Weekender Dress (3 Ways!)

Weekender dress


One This next dress started off as a short dress and we decided to create a maxi version of it too! We love both versions (I'll share the short one later tonight) so it's up to you to pick your favorite. We named this maxi dress The Weekender because it represents comfort and relaxation. It's literally the most comfortable dress I own and is perfect for a little weekend trip! In this first styling a wore a big comfy lace scarf, clogs and sunnies. This is an easy styling for a brunch date or a trip to the farmer's market. 
Two In this next styling I borrowed Emma's pretty lace tunic and paired the dress with heels and a red bag. This is slightly more dressy and a styling I would wear on a date or to a party. 
Three My last styling is perfect for a quick overnight trip. I love mixing stripes with stripes. It's weird, but fun! Pattern mixing is probably in my top 5 guilty pleasures.

We're so excited to realease these dresses this coming Monday night (6pm cst). Thank you for your support + kind words! xxoo. elsie 

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  • Great dress for those with a figure to pull off horizontal stripes. Alas, not me. You look great in glasses!

  • I love this dress.
    I also love that with your clothes you show many ways of wearing them unlike most clothing being sold.

  • The first style is my favorite 🙂

    Pretty Harbor // Jewellery

  • Wow! Really digging the b&w stripes going on there. This inspired me to make a style post for a maxi dress I have!

  • you guuuuyss, i love these ‘3 ways to wear it’ series way too much!! your styling is always so creative xoxo

  • This dress is adorable! I love how proud you look when you are wearing your own designs!

  • I’ve always avoided horizontal stripes for fear that they would scrunch my 5’11 frame or make me look dumpy, but this dress is making me a believer, I think…

  • Nice Dress!! 🙂


  • I love look #1! I think it brings out an edgier style and looks great on you 🙂

  • LOVE the stripes… can we also get some info on the purses… way too cute!!!!

  • I love stripes-on-stripes as well. It makes a look so much fun!

  • Q: els..just wondering but why are you only doing black and white looks so far?
    A: That’s just what I was feeling when I designed these. The scarves are really colorful, but I’ve been obsessed with black and white patterns for the past 6 months. 🙂

    Q: I love the shoes too, Elsie! Who are they by?
    A: look 1- sweedish hasbeens, look 2-http://www.modcloth.com/shop/shoes-heels/let-s-red-rock-and-roll-heel look 3- seychelles (they also have these at modcloth)

  • Love the first look!
    xo Heather

  • Ooooh ooooh ooooh! I loooove this one. You have such great style:)

    Stephanie May*


  • So excited about these dresses girls! I’ve already calculated the time difference and I’m ready and waiting. LOVE LOVE!
    Sophie x

  • I love the shoes too, Elsie! Who are they by?


  • els..just wondering but why are you only doing black and white looks so far?

  • Holy crap, you are just sooo pretty! Love all the outfits. You look gorgeous in that dress!!!
    XO Samantha

  • This is too cute! I have an affinity for Maxi dresses and for black and white, so I hope I can afford it!

  • Hi! Number 2 is amazing, from where that lace white top come from? Thanks for your beautiful blog!

  • Great name for such a great dress! I love maxis, and it looks so pretty with stripes!


  • love this look……..infact No.2 look i’ve being wearing most of our summer….except I’ve slipped a lace top over the dress + added a belt!!

  • “The exact same dress is available at Forever21 for $16.”
    Amy, Your comment is valid and I am not going to delete it. Here’s my response…
    Our dress is handmade in our studio with amazing quality velvet that we sourced ourselves. We paid our seamstress more to sew this dress than the dress you linked even retails for. It’s just so different. I really value independent design and I know a lot of people do too.

    You can always find similar items for cheaper at mall stores. I just think it’s good to acknowledge that there’s a lot more behind these price tags that most people realize. We are proud of where our dresses are made, the fabrics they are made with, how our employees are treated and the quality of the pieces. All in all, I am super proud of what we offer even though it is not the cheapest. 🙂

  • I absolutely love the use of horizontal stripes– great way to emphasize curves, & so au courant!! Adore!!


  • beautiful photos!!



  • ooooooooooooh PRETTY!

    Congratulations on the new lline, this is my favourite of all of your dresses i think.

    Where did you get your red bag from, its perfect to accompany such a dress!


  • So far this is my favourite, its just gorgeous. and great to see the three ways to wear it.


  • The exact same dress is available at Forever21 for $16.


  • The first look is totally my style, comfy, casual and striped! 🙂 Love the dress and can’t wait to put my order in for the shorter version. Your glasses in the third look are great, too! Are they from Bonlook?


  • This dress is so perfect for summer, such a brilliant design!

  • All these looks are beautiful, but I’d have to say I lie the third one the most!! 🙂 Great dress!!! <3

  • This dress is perfect for enjoying the hot Kentucky sun and wearing inside a cold office :).

  • Ohhhhh, that dress looks so perfectly comfortable! I adore it 🙂


  • This is a really cute outfit, I’m a huge fan of the first way to wear it! 🙂

  • Oooh, I can’t pick a favourite. I love them all!


  • love the first and second options! so cute:) xoxohttp://heylyss.wordpress.com

  • Whew! I was hoping you didn’t replace the shorter version w/the maxi. (I’ve been patiently awaiting your spring launch since this post: http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/01/bike-love.html) The maxi is quite flattering, though! 🙂

  • gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    always such a treat when I visit your blog, lady! 🙂

  • This is gorgeous! What a lovely dress and stretch velvet?! I’d never take it off!

  • I LOVE this dress I’ve been looking for something just like it, can’t wait till they go on sale xoxo

  • Hi Elsie, I’m wearing a stripe dress in my outfit today too! I love the way you wear yours! how creative!

  • I LOVE that dress. Seriously. I love it… and all the ways you’ve styled it! Adorable!


  • Super cute! I love it with that scarf. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection! 🙂

  • Hey Elsie, How much are these dresses going to cost? xo,rv


  • I love them all so much! You wear that striped dress so well.


  • I really want one of these dresses now. So excited for the rest of your collection!

    xoxo – http://cachecloset.blogspot.com/

  • Very pretty. I especially love it with the lace scarf. Very stylish.

  • I love this dress! Casual long dresses are essential. I especially love it with the blue shoes in look #3. Also, the sunglasses in look #1 are amazing – I’ve been looking for ones just like that!

  • Lovely!!! I use lovely far far too much on here lol, a little question, when your new collection launches, do you ship to the UK?xxxx

  • Nice!! I love look #2… so cute with that sheer wrap. I also really like the clogs in look #1. I would love some like that for summer.

    Take care ladies, wonderful work!




  • What a lovely dress! I really does look wonderfully comfy and I love the ways you’ve styled it. Can’t wait to see the next dress!

  • A gorgeous maxi dress, the shape of it is lovely without being too clinging – I think you named it perfectly! And you look so happy in it!

    My favourite look is the simplicity of the dress with the comfy scarf, its very wearable and great for spring as its not quite warm enough yet (plus i always sneak a pair of cosy leggings under a maxi for extra warmth- no one can tell!)

  • I’ve been so intimidated to buy a full length striped dress, but now I’ve got some incentive. 🙂 The first look is my favourite!


  • I’ve always loved nautical stripes ♥ the three looks are laid-back but stylish 🙂

  • I like the first look best! Great idea to make it a maxi too 🙂

  • Thanks so much!!! You guys are so inspiring and help me put color and pop in my style!!! Cheers! 🙂

  • Love maxi dresses and skirts, so comfortable. Can’t wait for it to warm up enough here in France to wear them. Fingers crossed!!

  • Amy, this dress comes in S,M,L. We will post the measurements too! XOXO.

  • Oh my goodness!!!!!!! How adorable!!!!!! I hope I’ll be able to get my hands on one!!!!!!!

  • You look SO CUTE in long dresses! I know you hardly wear them but I love it when you do! So glad you’ve included this one in the new release.

  • Awesome! Can you tell me how long the shorter one is? My favorite look is the third. I love how the blue shoes, the pink bag and striped scarf go so well together. Thanks!

  • It is so interesting and I love it! I also LOVE your blog! It is the best I have ever read. Great tips and tutorials. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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