Wax-Resist Technique Scarf DIY

Wax-Resist Scarves DIYThis project is especially nostalgic for me because I learned this technique from my mom in high school art class (yes, my mom was my art teacher for a year!). I may or may not be listening to The Cardigans while typing this post… sigh… the 90s. 

Have you heard of wax-resist or batik-dyeing? If not, you're in for a treat! This was my absolute favorite medium during high school. I made some giant butterfly wall tapestries and a wrap skirt! It's super easy and there are endless possibilities to customize the craft. Here are the basics:SuppliesYou'll need cotton fabric, wax resist sticks (or crayons!) and fabric dye. 

Wax-ResistFirst, draw something on your fabric. You can do color or use un-colored wax sticks like I did. I first learned using colorful crayons. That was cool because I would cover almost the whole fabric with designs and then dye it one color (usually black). For a different effect, melt the tip of your crayon with a candle before drawing with it. If you choose to use the candle just be sure to use newspaper under your fabric.DyeDyeI LOVE playing with fabric dye! Just follow the instructions on the dye bottle. I like liquid Rit dye, because it's easy to save the leftovers for future projects.Wax-Resist  When you are done, rinse the fabric and hand wash it with soap in the sink. Hang it up to dry. After it is completely dry if your fabric seems to have an excess of wax you can remove it by placing the fabric between two pieces of newspaper and ironing it. Done!Wax-Resist TechniqueWax-Resist Technique. If you are curious about the words scarf it's some song lyrics from a movie that Jeremy and I love, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly.Wax-Resist ScarfI had a lot of fun working on this project! I was secretly testing the project for a patterned dip dye curtain idea that I want to try. What about you? Do you have ideas for this technique? xo. Elsie (and Emma too!)

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