weekend recap…

sigh! what a mega-busy and fun weekend we've had. first we attended a wedding shower for our beautiful pals Darren and Stacy. it was held at local art gallery and my favorite part was the mini starbucks cups with mini cupcakes… so sweet.


6a00d8358081ff69e201348508b87a970c-800winext, we had dinner at one of our favorite local spots and watched Stacy's band, Eisley play…. they're magical! my sister and I saw them play once when we were younger, so i was wishing she could have been there. they were great! 



Eisleyhere's the rest of their schedule… if you have a chance to catch a show, do it! 



Mild_Mild_Midwest_Tour_Poster_webi also love-love-love miss Christie Dupree. her music is beautiful and she's cute as a button!



Christie_dupreeIn other news…. we tried coconut and pretzel m&ms (coconut wins!).Happy weekend!…. XO. elsie    


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