Watermelon Potholder DIY

Summer is coming and with that comes picnics complete with fireworks, pies, and watermelon! I’m already dreaming of these days and thought what better way to take a beautiful strawberry pie out of the oven than with a cute watermelon potholder? Answer: there is no cuter way. This project didn’t take me nearly as long as I thought it would, and this style is so versatile since it’s a potholder and an oven mitt. I plan on making a few other styles since it was so quick.

-2 fat quarters of green batik fabric
-1 fat quarter of pink batik fabric
-5/8 yard of insulated batting
-green wide double fold bias tape (you can use pre-made or make your own like I did using this method)
fabric scissors or rotary cutter
-pink and green coordinating thread
iron-erasable pen
clear quilting ruler
fabric marker
-heavy duty sewing machine needle

Start off by making an 8″ paper circle template (I used an 8″ bowl to make this). Using this template, cut two circles of batting, two of the pink fabric, and one of the green fabric out. I used a rotary cutter on a self healing mat, but you can use fabric scissors if you don’t have one.

Pin a layer of batting between the two pink circles with the good side of the fabric facing out. Layer the other piece of batting with the green circle, fold it in half, and then pin the edges of that too. Using a long stitch length, stay stitch around the round edges of both pieces. This will secure all pieces together for when you quilt them. Also, sew with a normal stitch length (3ish) a half inch in from the straight edge on your green half circle.

Starting in the middle of the pink circle, mark parallel lines every 1.25″ with your disappearing marker. These are the lines you will use to quilt on. The feed dog on your sewing machine will pull the bottom layer more strongly than the top, creating tension lines, which can be prevented if you work middle to edge. If it is pulling too much, you can lower the pressure on your presser foot.

After quilting the pink circle, use your fabric marker to draw on your watermelon seeds. After your seeds are drawn on, you can layer the two pieces and sew them together using your bias tape. To create the loop like mine has, sew a 5″ piece of bias closed and pin them onto the edge of the circles pointed inward and catch it inside the bias.

As with almost all sewing projects, a good ironing will make it look ten times better. This will also remove the disappearing ink. If you want to wash it before using it, make sure to wait as long as the black fabric marker directions say to ensure it won’t fade. I am so ready for summer to officially start now. After making this, I couldn’t resist buying a watermelon to eat when I went to the grocery store. Bring on the picnics!

Credits//Author and Photography: Mallory Muddiman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • When I first saw the pot holder I loved it but thought it would be hard to make. I went to the page with the directions and was amazed at how easy it was to sew. I will be making many, some for myself (because I love novelty potholders and mine are getting a bit old) but to give some to friends just for fun. I have signed up so I could get more imaginative projects. Keep them coming!

  • What a ridiculuously adorable idea! Such a great idea to draw on the seeds like that! Pinning! 🙂 Lisa

  • This is the cutest thing I’ve seen! I want to get making now!


  • Awwww this is adorable! Such a great DIY <3


  • This is such a cute idea, it looks great! Way better than those boring potholders you can buy!

  • This makes me want to learn how to sew…love this!

    – Greta

  • So cute!!! And definitely way easier than I thought it would be when I first clicked 🙂


  • I love everything watermelon this is so cute! I would use this for hot pads too in different sizes for when I set hot dishes out on the table.

  • I love this, and my mum would love this too! So fitting for the summer as well!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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