wanna watch me paint?

so, this is my second post of the evening… but i couldn’t wait to share this cute video that my friend, Vanessa, made for me. it’s the start to finish process of one of my paintings. this took place over the course of about two and a half hours (not necessarily the average time spent on a painting… but i chose an idea to do for this video that could be filmed in one evening). here are photos of the finished painting…. 
it’s also on my site here.
have a lovelyyyy evening. XO. elsie 
  • ohmygodness this is pure loveliness <3 It is soooo cool to see your process. Vanessa also did such a gooood job with the video!! loves <3

  • holy cupcakes…that was so incredibly beautiful…both the process and the finished product. :] lovelovelove

  • I love watching a painting come together. So glad you shared yours. People have such different processes and it was interesting to see yours. I was so surprised to see you start with that one block on the bottom right corner and those lines before filling in the other color but then I saw the effect afterward. Cool. Makes me want to pull out my paints.

    I also love what you wrote on the building.

    I’m involved in this event we’ve started doing in Phoenix where we have an artist come in to a restaurant and create something from start to finish. People are invited to come bring their own art pieces to work on there, and my husband shoots the video and streams it live for people to watch online. Here’s a link in case you’re interested in seeing how that works. I can see you participating in something similar:


    Would love to know who that band was that played in your video. Thx!

  • What a wonderful gift for your friend to make that for you. It’s fabulous! Such a memento — a new way to document you and what you’re doing with joy. I love it!! I watched the whole thing. It was really cool…

  • seriously! i am all giddy-like! that is so cool… to see you create. in action! just amazing! a million plus one thank yous!!

  • elsie that’s amazing! thanks so much for letting us take part in that. you’re amazing!

  • brave woman to paint in such a cute little outfit. i love the cowboy boots. when i paint i have to be in the oldest clothes because i get paint everywhere. never fails.

    looved it.

  • Love! A million love! Love!

    My husband overheard me listening to this and said he loves the song and had heard it earlier today.

    Thanks for sharing this loveliness!!

  • That was fun to watch! I love the way you make your clouds 🙂

    And the song is beautiful! I had my mom listen to it, and she looooved it…I’m thinking of getting her the CD 🙂



  • so how far along were you when we came over and interrupted? That was so beautiful and I loved getting to see it, too. Thanks, Vanessa!

    You’re magic, Elsie!

  • What’s a great idea to make that kind of short film! We see you working – it’s really fantastic!
    As the others already said, it was one of the most inspiring moments for me, so I think I’ll paint now :)))
    Love you girl!

  • I love people watching and especially to see someone else create gives me such goosebumps. Thank you for that insight into your world 🙂

  • I really like your video, I’ve thought of doing that several times, seen them on youtube.com but alas..my freeware does not allow me to speed up the video that fast lol! 🙂


  • I absolutely loved it! Thank you for inspiring me!!

  • wow you can paint fast 😉 just imagine how cute the world would be if it really only took less than 5 mins to make some pretties.


  • gorgeous!
    on the video we can see how much fun & joy you take from every paint. hope you never gonna loose it.

  • LOVE IT! you are so amazing! This video is kicking, hope youll make more. so entertaingg, xxoo

  • this is awesome! i’m not much of a painter AT ALL, but this has inspired me to get some canvasses for my 3 kids (8, 5, & 18 months) and let them have at it! going to make a michael’s run today! thanks!

  • i love the words… i take them as a couple who is making a life together… beautiful things. loove it!!! it is very inspiring.

  • Elsie and Vanessa,
    That was really lovely! I loved the background tunes, the painting, your cute outfit, all of it! Paint on sister!

  • What a neat video. It’s cool seeing your process.
    And I love the painting. If I could afford it, I would snatch it up in a second!

  • Oooh i think this is my favourite in a while! Pleeeease make prints! Also loving the new Vintage photo albums, can’t wait to see the update!

  • Elsie it’s awesome!!! and vanessa did a wonderful job! don’t know what i’d do without your inspiration! it’s irreplacable!:)

  • Hi Elsie, this is my firs time here, and Im already a big fan of you. I love people with a nice smile and a positive attitude like you. Your paintings and all the things you made are, sooo cute.
    The video is so cool, and I adore the colors on your paintings…
    Sorry for my english, i speak spanish…
    Un beso (a kiss)

  • Elsie,

    That was awesome! I’ve been checking out your blog for a while now and never commented & figured now was a good time…you are an amazing artist and so, so talented. I can so tell that you are extremely passionate about what you do and I find that so incredibly inspiring! Thanks for sharing your work:)

  • love love love it soooo fun to watch. you made it look so esay.. thanks so much for sharing.

  • Very cool, love watching your process! Great music too and I love the words you put on the painting. Nice details!

  • thank you for this.

    the beauty comforts me.

    all i can think is


  • That was so cool! I feel like I learned a lot about painting just by watching that video. : )

  • Beautiful video. I really love your art. It was great seeing the creation of one of your paintings. 😀

  • elsie, will you eventually make a print of this painting? i sope so!! i love it!

  • the video was so beautiful and inspiring, i think im going to paint now (but i have been wanting to paint all day anyways) but it was just such a good video! and i luved the song, im going to buy it for my ipod now!

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