made them special cupcakes and we waited all day to see them come in. Of course, when they did come in we played it cool and chatted about blogs and vintage… Yeah, we're good secret keepers! They shopped in the store and Christy found some treasures. After that they sat down for a cupcake and she saw the special cupcakes. He had an art journal that he made for her, got down on one knee and the rest is history………♥





Ps… here's Emma's face when she told me what was happening….. 


Have a very happy Thanksgiving. Love, Elsie

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