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So, a couple weeks ago Mr. Larson and I packed up and spent a few days in Memphis. It was a mix of business and pleasure (mostly pleasure). Jeremy was playing with our wonderful friend Adam LaClave's band Charlie Blacksmoke. They were opening for MuteMath. We got to spend some time with friends. It was really fun. There was so much good food in that city. Gus's was incredible and so cute too. While the boys were rehearsing for two days I designed a whole product line from scratch… so fun! (lips are sealed)

I'm sure you're thinking, how was the vintage? I never go to a new city without asking this very question. It was wonderful. My favorite shop we visited (pictured above) was called Flashback Vintage. It was nothing short of vintage heaven. The kind of heaven where you want to spend thousands of dollars on a whim. It was perfectly curated and full of beautiful things, especially furniture. On the way home we stopped at every flea market we saw and I found a few random treasures. Then we made lists and goals and talked and talked about new ideas.

Every single time Jeremy and I leave Springfield for a mini road trip we come home so inspired and refreshed. I love this. I'm pretty sure roadtrips are good for health. xo. elsie 

  • I’m so glad you liked Memphis! It’s where I was born and raised, until I went away to college, so I have some hometown pride! I spent so many hours at Flashback when I was in high school 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  • I totally agree about roadtrips being good for the health – something about getting out of the daily routine jolts a dose of fresh thinking. Magical! I can’t wait to see the new product line!


  • I’m glad you enjoy getting out together and seeing new places 🙂 You two are the most lovely couple.
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • I love that feeling you get while on a road trip! It is definitely inspiring! So glad you had a lovely time!
    I totally love your coppery hair too!


  • Come back, come back! We really like Y’ALL! It was great to see you. Xoxo

  • Gosh, reading this post reminds me of my life before kids so much! My husband and I met each other in art school and we used to take mini road trips where we would see a new fun place, eat yummy food, do a ton of thrifting, and have endless inspired conversations about our creative ideas. Really really great memories!

  • I agree! Nothing better than a road trip! Memphis is a fun city. Y’all should consider coming to the New Orleans area. We’ve got some pretty nifty vintage here. 🙂

  • Glad you enjoyed our little city! If you are ever back here, there is another amazing vintage shop called Garbos. Its my absolute favorite. In fact my friend was just over showing me her recent finds!

  • I love roadtrips! They are my favorite!

    I love how you just end up random places and how you end up meeting and knowing the coolest people. There’s a freedom in talking to strangers that is wonderfully infectious.


  • Memphis is one of my favorite cities to visit…a very unique place with some amazing record stores! Glad you had a good time there. Definitely agree, road trips are so good for the soul.

  • It sounds as though you had a great time! My husband and I recently went to London for the weekend (we are in the UK!) and it was brilliant.

    Just getting to somewhere totally different really refreshes you I think…and I can’t wait for my next trip!

  • OOh! So glad you posted this. I’m taking a road trip to Memphis in a month, and am still in the midst of forming the itinerary.

    I’ll def. have to head to some of the spots you visited.

    Thanks again!

  • oh i’m so glad you enjoyed memphis!! gus’s and central are two of my favoriteeee places. as for vintage shops flashback is great but if you ever come back be sure to check out hoote and louise, and java cabana!

  • love this post, i from memphis, and have had lots of good times there.. what i really wanted to say is how nice it is to see a post of you out & about, you & jeremy, i really miss your more personal posts like you did more frequently in the past.. so fun.. hope you share more in between all of your fabulous diy posts!! tiffany

  • That’s where I live 🙂 The paintings in the first picture are made by my college professor Beth Edwards (her sister owns Flashback) http://www.bethedwards.com/ 🙂 It’s neat to see how other people interpret your city. I’m so sad I missed the show. We had planned on going.

  • i love that you two take roadtrips together, it’s the best ‘you & me’ time. about 10 years ago my boyfriend and i took our first road trip and at the end he told me that was how he knew i was ‘the one’. there’s something about car conversations.. 🙂

  • Road trips are awesome for the soul. I personally really enjoy driving so I always have a good time when I drive back down to my family in Montreal (it’s only 2 hours away though). When I get myself some time and money, I’m planning a road trip/shopping spree in the states with a couple of friends………vintage shopes are on the “to do” list of course!

  • The quick road trips are what I miss from Europe, it was so much easier to even just leave the country for a weekend. Now that I live in Vancouver I haven’t done any trips, but I can’t wait to explore North-America. The last time I went to the US I was 3 years old, so it is about time to rent a car and go on an adventure.

    Feeling Bold

  • Glad you enjoyed my beloved city! Gus’s is amazing, isn’t it? NOM! We do have great food. Too bad I didn’t know you were here… would have loved to have met you!

  • Memphis is amazing! I live 2 hours away and it’s the perfect “mini-getaway” spot! Flashback is SUCH a cute store! If you ever go back, be sure to check out the Cooper-Young District’s cute little bistro “The Beauty Shop”. The restaurant is located in an old beauty parlor – complete with the mirrors and dryer chairs. 🙂

  • Thanks for the Gus’s and Flashback Vintage recommendations! My husband and I are meeting friends down there for Thanksgiving. (It is the 3-way meeting point for all of us.) Do you happen to have other suggestions for fun places to eat and check out? Thank you! 🙂

  • Hey that’s where I was born and adopted from 🙂 I live more towards Nashville now. Pretty neat you visited there though. Glad you had a great time 🙂

  • Flashback is great (I adore their housewares and furniture!), and I second Garbo’s (for clothing). My husband and I live in Little Rock, and we love Memphis – it’s where he proposed to me! We’re returning next month to see the Pixies at the Orpheum. Gus’s Fried Chicken is also on our agenda. xo.

  • You found yourself a man who likes to shop? You are winning Mrs. Elsie Larson. I like MuteMath, will be checking out that opening band. : ) Road trips are the most fun. Period. If you really want to get to know someone: Go on a road trip together. Words to live by. ; )

  • Aww, I live just down the street from Flashback. It’s a fun little store; the little store just up the way (across from Urban) is actaully my favorite. He has LOADS of stuff and usually it’s dirt cheap. I just bought a court room chair and little metal side table for 35 dollars.

  • You hit both of my favorite places to eat there. Gus’s chicken is to die for and I haven’t found a better bbq place there yet better than central. I love their ribs. They literally glisten with yummy goodness when you get them. We love going to memphis in may and listening to the vast array of music there. It’s lots of fun but bring your rain boots because it inevitable rains.

  • oh man, i live in Memphis! i wish i had known. good choice for central bbq, its my favorite bbq place! and flashbacks is amazing, there is also a really great antique store in collierville just a outside of Memphis i love to go to. you’ll have to let me know next time you come down!

  • I wish I’d known y’all were coming! Next time be sure to visit me at Muddy’s Bake Shop as well as check out Peria Shoes, Crazy Beautiful clothing, and Hoot + Louise boutique!!! x’s and o’s!

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