weekend photos (part 2)

tattoo time! my friends and i had a fun time getting tattoos together on Sat. i didn't get pics of all of them (sorry!) but here's what i have…… 

Feather tattoo
emjay's pretty feather.

Panda tattoo
linds' pretty panda (designed by… guess who?) 

Yarn tattoo
Janel's pretty yarn and crochet hook (ok.. this one isn't permanent, but i LOVE it and i think she should get it!) 

Getting my tattoo
me getting inked (of course it doesn't hurt. ;) 

waiting in the lobby (we took up the WHOLE lobby for about 5 hours.. haha) 

Tattoo designs
allllll the monster/zombie tattoos on the wall, but we mostly chose cute things instead. :) 

allister getting her tattoo. 

Button tatoo
my new button tattoo. this is from breakfast the next morning, so it's healing now. 

(and another photo by Wess)  

Allister ann
and pretty allister at breakfast. i looooove breakfast diners. 

Amy elsie rachel
amy-elsie-rachel at erin's b-day. :) 

IMG_6652what a fun weekend! 

i have a beautiful DIY project to post tonight. hope your Monday was magical! XO. elsie 

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