Hanging Indoor Chair

Hanging Wicker Chair  I love hanging chairs. I've wanted one (or two?) inside our home for a long time. They're just so charming! So we decided that we would make room for one of these magical chairs in the new house—I wasn't sure which room at first, but the living room downstairs just felt right.

I'm also a fan of wicker and included it in small doses throughout our home. I'm a usually 1950s lover, but this is one of the ways that the 1970s creeps into our space. Mixing eras is fun. I'm into it.Wicker ChairI have had this chair on my vintage list for the past few years. I have several friends who found one, but I never did. I even had a spot in our living room picked out for this chair. So I decided to start shopping online. First I tried Etsy and eBay. There were several vintage chairs available. But many were damaged, and the prices were still very high. I decided for that price range I would rather buy it new to ensure a better return policy. I ordered this chair from Amazon.Hanging Chair DetailWhen the chair arrived, I had it hung by our contractor. He used a chain to attach it to the ceiling beam. The first time we sat in it it made scary sounds and we were majorly freaked out. After a few days the wicker settled and the noises stopped. We've had lots of adults (and kids too, of course) sitting in the chair and it's very sturdy.Hanging Chair(photo by Sarah) 

Wohoo! One step closer to putting together our dream home! I love this chair. It's kinda fun to dream about something for a long time before purchasing it. A lot more fun than impulse shopping, which is what I usually do with decor. I'll be back soon to share more adventures in renovating! We've been in total project mode lately. It's fun but really messy too! xo. Elsie 

ps. Our nieces and nephews love the chair. Bonus points!  

  • I totally love mixing different eras too!This is so much fun!
    Ohh and I think if I had to sit on your chair for the first time,I would have freaked out too!:)
    I`m glad it`s still hanging and you`re enjoying it!


  • I agree, it is awesome! Especially paired with the side table. My kids would never leave that chair if we had one in our home!

  • What a great idea! Really wishing I lived in a place where I could do that… ha. And btw now I really want to see a house tour of your place! x

  • Okay this is cool. I want a swing. always wanted one. Loved it when I was three and my dad built some mini playground complete with swing set + slide. Now it’s time to upgrade to an in-house swing of sorts. This one looks soooo comfy!

  • ooohhh… that looks really nice! one question, though. is it safe? I mean, if you try to swing in it does it not fell like it’ll break or fall from hanging?

  • i cant wait to be able to make my own dream home, but it looks like you are doing a good job!


  • I so love this. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can hang one in my apartment… 🙁 oh well, I’ll keep it in mind for my future home! Yours is so lovely. Have a great weekend! xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  • Growing up my next door neighbors had two of those chairs on their enclosed porch. I loved them! The neighbor kid and I would turn them as much as we could and then let them unwind… spinning! The idea of hanging something scares me a little now but they were very sturdy.

  • Ooooh, I LOVE where you’ve hung it beside the ladder shelf!! They look great together!


  • We have a very similar chair hanging on our back deck – I love sitting in it and letting it swing me around while I catch up with family over the phone. Yours looks gorgeous!

  • Awesome and so beautiful! I love your ideas (filing them away as future inspiration)!

  • I’m in love! Def a must-have for when I get my own place!

    x Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  • My grandparents have one of these too! A relative brought them back from Thailand. When we would visit they’d pull it out of the barn and hang it from a tree. So many good memories sitting in it overlooking the countryside.

  • ok the chair is great, but can we talk about the ladder?!!! I absolutely love that look it really ties the whole look together!

  • I really like hanging chairs too. Kinda similar to hammocks which I adore and need like 10 of. xoxo

    The Occasional Indulgence

  • Looks soooo cute! I will definitely get a hanging chair for my home when I get a home lol. Pier 1 Imports had 3 really cute hanging chairs, I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted!!

  • totally digging this!
    I think I am going to try to do it lol
    too cute!!



  • I’m so freaking jealous right now I don’t even want to talk to you.

    Okay. I’ve taken a few deep breaths. DAMN I want that in my house!!!! Love it.

  • indeed! its just awesome – would like to have some reading and relaxing hours in this chair ….

  • Love this idea so much! Unfortunately our ceiling can’t handle the weight without falling down…xx


  • I remember my school days when I used to spend a lot of time at home in such chair in the drawing room. Good olden times..


  • Oh this is so fun! Such a whimsical touch!

    Juliette Laura

  • Oh man, my kids would go bonkers for this. Like an indoor swing! Could be a blessing and a curse though.

  • I’ve always liked those kind of chairs!

    xo Jennifer


  • when i saw the title i thought you hung a chair up on your wall. i was like: woa! lol. then i saw the first picture and i thought: awesome!! an indoor adult swing! this is really cool. i wanted to do something like this for my son’s play room.

    love, x

  • This is so cool! I would love to have a hanging chair in my home someday! xx


  • Such a cute chair! Your house is absolutely adorable…


  • this is the perfect blogger’s accessory – eternally photogenic and a great place to sit to show off your shoes!
    kw, ladies in navy

  • Todd is totally jealous of this chair, he used to have one and I keep hearing how he wants another one now! Love it!

  • This is absolutely adorable! We’re renting now so we’re still a ways away from the freedom of hanging chairs, but I love this for a living room or den. Perfect find!
    xo, B | SanBriego.com

  • That chair is awesome, I would love to have one too, but I think that if we tried to hang a chair like that in our apartment the ceiling would come down crashing on us lol!

  • be careful that the nieces and nephews aren’t twirling around! my cousins and i managed to pull our grandparents’ chair out of the ceiling by twisting around in it too much…and it left quite a substantial hole!

  • I was a teenager in the 70’s and was lucky enough to have had one of these chairs in my bedroom. I loved it and was the envy of all my friends.

  • Shut the front door! That is pretty badass! & very inspiring to boot! thanks for sharing! xxoo

  • What a cool idea! Never thought of hanging a chair in my home, but yeesh! this is adorable!

  • It is my dream to someday have a chair hanging in my house. I mean, first I’ve got to find a place that is not my parents…then I’ll hang some chairs 🙂



  • I just watched HGTV’s House Hunters + Renovation and they installed a similar swing in the house! They, of course, loved it too!

  • The hanging chair goes well in this room nd I’d love to have one myself 🙂 Your hair is getting long Elsie! Love your outfit too!

    Lulu xx


  • looks so perfect in that corner. well done! and i totally would be nervous sitting in it the first few times….! hmm, now where can i find a spot for one in our home….

  • What a neat way to bring a little bit of outside into your home! Totally agree with dreaming about things. I’ve been itching for a vintage chrome table and while I get impatient sometime I know it’ll be the best feeling when I finally find it!

  • I’ve never really cared for these hanging chairs before, but it looks so charming in your home! Maybe you’ve changed my mind 🙂

    xx Ashleigh


  • i love that chair. I like to sit in the chair like that.. 🙂

  • Oh I absolutely love this char, I really want to put one up in my bedroom, where I can sit and get lost in the world of a good book!


  • Agh! Love! I will have to consider this for our home. Bonus b/c it will be super easy for Wall-E (our robot vacuum cleaner) to go underneath! Great idea!

  • Oh, I love this! I really appreciate that you discuss your mission for getting the chair too. Whenever I have an idea for home decor I’ll give up if I don’t find it right away or buy the first one I find even if its not perfect. I like the reminder to be patient and complete the mission!

  • I’m also a big fan of hanging chairs, it gives such a poetic touch to a room. It seems like you’ve found the perfect place for yours, it looks lovely!
    PS. I’m also a big fan of your blog 😉

  • I would just love to hang one of these in a future home!! It’s so awesome!!! =)




  • Ahhhh so fun-I’ve always wanted a hanging chair! Love it:)

  • What a cozy, little corner of your home! Does it swing? Or maybe a better question would be, are you comfortable swinging in it?

  • Oh my gosh that chair is just too cute! All these nesting posts make me want to get a place of my own!
    Deanna | http://curlyadventures.blogspot.com

  • Oo, I would like alwys have something like that. It is perfect for relax but I cant to fasten it.

  • There is an old Doctor Who episode from the 70s called The Green Death and as a little girl, while watching the episode, I saw a hanging chair similar to this and wanted one in my bedroom so badly but could never find one or anything. This looks wonderful and reminded me of it.

  • I love hanging chairs too! I have always wanted one. I’m am looking around my apartment right now trying to decide if I can “swing” it 🙂

  • My grandparents have had two of these chairs for as long as I can remember. I love them, and am going to have them in my future house for sure.

  • I love hanging chairs, but know I could never get one until my kids are a little older! This one is adorable!

  • I love this! I would love a hanging chair in my eventual dream home. I think the urge for one comes from the same place as my longing for a hammock. Something about the swaying motion, maybe?

    It looks great!

  • That’s so 70s! I love it!! It really is such a dreamy accent to add to a home.

  • I love it! It seems to perfectly fit in your house. I want one too – but in a rental it’s complicated…

  • This is probably the most fun piece of furniture you can put in your home! I absolutely love it!

  • I’m from Chile and I’d never seen these type of chair before. I WANT ONE SO BADLY. Ohh, out in the porch. Oooh, ideas!

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