well hello, pretty yellow chairs…


mr.larson bought me these two beautiful yellow chairs for my bedroom. i am very noncommittal about purchasing furniture, but i wanted these so badly.
thank you, boyfriend.
i love yellow. maybe we should use them for a photo shoot soon? 
and look…. he's a pillow now too! 
i started this silly pillow over one year ago and finished is last night while we were watchin' The Daily Show. 🙂 i don't know what my obsession is with ridiculous crafts that look like jeremy, but he just makes a really really good cartoon. i can't help it.
yay… victoria made a bunch of new headbands today. i think we are gonna have a mini update on Monday (paintings, accessories and Jeremy's new song lyric prints… OH and back to school journals!). i can't wait till we get them all photographed… so pretty. 
tonight was date night. well, we've started calling everything date night if it's not fast food or working…i like it. anyway… we went to Thai Peppers. it's my favorite thai place. 
and coffee too. <3 
i'm really obsessed with home decor projects this week…. i'll post some photos soon. i love being obsessed with things…. collecting, making, rearranging, redecorating. it feels so good. 
  • what a nice boyfriend! those chairs are sooo gorgeous! [if i ever make it to springfield, don’t let me in our house… i’ll sneak one out in my stroller or something.] 😉

    i love the pillow too! [and so does my husband, he asked me to make one of him! how funny, right?]


  • Your chairs are gorgeous! I have a bench, which I love dearly, that is upholstered in a very similar fabric. And your pillow is adorable.

  • Those chairs are adorable. Good job on the pillow, too! Wish I had time to do crafty things lately, but then again it’s good I’m busy with work right now. *sigh*

  • I’ve only seen bits and pieces of your home from the photos you’ve posted on your blog… but it looks absolutely adorable!

  • Hi, I randomly clicked your name on someone’s blog-roll yesterday morning and ended up reading the entire archives in one go! You, your blog, your art and all have filled me with inspiration!

    I finally opened an etsy shop recently, after dreaming about it for a few years 🙂 I’m a total procrastinator and find it hard to make time to do creative stuff. I do have kids but mostly I’m the problem. I love that you focus your life around your art, which is what I’ve been wanting to do. I dunno, just reading your blog has sort of pumped me up to get on with it really!

    Well done with everything you’ve achieved in the lifetime of the blog – you are awesome 🙂

  • Found this post searching for yellow furniture and I LOVE the chairs. Have been having a very weird obsession with yellow this summer for some reason. Maybe I’ve just been overlooking this bright and beautiful color for too long. Cheers!

  • Those velvet covered chairs are great! Good pick boyfriend! 😉 ps I’m super excited about the new art class!!

  • Loving the pillow. Been wanting to make some artsy ones lately. Totally inspiring. I’m off to gather supplies. Thanks els.


  • love that pillow!!!!!! and yellows chair are very nice! xoxo!!

    im from mexico and im your faaan!!!!

  • LOVE the chairs! I have a bench in my front entrance that has the same style legs and the same color seat. Fun!

  • the chairs are AMAZING! and the jeremy pillow is adorable…i comepletely know what u mean by never getting to a certain project…or just never finishing one that you’ve started.

  • You need to make a pillow for the other chair with a cartoon embroidery of you! Kind of like “his” and “hers” pillows/chairs 🙂

  • Just have to say, that photo of you in the headband is really beautiful! Wish I could stand to take pics of myself…

  • Your chairs are gorgeous…
    Thanks for sharing…
    Naton wide cash is easy and fast

  • I adore everything you thing and everything you do.

    Btw, headband is really amazing .

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