Welcome To Our Treehouse (Kiddo Bedroom Tour)

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful MessI had SO MUCH FUN decorating this room! A quick bit of back story … This project house is soon-to-be an Airbnb. The property has three bedrooms, so I knew we had an opportunity to create a special space for our smallest guests. This inspired me because I remember at that age how special it was each time we got to stay overnight somewhere! I wanted to make this room extra special, for families to make memories in.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair, a company I love and shopped with for years before beginning to collaborate with them. They are an amazing partner for room makeovers because their site is so expansive and they make it easy to find what you are looking for. They have items in a lot of different price ranges from bargain to high-end as well as any style you can dream up. For this room, I wanted to keep it a bit rustic, relaxed and cozy. My goal was childhood magic—and stories told under a blanket with a flashlight!

But before I get into it, here’s a walk down memory lane …

BeforeHere’s a before photo of the room. It is a very small bedroom. When we purchased the house, it was painted blue (same as the other bedroom next door). First thing we did was paint the walls a fresh white (my go-to Marshmallow) and replace the fan with a modern, remote controlled fan.

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess To the left of the bed, we added a skinny console and some boxes to hold a train set.

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess This little horse is so cute.

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess The bed is an absolute dream come true. I love putting pieces like this into kid’s spaces because they get SO EXCITED when they see the spaces. Also, look how cute the little bed looks from the inside!

Sources: Treehouse Twin Loft Bed (similarConsole Table (this is similar, the exact model is discontinued), Mirror, Market Basket (similar), Tapestry/The Northern Needle (here’s a smaller option), Fawn Pillow (it’s huge!), Brown Bear Rocker, Horse Bookend, Plaid Throw Pillow (similar), Large Tree (yes, it’s fake).

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess (Small spaces like this are not easy to photograph; it feels a little different in person.)

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess This brown bear rocker melts my heart. I cannot wait to bring a toddler into this room!

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess I added this market basket (similar) to the wall with a hook. Inside it are coloring books, crayons and markers. I wanted to leave some fun things for kids to play with, but since it’s going to be an Airbnb I wanted to make sure it was super safe, and that things are easy for parents to move if they’d rather their kids not play with them. Also, I didn’t want to have TOO much for parents to have to clean up. The way the room is now, it’s super easy to clean up in five minutes.

But it’s good to have options, and I love creating little treats for my guests to find.

Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess
Welcome To Our Treehouse- a guest room for kids via A Beautiful Mess Augh! I am so excited about this space! I hope you like it too. If any of you get this bed for your kiddo rooms, I want to see photos!!!

Thanks so much for following along. This house is really starting to take shape! xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree, Photography: Amber Ulmer.
  • It is a really great tour of the treehouse kiddo bedroom. Thank you for sharing the ideas. Hope to see you continue the good work.

  • Oh my gosh this is too cute! Our autistic son would love this and I’m going to get hubby onto it, thanks!

  • This really warmed my heart, the care and attention you put into this room, I hope you don’t mind if I say I think it shows what a wonderful mother you will be, not coz you styled a room but coz you can get into a child’s head & see the magic they feel in tiny spaces & how it’s all a big adventure. Xx

  • Hi!!! I have been trying to find a green quilt/coverlet like this! Where did you find it?

  • Such a beautiful Job! Who wouldn’t want a treehouse in their room?
    I wonder if I can talk my wife into it!

  • Oh wow! <3 Now I know where I want to stay with my son and husband if we ever go to Nashville! We live in Finland, so it wouldn't be 'just over the weekend-kind of trip'! 🙂

  • I’m a parent of two kids and I think it’s fine there is only one bed (not to mention an air mattress). My two kids could sleep together or they could actually learn to take turns!!! My kids would have no trouble with this and if they did then they could both sleep on the floor. Good news is parents can usually figure these things out and the whole house is amazing!!

  • How sweet of you to put some little treats in the room for the kids to discover! Your guests will surely enjoy the stay!!!

  • Hey Elsie … love this room!! I’m curious which ceiling fan you chose? I am replacing two in our bedrooms and looking for recommendations!

  • SO special. And you have now completely changed my mind on off white wall colors. I am sorry to have ever doubted a reason for Marshmallow! Do you have any brand suggestions for this color?


    • I’ve been told it’s a universal color, so all the brands can make it (I usually buy valspar, though) xx!

  • My question is: How do you make the bed? Do those front panels swing out? I went to the site where you bought it and no one mentioned it there either.

  • This room is beautiful, as usual I love your style! My thought as a parent is you might consider having a fold out chair bed, etc. We travel a lot and I have never been able to get my 3.5 year old to stay alone away from home. But with this ultra cool bed, she would definitely want to sleep in it and I think I would end up having to join her – however, not all parents will be able to fit. Agree a few small kids could make it work but others may end up fighting over it. Just something to consider!

  • Omg!! Too much love for this room! The colours you chose work so well! It looks simple and peaceful but still childlike! And that looks like every child’s dream bed!
    BEAUTIFUL work <3

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  • I would have loved this room as a kid, it’s so cool! What a lucky child!

  • What an amazing bed! I want to build something similar for my boy when he grows out of his crib! He’s already an avid climber, so I’m sure he’d love it. And for a kid, this place must be an absolutely magical place to stay!

    Do you have a source for those wooden boxes that hold the train set? Been looking for something like that to keep my kiddo’s toys!

    • I have seen similar boxes at Target! In the children’s home goods/storage area, I think.

  • Very cute. Do you have a source you like for cowhide rugs? I’ve been in the hunt for a reasonably priced large cowhide and haven’t had luck so far…

    • Sorry! It’s from wayfair as well! It was just sold out. But they have other ones. xx!

  • So great when vacation homes have a kid room! It makes it so much better for the whole family! As others have mentioned the single twin bed is going to be highly coveted, to add functionality and another bed in the room, would it be possible to add a rollaway twin bed underneath that can easily slide out at bedtime or naptime and then tuck it away for maximum floor space? Just a thought from a mama of three, over the years I’m still all about great design, and you nailed it, I just expect it to work double duty.

  • So nice decoration,I love the bed of kids is so lovely!.You are very creativefor these things,I loved!!!!!!!!
    New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/2017/09/nyfw-day-4.html

  • That treehouse bed is adorable! But good point about if there’s more than 1 kid sleeping in that room!

    • It’s a regular sized twin bed- so I definitely think two small children could sleep in it. 🙂

  • At the risk of sounding like another person who wants you to make this the perfect rental for everyone . . . .

    Are you considering investing in a pack and play that guests can use? Just got back from 2 weeks in Europe and 5 different AirBNBs. We constantly had to pass up family friendly properties because there was nowhere safe to sleep our now-rolling-over-everywhere 5-month-old. It seems like an easy and small investment to open the property up to more people, especially those of us who are trying hard to maintain a traveling lifestyle with a new baby. Bonus points for a high chair, double secret bonus points for a high chair with a back so a baby who can’t 100% sit up is supported. We love our $20 ikea chair but I totally get it if it doesn’t go with the design!

    The room is so lovely!

    • Yes we are, as well as an extra air mattress! Thanks so much for the feedback!


  • Where is your skirt from?? So cute!
    I love this room – it is such a good addition to the house! Super excited to see the rest of it come together – all of your renovations are just awesome! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Everly! I’m excited for you to see the next room!!!!

      My skirt is from Madewell (last year) xx

  • Utterly charming. You are definitely making bold choices (like this room and also not allowing for showers in the master – which I understand for day-to-day re claw foot tubs but definitely is specific for a rental where people might be willing to handle the curtain for a short stay), and I love it! Bold choices for the win! This house is not going to be the right place to stay for everyone, but it is going to be right for so many people. Trying to please everyone always leads to pleasing no one. That last photo of you? Fantastic. The joy is just radiating through you and into these spaces!!

    • Yeah- I’m not that worried about the shower because there is another shower in the home. 🙂

  • omgosh! I need that deer! where did you find it? my little man will be here in less than a week and his nursery is decorated in deer and stags (using Hawthrone Thread’s Fawn fabric (linked below)). That stuffed deer would be a great addition! 😀

  • Is this a normal sized twin bed? This room is super cute but it does kind of suck that people without children essentially lose a room.

  • Darling, Elsie! And I love the heart you put into your spaces…so welcoming and uplifting♥

  • Honestly, I think this looks great but you’re setting yourself up for a lot of heartbreak. The amount of things that just get stolen from an Airbnb is insane. While there are great hosts like you who put it out there, there are even more terrible guests that will stuff it all in their suitcases when they go.

    • I hope not, but I’m not going to not decorate the house just because I’m afraid of stealing… I mean- I would hope the majority of people are regular, good guests like we try to be.


      • I wouldn’t worry about getting stuff stolen. My husband and I have been Airbnb hosts (and guests!) for years and never had anything like that happen. There is a reason guests get reviewed and have credit cards on file – if someone visited and left with a bunch of your stuff in tow, you have resources to address it!

        • We’ve had an Air BNB for over a year and never have had ONE THING stolen! Most guests are good, kind-hearted and very appreciative and respectful of your space. Your space is amazing!

  • Where is your felt letter board from? And the star hook too! Both are adorable touches.

  • This bedroom is so darling! I want to do something like this in my son’s room!


  • Details count, and when they are thought out this well, it’s bound to be magical for a little one!

  • So cute!! I love the Airbnb option these days for traveling with kids!
    What are those little letters in the other boxes next to the train set?

  • I love love LOVE the bed!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • So wait…is there only this one twin bed in there? I would not want to be the parents deciding who gets to sleep in there!

      • I think you’re so right! When my sister and I were little, we’d have “sleepovers” (in our shared bedroom, haha!) and we’d share one of our twin beds! This room can definitely fit two little ones, at least.

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