We hung a chair, and it’s awesome

Hanging Wicker Chair  I love hanging chairs. I've wanted one (or two?) inside our home for a long time. They're just so charming! So we decided that we would make room for one of these magical chairs in the new house—I wasn't sure which room at first, but the living room downstairs just felt right.

I'm also a fan of wicker and included it in small doses throughout our home. I'm a usually 1950s lover, but this is one of the ways that the 1970s creeps into our space. Mixing eras is fun. I'm into it.Wicker ChairI have had this chair on my vintage list for the past few years. I have several friends who found one, but I never did. I even had a spot in our living room picked out for this chair. So I decided to start shopping online. First I tried Etsy and eBay. There were several vintage chairs available. But many were damaged, and the prices were still very high. I decided for that price range I would rather buy it new to ensure a better return policy. I ordered this chair from Amazon.Hanging Chair DetailWhen the chair arrived, I had it hung by our contractor. He used a chain to attach it to the ceiling beam. The first time we sat in it it made scary sounds and we were majorly freaked out. After a few days the wicker settled and the noises stopped. We've had lots of adults (and kids too, of course) sitting in the chair and it's very sturdy.Hanging Chair(photo by Sarah) 

Wohoo! One step closer to putting together our dream home! I love this chair. It's kinda fun to dream about something for a long time before purchasing it. A lot more fun than impulse shopping, which is what I usually do with decor. I'll be back soon to share more adventures in renovating! We've been in total project mode lately. It's fun but really messy too! xo. Elsie 

ps. Our nieces and nephews love the chair. Bonus points!  

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